Finally, Georgia indicts Trump!

A 98 page indictment listing 19 defendants and 41 criminal counts. The charge racketeering. 

Trump’s own mouth convicts him. A telephone call the world has heard numerous times.

Trump now faces indictment in 4 different jurisdictions. Impossible for him to come up a winner.

Each criminal case a nail in the coffin. Makes me wonder how those who support him for the Republican nomination can continue to do so.

A bit of Key West history. This day in 1924 construction began on the La Concha Hotel.

David Wolkowsky, the father of modern Key West, purchased this day in 1978 the Kress Building on the corner of Duval and Fleming Streets for $210,000. The Kress Building for years was home to Fast Buck Freddie’s on the first floor and Wolkowky’s penthouse on the roof. In between on the second floor were Jimmy Buffett’s and the Monroe County Sheriff’s offices.

Today Fast Buck Freddie’s has been replaced with a CVS. How things change!

The Woodstock Music Festival opened in Bethel, N.Y. this day in 1969. Key West’s Larry Smith and Christine Cordone were there!

Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville basks in his prolonged 15 minutes. Doing damage to the nation he swore to protect. He continues his “one vote” anti-abortion policy which blocks a Senate vote on a bill to confirm military promotions. Previously, a pro forma vote.

His position is nationally unpopular. Nevertheless, Tuberville continues his hard headed adamancy. 

As a result, the Army, Navy and Marines are without confirmed leaders.

The man is an asshole!

Today a Catholic feast day. The Assumption of Mary. A dogma of faith for Catholics. Jesus’ Mother ascended into Heaven, never having died as mortals do.

Assumption is a holy day of obligation for Catholics requiring Mass attendance.

Florida has many strange laws. Weird. Especially under DeSantis.

One DeSantis is not responsible for is a Florida law that makes it illegal to sing when you’re in your swimsuit.

Manicure yesterday with Tammy. The slow summer season impacting her business. Me and few other customers. Normal, however. That’s the way it is this time of year.

Tonight The Grand with Steve and Cindy Thompson.

Enjoy your day!



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