The Chinese have a saying that one picture is worth a thousand words. That picture was on view for all to see yesterday. It was Trump’s press conference re the Vet’s money and the media.

Trump came across. His best yet. His worst performance. The man is crazy. Lacks stability. He is not Presidential timber.

I am in a quandary. Hillary does not turn me on either.

What to do? The third party candidate, if there is one? Does not move me.

My choice continues to be not to vote.

I paid for my weekend laziness yesterday. Normally, I research and write my tuesday night blog talk radio show on monday. I took monday off. A mistake. I had to work my ass off yesterday to get ready for last night. From 10-5.

The material was terrific. Touched many issues. The show went well. Moved smoothly. I mention the show went well, smoothly, etc. because sometimes it does not. It is not the material. It is the connection between the issues. They have to run smoothly one after the other.

Today is scheduled already. Busy. A manicure in the early afternoon. Then two David Wolkowsky interests. David asked me to join him.

David annually gives Key West’s outstanding teacher $25,000. The five or so runner ups, $5,000 each. The rewards event is this afternoon at the Key West Library.

Then at 5, the Custom House is having a special showing of 71 Mario Sanchez bag drawings. The 71 drawings are all from David’s collection.

Perversion in the Keys. In the Upper Keys. Someone placed camera’s in three women’s restrooms. Anne’s Beach, Harry Harris Park, and a Circle K. In coat hooks resembling hangers.

The Sheriff’s Department is investigating. County facilities were immediately inspected. Nothing found. From this time forwarded, all have been placed on a schedule for routine inspection.

I have been talking and writing about Venezuela for four yeas. President Nicholas Maduro is pure incompetence. Four years ago, his country ran out of toilet paper. The people still do not have enough. Nor food at the present time.

Inflation spiraling wildly upward. A dozen eggs costs $150. Experts predict inflation hitting 720 percent by October. Some predict 1,200 percent by year’s end.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Third party ? Thats a bit late, many filing dates have passed. And, a vote for a third party [ not one has ever won ] is really a vote for hillary.
    When isn’t an election a vote for the lesser of 2 evils.

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