It was the Iowa Fair this weekend. No other candidate attracted as many supporters as Donald Trump. Like flies to flypaper!

Trump has come far since 2016. He has made a significant number of Americans as bad as himself.

Our country is in trouble if Trump wins next year. The United States will be no more.

Our path will be defined. Clear. The U.S. will be as Germany was in the 1930’s under Hitler and Japan under Tojo. What finally happened to Germany and Japan some 12 years later will happen to the U.S. It will be Germany and Japan’s 1945 for us.

So wise up, my friends. Vote Democrat in 2024. Tell your friends to do so also. We do not want to be what could be the inevitable.

Maui is a tragedy. The number of dead has reached 96. It will grow and be significantly more. The number of persons unaccounted for is in the thousands.

We MUST address climate change! More so than we have been doing. And convince the rest of the world to join with us in the task.

God is good. So is Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is already on the front lines in Maui helping.

She owns a part time home and 2,000 acres on Maui.

Oprah calls the disaster “overwhelming.”

She arrived on Maui thursday and could be seen handing out supplies at a relief station. Her purpose in going to Maui was to see first hand and determine her strategy to help. The handing out of supplies was merely a minor additional assist.

Oprah also went “to Walmart and Costco and got pillows, shampoo, diapers, sheets and pillowcases.”

Oprah is known for her generosity. It is expected her hands on help will be bolstered with large dollar contributions.

Jeff Bezos and Clint Eastwood also own homes on Maui and are helping.

The long awaited Georgia indictments may be the most interesting of all. It “will name” names and hopefully indict some “big shots” involved. Names that may surprise some of us. 

America wants to know who they are!

Great golf again! The final round of the Fed Ex St. Jude Tournament. Lucas Glover, the old man at 43, won for the second week in a row. This time in a playoff.

Glover was drenched in sweat at the end. Dunking his hands on the last few holes in the ice laden water cooler at each tee.

Glover’s hard work worth it in more than just the victory. He took home $3.6 million for first place.

Diana Nyad has an Opinion piece in this morning’s New York Times: What It’s Like to Swim in an Ocean That’s 100 Degrees.

Key West’s well known friend wrote: “Ten years ago, I swam from Cuba to Florida. I couldn’t make that swim today.” The reason obvious. The water too hot. In addition however, in such hot water the body heat Nyad, or anyone else, would generate would quickly lead to overheating and fatigue. Hyperthermia would conquer even the strongest of wills.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Right On Lou – We must NOT elect Donald Trump, at any cost

    Republicans, please don’t elect Donald Trump. You may not like Joe Biden, but you have to admit, he is better than Donald Trump any day and won’t ruin America, for ever and ever.

    Republicans, if you just can not bring yourself to vote for a Democrat, at least do NOT cast your ballot for Trump, just leave that blank or write in Lou’s name.

    This will be a special time, do the right thing, or there will not be another time.

    • I have to agree with Andy, now is the time NOT to vote by party affiliation. NOW is the time to vote for America. Vote “NO” to Trump.

      • The best a Republican can do to help their party is abandon Trump. The best a Republican can do to help the Dems. is give him the GOP nomination again.

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