Trump has been sharing  a sketch of Jesus Christ sitting beside him at counsel table in the New York City fraud case. Jesus apparently portrayed to reflect Trump’s innocence. 

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar commented on the sketch in his 10/6 blog. Kareem saw another possibility. Jesus was crucified with two thieves. Reflecting as Trump sat next to Jesus in court that Trump is a thief, but Jesus would comfort him as He comforted the two men hung on each side of Him. The sketch having nothing to do with innocence.

My discomfort with the Syracuse result yesterday compels a prompt expression today. Syracuse fell to North Carolina yesterday 40-7.

Why? What is going on?

North Carolina destroyed Syracuse. North Carolina undoubtedly the superior team yesterday. May be one of the best in the Nation.

However Syracuse is not lacking. Garrett Shrader is an outstanding quarterback. He can pass and run. He has excellent receivers. The defensive line is outstanding. The offensive line concededly needs some work.

If the team is that good, why has it looked so bad in its last two games? It has to be the coaching. Get rid of Coach Dino Babers! There is no reason to hang on to a guy who has great playing talent and some excellent coaches working beneath him. The cry was out last year to let him go. Money became the problem. For Syracuse to negate Babers’ contract would have cost something like $6 million. Pay him at the end of this season and get rid of him!

Babers’ blundering has become too much for me. Besides failing to make the quality players he coaches produce, he is guilty of stupid errors in judgment. Like opting to kick the ball on 4th down in the last quarter when Syracuse was losing by some 30 points. It was 4th and 5. He should have gone for it. What did he have to lose? Syracuse had already lost the game!

I apologize for my attitude. However, my dear Syracuse is getting to me in my old age! I hope the basketball team does better.

Key Westers are a people of honor. Most motivated by that which hopefully will keep Key West funky. A different place. Naples, Palm Beach and Nantucket we ain’t!

A new award has been established. The “Key West Weird Award.”  The first goes to a man recognized by everyone by his running daily on North Roosevelt Boulevard. Douglas Miller. He runs at dawn or dusk, shirtless, in red shorts adorned with flashy reflections. His long hair tucked into a big, red wide brimmed hat. He proudly always carries a large American flag.

Miller has been so running for several decades. Now receiving official recognition for his positive contribution to Key West’s unique culture.

How large is the Hamas/Israel conflict now and how large will it be? How many nations will openly join in? I refer to those who may become a part and are “friends” or “blood brothers” to Hamas.

Hamas is one large tight city. People make up its constituency, not military installations. Israeli retaliations cannot help but kill and injure Palestinians living there. The world must recognize this as a fact before complaining about citizens being killed. For some reason, persons over the years have forgotten wars cannot be waged without citizens being killed and injured.

There is already talk, and perhaps correctly, that Iran is behind Hamas. Israelis will go after everyone involved in the attack upon them. And properly so. I believe for a number of reasons Japan deserved the two atomic bombs dropped on them. Wars cannot be won without ordinary citizens being killed. I believe the Ukraine problem cannot be resolved without some Russian people suffering and dying in the process as the Ukrainians are.   

Note this war is only 24 hours old. Even Lebanon got in the act yesterday. Lebanon is reported to have been bombing Israeli communities in the north. Israel returning fire, of course.

Yesterday’s Hamas’ attack already indicates 600 dead Israelis. The number not total yet. The 600 only reflects those reported by hospitals to have died. The non-hospital dead and those not yet reported missing and unaccountable remain to be added.

Things are only going to get worse before better. Lets hope better comes soon before the Hamas attack becomes the match to ignite a gigantic war among hot headed neighbors who have hated each other for years.

The COLA Social Security increase to be announced October 12.

Coffee prices are on the rise. Especially, latte. The additives giving the coffee flavor have increased in price. Increases in coffee and milk generally in the past 3 years also. The overall increase is 15-17 percent.

Sergeant Alvin York’s bravery and fame were established this day in 1918 at the Argonne Forest in France. He killed more than 20 German soldiers and captured 132 more.

York was awarded the Congressional Medal Honor for his exploits.

Years later, a movie was made about his heroics starring Gary Cooper.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. The RNC has already announced how good the issue with Israeli being attacked is or Republicans, Given how good Trump has been to them and Biden not!

    Have they forgotten how antisemitic Trump and several congressional reps and senators have actually been publicly?.How Trump has openly supported Nazi’s and almost all republicans have protective and supported Fazzist and Nazi groups like the proud boys and others? How Trump kept a copy of Mein Kampg next to his bed?

    …geez, are these people delusional, or what?

    • Yeah, it would seems to me that any and every antisemitic, pro Hamas and anti Israeli group or person, in the United States, is also somehow asociated with Republicans, not Democrats.

  2. For as long as I can remember, ignorant right wingers have been wrongly screaming that wind mill electrical generators are a serious problem for birds, especially migrating birds. Everybody knows that’s just deliberate miss information. Recorded research shows that tall buildings being the real culprit.

    Well, over the weekend nearly a 1,000 birds were found dead after crashing into one build in Chicago on one day alone. Yet not a peep from the self important right wing community.

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