Florida political insanity never ending. Today’s Miami Herald asks: Will Floridians foot the bill for Trump’s legal fees? Miami State Senator Illana Garcia wants them to.

The generous Senator (generous with taxpayer monies) authored a proposal that could grant up to $5 million to Trump who has been indicted criminally four times. Her bill would fund “qualified persons” who have been “subject to political discrimination.”

I doubt it will become Florida law. Cannot see Governor DeSantis signing such a bill should it reach his desk. On the other hand, who knows? It would not surprise me if at some point DeSantis genuflected and kissed Trump’s ring for whatever reason.

Syracuse/FSU tonight at 7. FSU a 4 point favorite.

I will be watching the game at Jack Flats. I will be missing happy hour at The Grand earlier. Cannot handle two things in one evening.

The DOW has climbed above 38,000. A record high!

Two major Biden accomplishments. The DOW at an all time high, gas prices down. Groceries still a problem. I am sure Biden is working on it.

Give the man credit. He is doing a hell of a job! He is entitled to the credit. Vote for him in November.

Live and learn. There is no reason why it is better to use the shiny or dull side of aluminum foil for whatever. The shine/dullness is the result of the foil’s manufacturing process. It does not impact cooking, use in preserving, etc. in any fashion. Either side ok. Stress not.

The New Hampshire Republican Primary is today. Nikki Haley’s last shot. Trump will win. Decisively. By so doing, he will sew up the Republican nomination for the time being. Never say never, however. Never know the impact of a criminal conviction or whether Trump will even be on the ballot in November.

The first Catholic college in the U.S. was Georgetown. Founded this day in 1789.

Old podcasts will return in a day or two.

Bright and early. Blog done. I am off to Date & Thyme for my Monkey Smoothie. Protein loaded, an energy booster. I need it this morning. I have been awake since 1:30.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Thank you to the smart voters of Dixville Notch in New Hampshire, even though you can be reasonably asured this will result in carpet bombing of your little town once Trump finds out!

  2. Hey Lou, Biden IS doing a hell of a job! 37% of the folks agree with you according to the New York Times poll! Those kinda numbers absolutely deserve another 4 years!

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