Trump was federally indicted again yesterday. He was charged with conspiring against the U.S. Another reckoning for him.

Trump retaliated by likening the indictment to a “Nazi prosecution.”

Yesterday’s indictment may be the first to be tried.

How Trump handles the weight of these cases upon him amazes me. No one person is that strong. When and how will he break? Or, will he opt to try each case?

Yesterday’s indictment contained many interesting facts. One at page 33, I found especially interesting. Recall Trump was pushing Pence to reject the States’ certification proceedings on January 6. A  January 1 telephone call between Trump and Pence covering the issue is set forth at page 33. Pence told Trump he had no Constitutional authority to do what Trump wanted and reject the certifications. He went on to say it would be improper for him to do so. 

Trump’s response bespeaks Trump’s nature: “You’re too honest.”

I have constantly taken the position the Ukraine and Russia problem would not resolve until the Russian people themselves felt the pain of the war. Appears such is beginning, though on a minimal scale.

Few nations are free from the adverse weather affecting our planet. The weather problem seems to be peculiarly hitting the major polluters big time. China and the U.S. are the world’s worst. China’s capital Beijing is being buffeted  by the heaviest rainfall in 140 years.

Is climate change affecting hurricanes? Atlantic waters are hot as hell. Keys reefs are dying. Fish patterns changing. And…..hurricanes are dying. They begin to form and then dissipate.

Kenny Chesney visited Key West again. Popped into Captain Tony’s and sang a song.

Chesney visits Key West impromptu frequently.

Enjoy your day!


  1. …and Trump, his followers and the RNC want to talk about “The Biden Crime Family ????????????????????????

    …and Trump, his followers and the RNC want to try and mak us believe THIS indictment to a “Nazi prosecution.” ?????????????????

    ….but then Trump, his followers and the RNC are ALWAYS projecting their OWN evil doings on to everybody else.

    We all need to pray for them !

  2. The trial based on this new indictment should definitely be before the 2024 election. As Richard Nixon so aptly put it, the “people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook.”

    • Although I would agree with that, I doubt Trump wants that and he will insist his legal team delay, as it’s his only chance of doing it again and never being convicted.

      But how can we let the RNC off the hook for being any part of this? How can anybody who calls himself an American vote for anyone endorsing Trump of ANY of his supporters be elected, this go around?

      No excuses, we MUST vote these people who are actively and openly attempting to destroy our democracy, out of office. No more kid gloves, time for a change from this craziness.

      • Well, hold on. Trump has said that when he gets reelected he will eliminate the electoral college.

        Republicans don’t usually win the popular vote, maybe we should elect Trump and insist he keep his word on this. Asuming he isn’t thinking “Electoral” is some university somewhere!

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