United States Being Destroyed By Its Own

Trump the Pied Piper again. Leading his followers in an attempt to demean and demolish Justice in the United States.

His attack directed at the Department of Justice, FBI, and the Judicial System. His wrongdoing monumental in comparison to Nixon’s wrongdoing.

This is the most dangerous time in the history of our country.

We are being destroyed by our own!

Yesterday, friday. It was different for me. Normally, I am out and about on a friday evening. Not last night.

I worked once again in the afternoon on my next novel. Growing Up Italian. The words were flowing well. I ended up working till 11 in the evening.

I have been at the Italian book four years. Irma’s acceptance has motivated me to get the book to the publisher’s desk.

Irma and Me continues to be available on the internet at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and KoboBooks.

The “bad guys” are back. Oxitec. The issue 2-3 years ago re testing a purported mosquito killer on Key Haven was killed by the people in a general election. At the time, the Florida was involved in oversight.

Oxitec has reapplied to test in the lower keys. The application this time to the EPA. Scares me. Trump’s EPA is not concerned about you and me. Only corporations.

Oxitec seeks permission to test without specifying where.

Ollie, get your team back together. The fight continues!

Syracuse/Georgetown today at 12:30. Georgetown a 5 point favorite.

Two foes of yesteryear. While both were members of the Big East. Every game to the death!

Coaches Jim Boeheim and John Thompson actually disliking each other. No friendship till a couple of years after Thompson retired. Boeheim and Thompson ran into each other. Thompson extended his hand. Saying something in effect to Boeheim that he really had not liked him.

The coaching giants friends today!

Big day in American history. On this date in 1771, the Boston Tea Party. An act of rebellion if there ever was one. Great for the colonists’ cause.

Rebellion happens. A people who think they are getting screwed will react in such fashion. It could happen again.

It was bound to happen! Sexual harassment in reverse. A male reported having been harassed by a female several years ago. In the political arena, no less.

Andrea Ramsey had announced she was a Democratic candidate for Congress. The Congressional District in Kansas. She dropped out of the race this week.

A male subordinate claimed she sexually harassed him in 2005. He claimed she fired him for refusing her advances.

Works both ways. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. What is good for the gander, is good for the goose.

A new word in the Oxford Dictionary. Youthquake. Defined as “a significant, cultural, political, or social change arising from the actions or influence of young people.”

The word the result of the wakening of millennials seeking change during the past 12 months.

Will the birth control issue ever leave us?

Trump issued a new rule re birth control. One which could significantly reduce women’s access to free birth control. He expanded religious exemptions to include non-religious entities.

In two instances. One to include publicly traded corporations. The other permitting denial on moral grounds (an extension of religious grounds).

A Federal District Court Judge temporarily blocked the new Trump rules.

Enjoy your day!

15 comments on “United States Being Destroyed By Its Own

  1. Will the birth control issue ever leave us?

    Sorry to say Louis, that issue will never disappear. The current situation was put in place by the Supreme Court, not the people. No one got to vote on it. Anytime you force important issues on the people, many will rebel.

    I think science will eventually settle the issue, although not the way you think. Eventually it will be obvious to everyone that abortion is taking away a human life…the most innocent of all life. I think we have had this discussion before, ask this question,
    “are you ok with killing a newborn?
    No, then are you ok with killing a baby the day before natural birth?
    No, then are you ok with killing a baby a week before natural birth?”

    Keep posing the question until you hit their threshold.

    The only thing that changes is the person’s perception of when human life begins. The human being actually never changed what it is, just the age of the human changed.

  2. Most responsible science does not agree when life actually begins. And even if you agree with “Tom’s” carefully (cleverly?) worded “political” statement, he is wrong about the supreme court and their decision on this subject. The subject is, and always has been, who’s right it is to end an unwanted pregnancy, Something where the Supreme Court ruled appropriately, according to anyone who believes in individual rights and in keeping the government from infringing on those said individual rights.

