Another brilliant Republican state legislature idea. Legalizing bartending by 14 year olds. Several states are moving to do so.

Across the U.S., a person must be at least 18-21 to serve alcohol in a bar. States like Wisconsin want to drop the age to 14. Such states are hurting for workers. Their previous concern to protect minors going out the window to satisfy the needs of a particular portion of the business community.

Crazy! Even more so when you realize people can’t legally drink till they are 18 or 21.

This is one gambit that DeSantis has not dreamed up yet. He may.

Leprosy cases are “surging” in central Florida. The technical name for the disease is Hansen’s.

A problem from Biblical times. Horrible then. Curable today. No sending the afflicted to an island to live with others who have been infected. To suffer and die together.

The term “surge” is one utilized by the scientific/medical community. The five cases in central Florida are considered “explosive.” Represent 20 percent of the cases in the U.S.

No who knows why Florida has any cases, let alone 5.

The James Bond movie License to Kill was partially filmed in the Keys. The opening sequence took place over the Sugarloaf airport. Other locations included St. Mary’s Star of the Sea Church, the Hemingway House, the Overseas Bridge, and the Key West Airport.

Query: The City of Key West owns the electric company. Key West has an abundance of wind and sunshine. Why then does Key West buy most of its electricity from the burning of fossil fuels?

Citizens’ Voice this morning: “I hit a good-sized manhole and my tooth filling popped out. Who do I send the dentist bill to?”

A busy beginning to yesterday.

My day began at 5 in the morning. Blog. Followed by a shave and shower. Then to the bank. Noon with Tammy for a manicure and pedicure. Lunch afterwards at Roostica. Limoncello wings and fresh hot Italian bread. A delicious lunch. The wings plump and juicy. Grilled in limoncello wine with a touch of oil, roasted peppers and onions. Made for dunking the bread in.

Bobby Mongelli was in. He owns Roostica and Hogfish. Owned Geiger Key for years till he sold it for a multi-million dollar profit last year.

Bobby is one hell of a business man. He serves quality food at reasonable prices.

He came over and joined me for a while. An interesting person to talk with.

By the time I got home, it was 3 in the afternoon. I had gone non stop from 5 in the morning. I sat in my favorite chair, an old wingback with an ottoman. Put my feet up and immediately fell asleep for an hour.

Something I do not understand. Trump is twice indicted. Two more will come up this month. A total of 4.

In spite of what once would have been considered a “black mark” preventing a person from getting public support, Trump has an absurd amount of GOP support. Republicans who consider Trump a criminal still prefer him as President.

What has our country become? Why so many whacky people? Hopefully, Trump will go down to defeat in the November 2024 election. Democrats vote! Republicans who already see the evil in Trump, vote for Biden! Our democracy, such as it is, must be preserved and worked upon to return it to days of old.

DeSantis’ “slavery was a good thing” is unpopular among other GOP hopefuls.

Glad DeSantis is the only weird one among the other GOP candidates in this regard.

Pee-wee Herman died. At age 70 from cancer which he battled for 6 years.

His real name Paul Reuben. He brought joy and laughter to million for years. Till his arrest for indecent exposure and later possession of photos of minors in sexual action brought his career down.

Another I must move my butt this morning. An 11:30 visit with the doctor who did the endoscopy surgery on me last week.

Enjoy your day!  

3 comments on “14 YEAR OLDS BARTENDING

  1. It boggles the mind that any decent person could support and vote for Trump! Hope you get good news from your endoscopy report.

  2. Trump isn’t the issue, winning is. Republicans don’t care about America they are just all about hate and repression..

    Don’t try and understand it, fight it! We cannot let Republicans elect anyone, their goal has nothing to do with making America great again. Frankly I doubt they even know what that is.

  3. 14 year old bartenders? What on earth are Republicans thinking? That’s insane and just plain wrong!

    If they’re reacting because they can’t find enough workers, then perhaps they should rethink their opposition to immigrants, instead of allowing children to work as bartenders, of all things.

    What have we come to in America, is there no shame?

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