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A quick moving half hour of hot topics. Like police insubordination, Pope Francis packing the Cardinals group, police using a battery ram and tasers while entering a home celebrating a son’s 21st birthday, the Philadelphia Fed burning bills to make electricity, a Ferguson grand juror saying the prosecutor misrepresented certain things in his report, and more.

Not a boring show!

My diet continues. 26 pounds! I went a week losing nothing. It was discouraging. However, I could tell I was losing inches. A great diet! If it continues to work, I may write a book. The Key West Diet!

Key West was the scene of happiness last evening at midnight. The first same sex couple married in Florida took place at midnight. It had to be in Key West. One of the couples leading the court fight and making it possible were Key West residents. Lee Jones and Aaron Huntsman. Good for them, good for Key West, good for loving couples every where!

A wedding reception was held afterwards at Aqua. One in the morning. I did not go. Too late for me. Very much too late!

Friend Anna wrote yesterday. She is at her home in Courmayeur. Courmayeur is in northern Italy. Sits on the side of Mont Blanc. Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe. It is part of the Alps.

A ski resort. Anna say snow, snow, snow. People, people, people.

I love Courmayeur. A ski village composed of Swiss chalets. Nothing more beautiful!

Staying with Italy a moment longer, today is the Feast of Behana. Actually it was last night, though celebrated today also. Behana is a witch appearing old woman. Beak nose. Black cape. Sinister. January 6 is the Feast of the Epiphany. On the evening before, Behana brings gifts and candy to children. Just as Santa Claus. Older Italians share candies today.

Behana may look scary. In reality, a  nice person.

Greece. New elections January 25. It is going to be out with the old and in with the new. The new have already said Greece will be leaving the euro and Common Market. The Eurounion going crazy. Germany especially upset. It  is primarily their money that will probably never get paid back. Germany cannot afford such a loss. A recession very possible.

I saw this coming. In several blogs I wrote while in Greece three years ago and also in my book The World Upside Down, I discussed the scenario. I was not a genius. It was predictable. You can only defecate on a people so long. Then they will rebel. Here, peacefully.

A story typifying Mario Cuomo.

Back in my Utica days, Senator Donovan represented our area in the State Senate. Twenty years plus. He died. The church was packed for his funeral mass. From where I was seated, I could see the Donovan family clearly.

In the fifth row was an empty seat on the aisle. I thought it strange. Just before the Senator’s casket was rolled down, Mario Cuomo walked into the church. Neither looking to his right or left, he walked down the aisle to that seat.

After mass and when the family was leaving, the Governor quietly moved into the aisle and embraced the Donovan family. A quick few seconds. Then back to his seat. Cuomo walked out of the church with everyone else. His eyes straight ahead all the time. No conversation with those around him.

As the Governor left the Church, he walked over to a black car , got in, and was driven away. I assume to a plane waiting to fly him back to Albany. No handshaking with anyone. No stopping to converse with anyone.

I thought his conduct a class act. He was in Utica and at the mass solely for one purpose. To show respect for a political colleague. He did not pander.

Few politicians would have conducted themselves as he did.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Interesting sorry about a classy politician.

    While I disagreed with him politically, I didn’t hold him in the disrespect that other politicians and bureaucrats richly deserve. On both supposed “sides” of the “aisle”. As if there was a difference.

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