DAY 21…..Greece the First Time

Posted on June 17, 2012 by Key  West lou

Today could be the most significant day in history since the close of World War II. The Greek elections are being held.

The issue boils down to whether the Greeks want to continue operating with the euro as money or would they prefer a return to the drachma. I have talked with many since I arrived in Greece. I am getting divergent opinions.

Yes, I saw grown men and women spit on the ground when they heard Merkel’s name at a protest rally in Athens. That is not all of it however. I have found the bankers and very affluent support continuing with the euros. Why not. They are doing terrific under it. Making money!.

Then there are the small businessmen. They are struggling. They want a return to the drachma like yesterday. They also want out of the European Union.

Then come the people. The Jims and Janes on the streets. Those going to work every day to put food on the table. They feel the oppression of the euro. But I suspect they will not vote in large numbers. They claim it is too late. The Mafia is controlling everything.

I find it surprising that people still revert to the Italian wrongdoers of old to blame. I think they do not really mean Mafia per se. What I sense is that they believe that government has been bought by big business. Believing that, I suspect most will not vote. Simply because they believe their votes will mean nothing. The banks and big business will control in the end no matter who wins.

Sense a similarity with the USA?

Germany could ease the pressure. Germany is making money with the euro. Germany has become in effect the banker for the rest of the euro nations. Which includes Greece.

Germans as a people tend to be anal. Black and white. By the book. Greeks on the other hand go with the flow. They take everything in stride. Are not as serious about things as they probably should be. Like money.

Germany is in a position of power. The third time they have so been in less than 100 years. The Kaiser in 1914 and Hitler in 1939 were two instances. Germany felt it was omnipotent. Two world wars resulted.

This Germany/Greece thing is a war that is erupting. Except this time it is with money instead of bullets. Each can have a devastating effect. This euro thing can result in a world wide recession of a sort never before experienced.

I have a suspicion. It is based on what I have experienced and read over the past three weeks. I believe the euro people will win. Why? Because they will vote. They are doing well as indicated hereinbefore under the euro. The people on the street appear to have already given up. They will not turn out in the numbers necessary to throw out the euro and return to the drachma.

I cannot wait till later tonight to see if I have called this correctly.

The trip caught up with me yesterday. I have been at this three weeks. All of a sudden I was tired. Dead tired.

I walked into town and had lunch. Something I have not done since arriving. I then sat in the shade at the sidewalk cafe where I had lunched and watched the world walk by.

Eventually, I got back to my hotel. And my bed. I slept the afternoon away.

I was still tired when I woke. Opted to remain at my hotel and dine in its dining room. Glad I did. A great meal! The service unusually spectacular. I am staying at a small hotel. I have gotten to know everyone. This was the first time they had the opportunity to show me what they could do. They wanted to show me, to please me.

And please me they did! I won’t go through all the specifics, except to relate that the meal was heavy with tomatoes, olives, cheeses and oil. Dessert was a Greek chremboule. Two gins. Beefeater. One of the few places in Mykonos that stocks it. And a shot of something after dinner on the house.

I could not thank them enough.

I was up and out early this morning. Needed a manicure and pedicure desperately. The last ones were more than 3 weeks ago.

I had to walk away from town up the highway about a quarter of a mile. A beautiful salon for nails and massages in a small strip mall. I was their first customer. Everyone sitting around. Ergo, I had three ladies working on me at one time. One on the toes and the other two each had a hand a piece.

A good job! I was pleased.

I asked them if they had voted. They said no. I asked if they were going to vote. They said no. Why, I asked. Mafia!

Not a bright response, but that is the way it is. Again, I have heard that same response many times over the past three weeks.

Now for the fun part of this morning.

I got hit by a car.

There are no sidewalks. The driving lanes are narrow. Drivers speed constantly. The only place for pedestrian traffic is on the edges of the road.

I was in an area that had a three foot stone wall running on both sides of the highway. Between the road edge and the wall was two feet. No more.

I was casually walking down the road against traffic. Staying in my little two feet. All of a sudden this guy came around a curve. There was no oncoming traffic. He had a good fifty feet after the curve to see me. He never tried to avoid me. He clipped my right arm with his passenger door mirror. I went flying over the wall. I looked up to see the car speed away. The driver had to feel the impact and hear its sound. The thud was loud.

I was concerned. The last thing I want is to be sick in a foreign country. There was no one around who saw or could help me. I eventually got up. My right arm beneath the elbow was sore. As was the right side of my neck.

I walked back to my hotel with no difficulty. It has been about two hours since the event and all I am experiencing is pain in the two areas I complained about. I lucked out.

So far on this trip I have survived three earthquakes and one auto accident.

I still have three weeks to go.

A beach day again today. Paradise Beach. The one two days ago was Super Paradise Beach. Two separate beaches. One old, one new. I am going to the older one today.

Enjoy your day! And be careful as you walk.

Lindsey Graham was John McCain’s close friend for years. They were as two peas in a pod. Thought wise.

Then McCain died. Soon Graham had a new buddy. Donald Trump. How he could jump from McCain to Trump I find difficult to understand. The two men were as different as night and day.

Graham in recent years has been evidencing bully tactics. Increasingly tries to convey a tough guy image. Does not impress me. A Donald Trump he is not.

Key West is a community with a heart. Even back some 50 years ago.

It was announced on this day in 1973 that the military had accepted the offer from the City of Key West giving all returning Vietnam prisoners of war a one week vacation in Key West, their families included.

The weather has consistently gone from bad to worse in recent years. Sometimes a hurricane, or tsunami, or snow storm, etc.

To me it is a reflection of climate change/global warming.

The snow storms across the country have been significant. More than normal. Most bigger and longer lasting.

The past week’s snowstorm blanketing a third of the nation is an example. The storm is attributable to an arctic blast which is bringing with it historic winter weather.

I am confused. A few days ago I reported May Johnson’s diary would cease reporting in a few days. Shared with you some information regarding May and her future life which supposedly would never get reported.

Yesterday, no May diary. I assumed her diary reports had ended. Commented to that effect.

I was wrong. May’s diary entry for this day 1897 is in this morning’s Key West Citizen.

I was uncomfortable with reporting her diaries entries were going, gone and now have returned. It was back to the telephone with calls to people who should know.

May’s diary has a last day for publication. Two days hence. February 18.

The diary entry today consistent with previous ones. She reports her very busy day each day. The one thing  she never reports in any detail is her processional life.

May is a school teacher. She never provides details re her teaching. Her comments are generally limited to “went to school.”

Makes me wonder if she enjoyed her chosen work. I recall no entry were she talked about the kids she taught.


Enjoy your day!


  1. “Lady G, as Lindsey Graham, is refereed to, in the Gay community here in Washington, is said to be ‘not so nice’ by a lot of the people I know who know him and this goes back before Trump. Among us, he’s to be avoided.

  2. These GOP idiots are ‘all in’ on accusing everybody on the political left (which is the whole world, except for them) is trying to silence conservatives and stifle public debate. Their calling it “cancel culture” and even making that the theme of their yearly hate fest (CPAC)

    Kind of ‘rich’ isn’t it? Aren’t they the ones who are censuring their on members, all around the country, who are not toeing the line when it comes to statements within their own party (Liz Cheney being Just one), or for not being ‘loyal’ enough to Trump, their treasonous leader?

    Perhaps those on the right should practice what they preach before trying to tell te rest of the world what to do!

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