“Time has a way of moving quickly and catching you unaware of the passing years.” A small portion of a lengthy fitting post in today’s Weird Fantastic & Ridiculous Things in the World.

The post begins with a photo of a house in winter. Snow falling. The photo’s intent…..You are in the winter of your years.

I am.

Some quotes from the post: “It seems just yesterday that I was young…..I wonder where all the years went…..the winter of my life catches me by surprise……my friends are retired and getting grey…..like me, the age is beginning to show and we are now those older folks that we used to see and never thought we’d be…..taking a nap is not a treat anymore, it is mandatory.”

The post goes on: Winter “will be here faster than you think…..life goes by quickly…..remember it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver…..today is the oldest you’ve ever been, yet the youngest you’ll ever be so enjoy the day while it lasts.”

There is so much more to the post. Read it! Please! Especially if you are “old.” It will touch you.

Dixville Notch, New Hampshire a small community. Only six registered voters. They were the first to vote in the Republican Primary yesterday. They voted at midnight. Band and all. Each of the six cast their votes for Nikki Haley.

Haley did not win. However did not do badly. She received 43 percent of the vote. Trump 54 percent. Still a loser, however. She announced she is staying in the race.

Haley received the votes of independents and college educated. Trump the usual solid Republican base.

Watched Syracuse take a beating last night. FSU beat Syracuse 85-69. Though a 16 point difference, the game was relatively close throughout. FSU broke away in the last few minutes to run up the score.

I enjoyed the company, but not the game’s result, with Dan and Lisa. Lisa is into Syracuse also. We watched the game at Jack Flats.

Mintz was high scorer for Syracuse with 28 points, Watkins for FSU with 27.

I fear the Syracuse season will not be what I had hoped. The team lacks consistency. Basketball is a 40 minute game.

Today’s podcast 7 years old. I would label it geometrically: Mussolini was to Hitler as Trump is to Putin.



In 1929, Key West had a Local Lunacy Board. Why? I don’t know. Any bar was a “lunacy board” back then. Most are today. Such is Key West at its finest!

Sally Rand was a burlesque performer famous for her fan dance. She performed into her 70’s.

Rand lived in Key West for a time following World War II. Her home just 3 blocks from where I am presently living in the Meadows. She resided at 916 Eisenhower Drive.

Rand spent some time during World War II in Key West, also. She would visit military wounded recovering at the Naval Hospital. In 1948, she appeared at a March of Dimes Fundraiser at the Arthur Sawyer American Legion Post.

I had the pleasure of meeting her in 1965. We spent some quality time together. Sally was 61 at the time. I was 30. “Quality time” was sharing drinks on occasion and chatting away. We met at a three day conference of the Police Conference of New York Inc. A PBA group representing all full time civil service police officers in New York. I was their General Counsel. Sally was a guest performer at the event. The conference was at Grossinger’s in the Catskills. Now long gone.  

Oscar nominations were announced yesterday. “Oppenheimer” received 13, “Barbie” 8.

I mention the Monkey Smoothie frequently. I get one about 5 mornings a week at the organic food restaurant Date & Thyme on Fleming Street. Love ’em! Dr. Norris is glad I am getting them. Considers them healthy. What they consist of are 8 ingredients, most of whose names I can neither pronounce nor spell. Basically it is a chocolate flavored protein drink. Energizes me!

Tonight is Italian specials night at Grady’s Irish Pub. I go for the food and Carola.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Sad, but I for one think (but probably not alone with this) that Trump probably cheated somehow with the New Hampshire primary too, and I’m a Republican who lives in NH.

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