One way or another, major sporting events are returning. Most with no audience.

The Triple Crown. Normal order of the races: Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont. This year the order mixed. Coronavirus the reason.

The new order begins with the Preakness 6/20, followed by the Belmont 9/5, and last interestingly the Kentucky Derby 10/3. The reason given for the change is that the order better fits with the racing season in general.

Mint juleps in October!

My Fair Lady. The exciting Broadway and movie musical. Opened on Broadway in 1957 with Julie Andrews starring as Eliza Doolittle. The movie in 1964 with Audrey Hepburn in the starring role.

Jay Lerner was the song lyricist. At a certain part in the show, Eliza imagines herself having become a friend of the King of England. He tells her: “Next week on the 20th of May / I proclaim Eliza Doolittle Day.”

Today is the 20th of May. Per My Fair Lady, today is Eliza Doolittle Day!

I was not aware an Eliza Doolittle day existed.

My first Broadway show was My Fair Lady. July 1960. Remember it well. I was in New York City for 6 weeks studying for the bar exam. We had classes everyday from 10 in the morning till 10 at night, with one day off. I believe it was July 4th.

For my wife, it was a 2 night trip. We had not seen each other in 3-4 weeks. My Fair Lady was the only part of the 2 days we did not spend in bed.

Ah, youth! The beauty of it all!

There was another reason. It was all we could afford.

Some women have been recognized as special in the relationship with their husbands. How they helped make their husbands successful.

Anne Glenn died yesterday at the age of 100. Wife to astronaut and U.S. Senator John Glenn. An American hero unquestionably.

Mrs. Glenn died of conronavirus. She had been residing in a nursing home.

When her husband was circling the Earth the first time, Mrs. Glenn had already lived many years with a bad case of chronic stuttering. Later in life, she overcame it.

Ohio’s present Governor is Mike De Vine. He was close friends with the Glenns. He said upon hearing of Mrs. Glenn’s death, “There would not have been a John Glenn without Anne Glenn. Theirs an inspiring love story. She represented all that is good about our country.”

President Trump and Florida’s Governor De Santis are close. Very good friends. Trump regards De Santis as the best Governor in the U.S. Easy to understand. De Santis constantly sucks up to him.

Trump lies/misrepresents. De Santis is similarly inclined, though not as bad.

Last week, he tried to fluff off something. Something bad in the ultimate sense. Terrible. Way out of line.

Rebekah Jones was a State employee till very recently. She was responsible for the coronavirus data board in the Department of Health.

She was told to change some numbers re the virus. Number of cases, number of deaths. Reduce them. She refused to manipulate the data.

Rebekah said that for refusing to “manually change data to drum up support for the plans to reopen,” she was charged with “insubordination” and lost her job.

Governor De Santis says the situation a “non-issue.”

Immigrants confined in detention centers and watched over by ICE are suffering from Covid-19. Close quarters, insufficient protections, etc. are causing many to become afflicted.

A lawsuit by or on behalf of the immigrant detainees was brought in federal court. Three detention centers involved. One in Miami, one in Broward County, and one in Glades County.

A federal judge ruled in favor of the detainees. The Judge ordered ICE to bring the number of detainees down from 1,400 to 350 in 2 weeks. The order further provided that each detainee was to be provided masks within 2 days.

The Judge found violations of the Fifth and Eighth Amendments. Violations of due process and unusual punishment.

The U.S. Justice Department sent a letter to California advising the State should open churches. Justice was of the opinion that closing of the churches might violate religious freedoms.

At least one good has come out of the coronavirus crisis. Many factories and other facilities are closed. As a result, carbon dioxide emissions for April dropped 17 percent from last year’s daily average. The last time emissions were down to 17 percent for a whole month was 2006.

First arrest for speeding whiled operating a vehicle. This day 1899 in Manhattan. Jacob Gorman got the first vehicular speeding ticket. He was doing 12 mph while operating an electric car. The speed limit was 8 mph.

Enjoy your day!

9 comments on “TRIPLE CROWN…..OUT OF ORDER

  1. The CaronaVirus Pandemic has proven what climate change deniers have denied most all along, we DO have some control over the mess we’ve made and reasonable changes CAN make a difference.

  2. I hear where Dade, Broward and especially Duval counties have mushroomed significantly with people having caronavirus. They’re saying that the whole area south and west of Jacksonville is bad too. I’m sure it will all be denied and that we’ll never know the true story with all the cheating going on here in Florida. I suspect we here in the Keys will go up too, but even only one more case here is significant. I hope we do this right and don’t jump the gun too badly.

  3. So, now we find out Evangelicals cheated with McCorvey (Roe vs Wade) and bribed her with cash. No wonder God’s wrath is upon us. Can we EVER trust evangelicals again, for ANYTHING?

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