Jean Thornton’s birthday today. Happy birthday Jean! Key West loves you!

Donald Trump spoke to the GOP North Carolina Convention last night. He said, “I’m trying to save democracy.”

If Trump speaks such words and knows they are not true, he is out right evil. If Trump really believes what he said, he is a mental case.

No one has done more in the history of the U.S. to tear it down. And a President at that.

His speech one of his typical campaign ones. He reached back in recent times to lie and lambast. He is incapable of recognizing truth even where it hits him in the face.

He basically hit on three themes. Two persons and an event.

First, Biden. I am not even going to list Trump’s adverse comments. The world has heard and knows them.

The second to have his head on the chopping block was Dr. Fauci. One of the greatest and most forthright public physicians in the history of the U.S. Trump said Dr. Fauci was “not a great doctor.”

Tit for tat, Trump was not a great President.

The U.S. should always have the benefit of a person such as Dr. Fauci.

The third item in Trump’s repertoire was the election was illegal. Stolen and corrupt. A “third world election like we’ve never seen before.”

Of course, no facts to support his charges.

There is a division in the “royal family.” The “family” is sweltering. Son in law Jared Kushner wants “a simpler relationship” with his father in law.

Note Kushner has “mostly dropped out of the orbit of ex-campaign adviser.” He says he wants to “focus on the writing of his book.”

Cracks continue to appear. Soon the avalanche. It may be all or a part of the family will not support him when things get tough.

Joe Manchin continues to fail the people of West Virginia and America. He appears adamant in his unwillingness to vote to get rid of the filibuster. His reasons pure unadulterated bullshit in today’s age.

He announced over the weekend he will be voting against the sweeping election overhaul bill. The one dubbed the For The People Act. His negative vote here also could spell the death of the Act.

Mitch McConnell says he is the “grim reaper.” He has company. Manchin is also.

The bipartisanship he talks of died long ago. It left Washington. Manchin’s positions are similar to a person who builds a house on sand.

One thing the U.S. can depend on is a mass shooting every weekend. There was another this weekend. Eight persons shot, one in the face.

A shock in the golf world yesterday. Around 4:45 in the afternoon.

The Memorial Tournament is being played this weekend. It is Jack Nicklaus’ tournament. Fifty four holes played. Eighteen left to be played today.

The winner’s purse $1.7 million.

Jon Rahm is the #3 ranked player in the world.

Jon Rahm was leading by 6 strokes. An excellent chance of winning

As he finished the 18th hole, a tournament official approached Rahm and told him he could not play the final round. He had tested positive for COVID-19.

He took the news with class and a few tears.

No one has reported whether Rahm had been vaccinated.

Jean, Happy Birthday again! Enjoy your day!





  1. Trump is and will be a threat to humanity if he gets back to ruling over the most powerful and influential nation on Earth.

  2. I remember John McCain essentially damaging his staunch conservative support by strongly correcting the old woman who said of President Obama ““I can’t trust Obama. I have read about him, and he’s not, um, he’s an Arab,”
    That is what real leaders do and they do it promptly long before such festering lies can do damage to our nation. Trump, on the other hand, exploited their dark conspiracies, lies, untruths, half truths and bigotry. He validated them, he emboldened them, he divided us and ultimately lit the fuse of insurrection.

    America is opening up, so where do we go from here? Do we pretend nothing happened as we greet our friends and family from the other side of politics, no- of “war”? America is no longer the same. We may not have thousands of dead lying on the battlefields of America but we surely had/have a civil war on our hands, albeit a political one. Will we stay divided for as many years as the North/South conflict. I’m certain Trump hopes so.

      • I agree, Trump is not really just a danger to America, but to the entire world. My guess is that is probably better understood around the world than it is in America.

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