I start with Trump this morning. I share with you some of the President’s moves which I believe are destroying the country.

For all the usual reasons that cause people to escape, 1,500 have left Honduras and Guatemala. Whole families. Seeking freedom and a better way of life.

They are referred to as a caravan. They are now in Mexico heading for the American border.

The Mexicans are caring for them along the way.

Trump tweeted yesterday that Mexico has strict immigration laws and he did not know why they were not enforcing them re the caravan.

Trump was wrong. Mexico passed a stiff law in 2008. However in 2011 passed another one completely different. Help those in need of help!

Some of the 1,500 plan on seeking asylum. The rest will try to cross the border into the United States where ever they are able. What will Trump and Sessions do? Shoot them?

I would not be surprised. They are illegals seeking entry into our country. Legal, though not moral, justification exists.

Trump talks of a meeting in the White House between Putin and him. A genius move! Like inviting the fox into the hen house.

Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is a bigoted man. He may not know. Everyone else does.

A $32 million grant has been provided to construct a new courthouse in Miami. Tentatively named the Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Miami Justice Center.

It seems Miami was set to become a sanctuary city. Trump and Sessions oppose sanctuary cities every where. Some how Sessions was able to convince Miami Mayor Gimenez to back off.

A reward due Sessions?

Last year we were removing statues and changing the names of public buildings named after Confederate heroes. Seems the reasoning behind such applies here.

The Attorney General is named after his father. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. His father was named after two heroes of the Old South. One Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America. The other P. G. T. Beauregard. The Confederate general who oversaw the bombardment of Fort Sumter.

I fail to understand the proposed naming of the new court house.

Sessions says he does not have enough immigration judges. If there were more, he could deport many more immigrants each day.

Immigration judges work under the Executive Branch. Not Justice.

A TV show over the weekend indicated the time of a judicial hearing re deportation was less than one minute.

The scenario reminds me of Hitler complaining there had to be a swifter way of disposing of Jews. He had a commission come up with the solution. The gas chambers.

More judges is to immigrants as the gas chambers were to Jews.

The stock market went down 450 points yesterday. Went down in the first quarter, also. Not healthy for the U.S. economy.

Two reasons for the 450 point drop yesterday.

The first was China retaliating against Trump’s tariffs. China named 125 U.S. imports it would impose tariffs on, including fruit and pork.

Tariff wars could/can lead to a world wide depression or an all out for real war.

Herbert Hoover was President during the Great Depression. The worst to ever hit the U.S. The economy was in flux. Hoover thought tariffs were the answer. He was wrong.

I sometimes think Hoover has returned and sits on Trump’s shoulder whispering in his ear…..Tariffs, tariffs, tariffs.

The other reason is Trump’s vindictiveness. The same person owns Amazon and the Washington Post. Amazon one of the most successful businesses in the world. Makes money, employees thousands. The Washington Post politically opposed to Trump’s governance.

Trump has gone on an oral and tweet diatribe against Amazon. Amazon’s stock dropped contributing to the overall market drop.

Last night an enjoyable one. The championship game of the Final Four. Villanova and Michigan. Villanova winning 79-62.

Tonight, my podcast Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I will cover a multitude of worldly sins in a quick half hour. Join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Trumpy Is right on immigration. There is no way to gloss over illegally sneaking across the border into this Country. It is a slap in the faces of all those who jumped through all of the hoops in order to immigrate here legally.
    To me the blame for all this rests on the greedy US citizens who hired the illegals on the cheap, thus inspiring more of them to come here. They should be tracked down, arrested and punished. The question is why is this never talked about by anyone in Government or the Media? Is it just too hot a topic to handle?

  2. No, it is more like this is the way it’s always been. Lou himself can attest to that during the 1950’s (at least) that all along the roads that lead from Buffalo to Albany (now I90) you could see temporary (Mexican) migrant camps busy in summer and fall months around harvest times, mostly I used to think were for apples. My dad was an Optometrist who started practicing in Chicago in the mid 1920s. He told me many times that he had to learn Spanish just to accommodate half his patients in the UpTown area (Capone’s favorite area of Chicago) on Clark Street near the lake of the inner city. Blaming the Government or especially the media is ignorant and a cheap shot. This immigrant issue has been with us a LONG time, and that’s because we’ve needed them as cheap labor. It’s only become a serious problem lately because it is politically useful to some. It’s analogous to blaming bacteria for ALL problems and then scapegoating the press and government as a bonus for not doing something about it.

  3. Ahhhh, another great anti-Trump rant from the all-knowing bard of The Florida keys. A great mix of truth, exaggeration and historical irrelevance. I love it. My day is complete!

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