Cooking the books? Fudging the numbers?

Certain States, the federal government and CDC…..Any changing number of coronaviyus cases and deaths? Numbers being lowered from what they actually are. To show reopening makes sense.

A State employee charged Florida with so doing yesterday.  She was fired. Governor De Santis fluffed it off by saying it was a “non-issue.”

Apparently a change of mind today. The State employee is being investigated in anticipation of being arrested for cyber stalking and cyber sexual harassment.

Georgia is suspected of having played with the numbers.

I suspect time will prove several entities are involved.

Columbia University has come out with an interesting study. The study suggests coronavirus cases and deaths would be less if social distancing had been put into effect earlier.

The “earlier” time frame small.

If social distancing had been imposed 1 week earlier, the claim is 36,000 lives could have been saved. If 2 weeks earlier, 54,000.

A big difference. Each based on the short time difference. Makes sense however since coronavirus moves rapidly. Recall there were less that 100 deaths for all of the U.S. March 1. Today, 11 weeks later, 95,000 dead.

Unemployment numbers for last week down, but still off the wall.  For the week, 2.4 million new unemployment benefit claims filed.

The nation’s figure historically high.

New York State an example of how bad bad can be. New York has paid 4.5 years of unemployment benefits in the past 2 months.

Trump is one mean man. Classless.

The portrait of every U.S. President since George Washington hangs in the White House. The portrait generally painted after the President leaves office. Ergo, hung after he has left office.

A tradition has developed that the sitting President invites the former President to the White House for the unveiling and hanging of the portrait.

Appears Trump will not adhere to the tradition. Seems he has no intention to hang Obama’s portrait. The White House advises an “indefinite postponement” for the event.

Key West reopens in a limited fashion June 1. Tourists will flock down. Locals will start living again.

I plan on remaining self-quarantined a while longer. I do not believe it will be safe yet to be out and about.

The Covid-19 epidemic has helped a local business. The bicycle shops.

Business is booming for the locals. The bike business has returned. Shop owners advising a struggle to keep up with the increased demand.

This morning’s Key West Citizen’s Citizens’ Voice had some interesting comments. I share them with you.

“When we evacuate Monroe County for a hurricane we do not bring the hurricane to the mainland. When the mainland attempts to enter Monroe County in a pandemic, they bring the virus with them. Minor difference.”

“A 30 year old woman walking down Petronia Street is asked ‘Where’s your mask?’ Response: “Don’t need a mask when you’re outside!’ Genius. Pure. Genius.”

“Jeers to the City of Key West. Work on Duval Street during zero tourists was the perfect opportunity to make it totally pedestrian friendly ‘a la’ Lincoln Road Mall in Miami.” Remove curbs, level entire space, put in plants, etc. Instead “save ol’, save ol’, with blacktop.”

Michigan reeling from all type disasters. The protests, guns in the Legislature, and now 2 river dams breaking. Flooding big time. So far, 10,000 persons evacuated.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer has her hands full. She has proven her mettle thus far. She will handle the dams/flooding problems well. Guaranteed she will not be tossing rolled paper towels to the citizens affected.

On third day in 1972, Michelangelo’s Pieta was on exhibit in the Vatican. “Jesus Christ” damaged it.

A hammer wielding man shouting he was Jesus Christ did the damage.

Enjoy your day!



17 comments on “COOKING THE BOOKS

  1. Orange County California hat a temper tantrum a few weeks ago and everybody went to the beach, packing it tight. Yesterday they reported their highest peak of new cases of the CaronaVirus.

    Exactly what’s happening in the rest of Florida. Get ready Key West!

    • Hard to believe Trump would actually be taking hydroxychloroquine pills to prevent getting the Covid virus when you realize that one of it’s major known side effects is hair loss.

  2. I think making Duval Street in Key West like Lincoln Mall in Miami is a very smart thing to do. Much friendlier and attractive I’d think.

  3. “Columbia University has come out with an interesting study. The study suggests coronavirus cases and deaths would be less if social distancing had been put into effect earlier.” Maybe if Nancy and the dems. did not keep at him about the commie mob as reveled by Susan Rice he would not have to spend so much time on that sh*t and more time on the RED CHINA threat. By the way When air traffic was cut a lot of prep school as well as collage age kids were left here in the States. We went and got our folks but china left them here and one a freshman girl has the virus. She still has not seen her parents. so much for love. Maybe nancy will fly her back.

    • Just more BS nonsense from a pest whose only purpose in life is to Troll and annoy Lou and Lou’s readers. Pathetic!

  4. A study of 96,000 hospitalized coronavirus patients on six continents, just released by the prestigious medical journal ‘Lancet’ has found “that those who received an antimalarial drug promoted by President Trump as a “game changer” in the fight against the virus had a significantly higher risk of death compared with those who did not.”

    Furthermore: “It’s one thing not to have benefit, but this shows distinct harm,” said Eric Topol, a cardiologist and director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute. “If there was ever was hope for this drug, this is the death of it.”

    When Trump Lies – People Die.

  5. Amazing that Republicans have become nothing more than a group of pathetic contentious crybabies reduced to lies, distortions, interruptions and foolish, with nothing important or useful to say. Everything is about protecting their corrupt leadership and lack of honesty.

    It is with God’s help we can now see what they’re good for and maybe now we can, with his help get rid of them and their regressive ways.

    • You have to be blind or stupid NOT to see that God is NOT happy with Trump – Hurricanes, Floods, Virus’, Farmers, Murders, Military Bases attacked, Kurds, FOX News, Flynn, the Economy, Nancy, etc., etc.

  6. And all this time I was under the impression that the lefties believed all the worlds maladies such as Hurricanes, floods, virus’ , etc. were strictly Trump acting on his own,

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