    Perhaps more importantly, why is “Tom” bringing up such a politically charged issue on someone else’s blog, when the issue itself is not part of that blog? The issue in Lou’s blog today is something totally different, namely “birth control.” Perhaps “Tom” should get his own blog where he can express his own views when he chooses and not force them on others when not even invited to do so. That would be the decent thing to do, “Tom.”

  3. I was commenting directly to Lou’s comment regarding birth control, which is at the top of my post. Everyone knows that the hot button issue of birth control is really about abortion.

    And I am not “forcing” my views on anyone. Everyone has the right to disregard what I post.

    And my reference to science solving the issue of abortion, is that a solution to what to do with an unwanted fetus. Right now, the solution is to just end the pregnancy. Once viable options (created by science) become available, the mother will no longer have to incubate the child until viability. Science has already reduced viability outside the mother, close to the first trimester. A matter of time…and science.

    Just as when a child is unwanted following birth, adoption agencies step in. So too, the unwanted, unborn will have other options than just ending life.

    And if you want to make my post political, go ahead. I believe in the right to abortion. I just don’t like the left lying about what it really is. Try to get a leading pro abortion politician to say it’s something beside “a woman’s choice”.

  4. “Tom”don’t be clever, you were/are trying to discuss something not part of Lou’s blog. Birth Control and Abortion are two entirely different subjects, linked only by those wishing to make their own ‘forced’ discussion. Get real – your post was entirely political. If you want to try and make the argument otherwise, you prove my point. Get your own blog.

  5. Michael are you some sort of blog police?

    I will post whatever I deem appropriate and you can as well. Stop the preaching, you don’t matter.

  6. Mr Tom your statement about how everyone knows that the hot button issue of birth control is really about abortion is arrogant insensitive and wrong. Clods like you shouldn’t be allowed to post in public and Archie bunker thinking is no longer tolerated by most people. Stop already

  7. The first amendment to far left ‘progressives’ apparently only applies to themselves. As a famous person has said/written, The Times They Are A Changing. I find the new age liberals to be the most intolerant vicious people I’ve encountered in quite some time.

    • Patrick – The irony of that assessment, coming from such a consistent fan and supporter of Donald Trump is so absurd, have you not been to one of his rallies? Have YOU no mirror?

  8. Yet again, you don’t understand much of what you read, or, you may have dementia. I don’t care which. So, to repeat once again, I was and am an anyone but hillary guy. I may have even voted for you over her.

    Like it or not, Mr Trump is our President, and, legally so.

    To answer a stupid question, which is usually an exercise in futility, no I haven’t attended one and probably not about to.

  9. hey patrick, no one asked anything about hillary, nor deny that mr trump is president, why do you keep going off on things nobody else is even talking about, boy, talk about dementia

    • leo on December 18, 2017 at 9:20 am said:
      hey patrick, no one asked anything about hillary, nor deny that mr trump is president, why do you keep going off on things nobody else is even talking about, boy, talk about dementia
      end quote

      Have you not been keeping up ?
      What does Hillary have to do with this other than I was clearly answering a question for at least the second time. Let me explain to try and kept it simple enough for you, rather than being a Trump fan as I am and was accused of, I was answering again that I was and am an anyone but Hillary person. Just for further explanation for you, that refers to the past presidential election.
      Had you been keeping track on who the current president is, there is/was someone here posting that Mr Trump is not our President, adamantly claiming that Hillary won.
      I hope that clears things up for you.

  10. Breaking: The Obama administration ‘SABOTAGED a DEA operation to stop Hezbollah smuggling drugs into the US and helped the militant group grow into a global threat so the Iran nuke deal would go ahead”

    Barack Obama’s administration has been accused of sabotaging an operation to stop Hezbollah smuggling drugs into the US so that a nuclear deal with Iran could proceed.

    In a stunning exposé by Politico, the former US President’s officials are said to have opened the door for trafficking and money laundering operations.

  11. Fox News is reporting today that President Trump’s national security strategy, set to be unveiled in a major address Monday afternoon, restores references to the “jihadist” terror threat – in a tacit rebuke to the Obama-era decision to avoid such language.

    The president is expected to detail his administration’s strategy at 2 p.m. ET in Washington, D.C.

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