After months of 2-3 attacks a day, Gaza has opted for all out war against Israel. Palestinian militants launched a series of surprise assaults early today against Israel. Major assaults. Air, land and sea.  

Forty one Israelis killed thus far. Just under 800 treated at hospitals for injuries. Communities captured. Israel set back on its heels for the moment.

Netanyahu announced Israel is at war. Condemns Hamas for its unprovoked, heinous attack.

The Biden administration says it stands firmly with Israel.

Permit me to be philosophical for a moment.

War is in man’s blood. There is a war or wars everywhere on the Earth all the time.

“The war to end all wars”…..What a joke! The number of wars since World War I has been endless. The blood shedding speaks for itself.

The Gaza-Israeli conflict must be confined as the Russia-Ukraine one. The alternative obvious: All out nuclear devastation.

There is a lesson to be learned here. Our conflicted Congress must start working together. Otherwise, the conflicts of other countries will creep into our being and make the U.S. susceptible to being beaten.

Citizens’ Voice today. Words of wisdom: “Keep Halloween fun and keep giving out candy. Trick or treat happens one day a year. They can eat fruits and nuts the other 364 days.”

Happy hour yesterday at Thai Island. Usual good time had. Enjoyed with Steve, Cindy, Ellen and Amy. Amy a 30 year Key West friend whose acquaintance recently renewed.

Syracuse/North Carolina today. Syracuse 4-1, North Carolina 4-0. North Carolina ranked #14 nationally.

North Carolina favored.

Game time 3:30 pm on ESPN.

I hope Garrett Shrader is in top shape and able to perform well.

Enjoy your day!

5 comments on “WAR!

  1. I agree with you Lou. We humans are a violent war loving pecies, no two ways about that. Driven primarily by religions that all profess peace.

  2. Netanyahu has been itching for a war (any war) for like forever. Will he fight this war in Gaza, or will he take the opportunity yo blame Iran (as Bush did Irag) and invade Iran?

    I’ll bet Trump blames Ukraine and promises to invade them if elected President.

  3. The House can do nothing without a speaker except elect a new speaker and with that they chose to take a weeks vacation while the clock ticks till the next shutdown deadline and war rages abroad.

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