Today, one of love. Romance in the air. You feel it everywhere.

Not always the case, however. Valentine’s Day at its beginnings was one of debauchery. Down and dirty. Pain and sex.

The time well before the birth of Christ.

Known as the Feast of Lupercalia. Roman in origin. Some consider it to have been religious in nature. Its activities considered a purification of women.

An annual event. Held from 2/13 to 2/15 each year.

Men and women engaging physically. The women considerably younger than the men.

It began with the men bare assed. They sacrificed goats and dogs. Then removed the hides from the dead animals.

The ladies came into play at this point. Bare assed also. The men beating the women with the hides of the goats and dogs. Men and women alike drunk at this point.

The purpose of the beating with the skins was to make the young women fertile. So it was thought.

Following the beatings, the names of the women were thrown in  a jar. The men picked. Coupled with the woman whose name had been selected from the jar. Coupled for the rest of the feast. Longer if the match worked out.

Years later came the time of Caesar. Year wise around 40 B.C. The feast had become more sensitive. A time of genuine love and concern. The goats and dogs still killed. The women beaten with the hides, though not severely.

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar begins during a Lupercalia.

Caesar’s wife Calpurnia had not been able to conceive. Marc Anthony is instructed by Caesar to strike his wife Calpurnia, in the hope she would be able to conceive.

Some three hundred years later in the third century A.D., 2 religious men named Valentine lived. One in Rome. The other elsewhere in Italy.

Claudius emperor at the time. He had both men executed on February 14, though in different years. The two Valentines eventually were canonized. Two St. Valentines. It is their day of death that we celebrate today as Valentine’s Day.

My yesterday began with some medical tests. Another tomorrow. A Cath scan.

Nothing serious involved. I hope! My blood pressure has been constant for 4 years. Parameters 120 over 70. All of a sudden this past month, off the chart. Averaging 155-165 top side and 80’s to 105 on the bottom.

I have an aortic valve problem. It has remained constant for several years. The Cath scan is to see if it has changed. Would answer the blood pressure problem.

There will be no blog again tomorrow because of the Cath scan.

Following yesterday’s tests, I went to Harpoon Harry’s for breakfast. Love their eggs! Going to sound foolish, but they taste fresh. The only way I can describe them.

Last night, a double header. First, a dinner meeting of the Sons and Daughters of Italy. Then rushed home to see the Syracuse/North Carolina State game. Better I had gone out and had a few drinks instead. Syracuse looked terrible! North Carolina destroyed Syracuse 73-58.

No one on the Syracuse team played well.

Staying with Syracuse a moment, the first football rankings for the new season were announced. Syracuse was listed #56. How??? We had a great year last year. Have several starters returning. Some great recruits.

I expect at least a top 20 team. Hopefully, a top 10 one.

Diana Millikan was to fly Delta out of Key West yesterday on her way home. Never left. The passengers were told the winds from the north were so strong that they could cause a large Delta jet to tip over sideways on the east/west runway.

She will try again today. Expects no problem.

Yesterday morning, the winds were terrific! I thought my umbrella was going to be blown inside out. The rain heavy. Like a prelude to a hurricane.

Larry Smith has taken on a steady gig. The Little Room Jazz Club has reopened with a full bar and food. Larry will be performing on a regular basis during Happy Hour.

The Wine Galley returns!

I close with my guest appearance on Laurie Thibaud’s radio show today. Four to 5:30. Station 107.5 FM, WGAY FM. Tune in. A fun time. Laurie and I chat well together.

Enjoy your day!


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