Far right  and conservative Republicans are thought to be one week from commencing personal attacks on Dr. Fauci.

An article in Vanity Fair by Bess Levin 6/4/21 an interesting expose. Its title: Lock Her Up Chant for Anthony Fauci. If successful, the attack would be followed up with calls for Fauci to be charged with treason.

The anti-Fauci forces are gearing up for an attack that he’s the second coming of Benghazi/Hillary Clinton/Pol Pot.

The primary attack issue is Fauci’s belief that coronavirus originated with bats and not the Wuhan laboratory.

Why Fauci? Because he represents “everything conservatives hate: An educated man of science with not one but two degrees, he committed what Republicans believe was a capital offense when he failed to back up everything Donald Trump said about the disease, including the part about breaking it by freebasing bleach.”

Many of the anti-Fauci group believe “he invented coronavirus and is ‘part of a secret cabal with Bill Gates and George Soros to profit from the vaccines.'”

Levin’s article claims QAnon, Republicans, Trump, and FOX News believe they have found some kind of smoking gun showing Fauci is responsible for the virus.

There are those that want Fauci to “basically be tried for war crimes.” The very same people who have expressed next to no interest in any investigation whatsoever into the events of January 6.


Step by step there is an increasing attack upon the democracy on which the U.S. is built.

Reminds me of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s.

Yesterday was June 6. A special day in American history. One reminding all that many Americans died to protect the American way of life.

It was June 6, 1944. Allies landed on Normandy shores. The Battle for Europe began. Within a very few days, 150,000 Allied troops were delivered to Normandy beaches.

In 1965, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Griswold v. Connecticut. A landmark decision.

The Supreme Court legalized the use of contraceptives by married couples without governmental restriction. “Marital privacy” was protected. The Supreme Court said in effect stay out of a married couple’s bed!

There is humor in the decision. Few Americans were paying attention to the prohibition against the use of contraceptives by married couples.

I take you back 16 years to 1949. I was a freshman in high school. I worked after school in a chain drug store. I was used where needed. Sometimes behind the cigar/cigarette counter.

Condoms were sold. They wee kept out of sight behind the cigar/cigarette counter. Men would stand around looking here and there till they were the only ones who wanted to buy condoms. They would approach the counter and in a nervous fashion ask for condoms. Sold in packages of three to a gross.

I was 14. Had no idea condoms were illegal. I thought they merely were an item men were embarrassed to buy. It was like sanitary napkins. Though legal, they were minimally visible behind the perfume counter. A woman would ask for a box when no one was standing around her.

Time changes things.

Several years ago, I wrote about what was perceived to be a coming California drought. California’s water supply was being rapidly depleted. California needed huge amounts of water especially for its fruit growing.

There was a water war at the time. Some big company came in and bought the water rights to thousands of acres. The company may have been Nestles. I do not recall for sure.

The company planned to sell the water as bottled water in super markets.

There was an added thorn in the side of farmers. Besides Nestles coming in and buying needed water, they were also able to buy it cheaper. Do not recall why. The companies were not stopped.

One of the reasons why today California is suffering from drought. The drought is 100 percent at this time. Nevada suffering similarly.

Scientist say the present California/Nevada drought is equal to or greater than the droughts experienced in Great Depression and Dust Bowl days. Scientist’s warn “the drought isn’t coming, it’s HERE.”

The scientists add another warning. A famine could be next. Historically, droughts are followed by famine.

Jon Rahm was disqualified from the final 18 holes of the Memorial golf tournament over the weekend. He tested positive during the saturday round. At the time, he was ahead by 6 strokes. It was anticipated Rahm would win the $1.7 million first place prize.

Rahm did not come down with coronavirus. He merely was in contact with a person who was so diagnosed.

Turns out Rahm failed to get vaccinated. For whatever reason, he is lucky he did not actually come down with the virus. He is unlucky he blew $1.7 million. Doctors reported that had he been vaccinated, he would not have been tested.

I missed Jean Thornton’s birthday party last night on the Truman waterfront. My goiter acted up. Could not even put a shoe on the foot.

I called Jean in the afternoon and made my apologies.

Jean is the best. She was all excited by the party which was scheduled for 7.

I spoke with several this morning who attended. Two described the crowd as in “the millions.”

Jean would be deserving of no less.

Now for the best news of all. Word is the Chart Room will open in two weeks! Hallelujah!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Yo Lou, Please let us know when the Chart Room finally opens again so that we can all come down and hang out there waiting for you to come ’round so that we can suck up to you and then tell all our friends how cool we are.

    Want to have dinner at Two Brothers?

  2. The GOP attack on Fauci is clearly intended to draw attention away from Trump’s failed attempt to overthrow the Government on January 6 and from the lies Trump told at the start of the pandemic that got thousands killed.

    • Naw, this is Polisci 101 – basic tactic #1, create an enemy that can be used as a rallying tactic. It always works and is a trademark technique regularly used by Trump.

    • Far right and conservative Republicans are thought to be one week from commencing personal attacks on Dr. Fauci.

      I guess they have plenty of energy since they did nothing to stop Trump from attacking the USA.

    • Nobody collects ‘blow’ they use it while collecting sea shells at the beach and when posting stupid sh*t on Lou’s blog.

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