Travel Newsletter listed the 10 Must-Try Foods in New York from Albany to Syracuse. Listed was “Utica Greens.” A class dish which originated in my home town. A combination of escarole, hot peppers, bread crumbs and Pecorino Romano cheese, sauteed to perfection. A part of every meal in Utica’s Italian restaurants.

Chicken Riggie’s also listed. However credit for the same was given to Rome, 14 miles west of Utica. I disagree. Chicken riggies a Utica dish also. Forever, as with the greens. Rigatoni pasta, pieces of chicken, hot cherry peppers, and a creamy tomato sauce.

Go Utica and its great Italian foods!

A retired jurist for whom I have great respect Federal Judge J. Michael Luttig believes the United States will “never recover” from the damage caused by former President Donald Trump and his allies. He stated the efforts to deny the 2020 Presidential election results have severely “impacted” the confidence of Americans in their democracy, elections, Constitution, and rule of law.

Trump and his allies have “hinted” they will deploy the military in American cities in a second term to quell domestic unrest. Such would mark the end of American democracy.

A use of American troops within U.S. borders is a no no. The Insurrection Act however gives a President broad powers to deploy the military to put down violent domestic uprisings. No President has ever invoked it. Trump appears intent on being the first.

Beware my fellow Americans! Trump is not good for us and our Nation. Do not be hoodwinked into believing he is.

Former Senator Claire McCaskill: “Trump doesn’t care about America nearly as much as he cares about himself.”

The anticipated 20-30 inches of snow for upstate New York and Utica overnight never occurred. Spoke with someone in Utica this morning. Yesterday’s snow has melted. This morning finds the sun shining and no snow. A fortunate weatherman screwup.

Monica Lewinsky has written several articles for Vanity Fair this past year. No more the young lady who was engaged in a liaison with then President Bill Clinton. Today’s woman is an intellectual thinker.

Her most recent article: “We the People…..Demand More Amendments!” She recommends six new codicils to the U.S. Constitution. Ones which will add safeguards to bulwark democracy.

Read the article. Lewinsky is perceptive and right on! Covers matters like getting rid of the Electoral College and forging in the long anguishing Equal Rights Amendment with a reassertion of a woman’s right to reproductive freedoms.

House Representatives continue to be off the wall. Now they want to investigate the “traitorsome” Anthony Blinken. They refer to him as a “despicable con artist” who is organizing Arab and European countries around the back of Congress and Israel.

Amazing the mental acumen they possess to be able to come up with these things.

Evangelical groups are in bed with Trump. Flagrantly and without shame. Using religion to support one of the most evil and corrupt political leaders our Nation has ever known.

There is one prominent exception, however. Iowa’s GOP Evangelical Leader Bob Vander Plaats. He is President and CEO of the influential Christian group The Family Leader. He “unloaded” on Trump saying in effect: Trump is conning Evangelicals. He refers to Trump as an “authoritarian tyrant and megalomaniac” who “makes matters worse.” He further accused Trump of “creating lifetime enemies” among people with “his venom and hate.”

Can’t argue with truth!

Grandson Robert Malcom has written an introspective piece involving FSU in Nole Gameday: “Florida State Fans and Former Players React to Rivalry Win Over the Gators.” NoleGameday,com.

Key West’s Holiday Parade saturday night! An event! Miss it not!

Always exciting. Especially for the young ones. Watch them scramble for the candy thrown from the floats. Santa Claus’s galore. So many!

The Parade begins at Bayview Park at 7.

Senator Tommy Tuberville can only be described as anti-American. He continues to down our military. Last night he said: “We’ve got the weakest military that we’ve had in your or my lifetime…..Infiltrating our military is all this weakness.”

If, and I only say “if” our military is presently weakened, it is because of Tuberville’s blocking of 300 plus promotions which are leaving necessary military positions unfilled.

The backlash at his statement was immediate and significant.

Ernie Davis was one of Syracuse’s greatest football players. In 1961, he became the first Black college football player to be named winner of the Heisman Trophy. Unfortunately, he never got to exhibit his greatness professionally. He died in 1963 of blood cancer after a 13 month battle against the disease.


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