Whenever it is “really” cold up north, it is felt in Key West. Key West temperatures drop into the 60s, 50s, and occasionally the high 40s.

The big storm soon to arrive up north will hit the northeast.

The local weatherman advises that by tomorrow afternoon, winds will come in from the northwest at 20-25 mph. The temperature will be in the low 60s. For the first time this winter.

Means cold!!!!!

The weather man had good news, also. The cold spell will last only a couple of days. Then back to at least 75 degrees.

I know little about coral reefs. What I do know is that they are in serious trouble. There is a huge reef near Key West that is ailing and dying. The pattern for coral reefs everywhere in Florida waters.

Causes purported to me many. Climate change a major one.

When a coral reef is dying or dead, most of the the fish leave. A ghostly quiet ensues.

Contrasted to when a coral reef is vibrant and alive. When so, coral reefs are noisy places: “The crackle of snappy shrimp and the whoops and grunts of fish.” Such combine to form a dazzling tropical soundscape.

A group of scientists have suggested a way to bring the fish back. Music! Not precisely. However close to. A symphony of the shrimp crackling and fish whooping and grunting is placed underwater near the reef. Man made underwater sound.

Tests have established that the number of fish that remained is up by 50 percent and the different species by 50 percent.

More study being done.

The “music” assistance just that. Assistance. Not enough to totally correct the sick coral reef problem. However an unquestionable plus in working towards a solution.

Rising water levels a problem in many parts of the world. Key West waters have been rising slightly each year. Street flooding worse each year.

I sense the problem will be an acute one in 10-20 years.

Venice a today problem. At the moment, close to 7 feet of water covering the place. The water continues to rise and will probably soon exceed 7 feet.

Water has reached its highest peak ever this month (November). Residents are leaving. Tourists still coming, however. A local joke is the increased tourists may cause Venice to totally sink beneath the water.

Venice’s problem simply stated: The water is rising and the population is falling. No one knows what Venice’s future will be.

Venice is set in a lagoon. Referred to as the Venetian lagoon.

Many Venetians believe the problem has a cause in addition to climate change.

In the 1960’s, excavation for a deep canal was done. Its purpose to accommodate oil tankers. Many believe irreparable damage was done to the lagoon’s delicate ecosystem at the time.

Few merchants remain selling medieval goods. They have and are being replaced with stores selling the cheapest possible goods. Generally, Chinese made.

The next few months are going to be horrible for me. I see it coming. My Syracuse! Another basketball loss friday night. To Penn State 85-64.

I extend my condolences to Jean Thornton. An Alabama grad, she lives and dies for the football team. Alabama got beat for the second time this season saturday.

Even the mighty fall!

Thus far Jared Kushner’s governmental career has not impressed me. Donald has given him too many tasks. The Middle East one wherein he has failed, except for that which he did for Israel.

Yesterday it was reported that his father in law gave Jared responsibility for the wall. Jared says he wants 400 miles of additional new wall completed by the end of 2020. He has already had meetings. Biggest issue is where will the money come from. He plans to use eminent domain to take properties immediately.

The eminent domain thing a major problem in the making. Jared does not understand anything other than the government can take real property for whatever reason. The wall qualifies.

The process not that simple, however. I know well.

Back in the 1960’s, the U.S. went crazy with Urban Renewal. I enjoyed 2 different experiences during those years.

First, I served as a judge in hearing cases as to what was “fair market value” for a property taken. “Judge” not the accurate term. I was a Commissioner. The process was to have 3 persons appointed to listen to the proof and make a decision.

Long cases. Took forever. My Commission consisted of 2 attorneys and a realtor. The cases were heard in a courtroom. We sat on the bench.

The Commission jobs were not intended to be full time. We sat evenings and saturdays.

Following my Commissioner time, I handled many eminent domain  cases as a private attorney.

Problems that will arise with the wall takings include dispossessing businesses and families that have owned a property for years. Families who have worked the land 3 or 4 generations.

The government will low ball the offer. Thereby necessitating  lawsuits by property owners. All this takes a number of years.

When Trump has pitched the wall, I do not recall ever hearing what the cost of taking was to be. The billions of dollars we hear are for the construction phase of the wall.

What about the cost of government attorneys to take and defend the cases brought by the property owner? What about hearing officers? What about courtroom space to hear these cases? What about civil servants to follow these cases, keep records, etc.

The dollar number will be in the billions. Note again in addition to the actual construction cost of the wall.

There are instances where the government location for the wall may not meet governmental guidelines. A longer and bigger lawsuit.

If Trump received from Congress the money to construct, the government can take title to the lands forthwith. Again assuming a staff is available to do the necessary paperwork and court appearances.

The political consideration has to be considered. Many who lose their properties will not be Trump fans in 2020. “You took our home” will be the cry.

I doubt Trump and Kushner can build the 400 miles by the end of 2020. Assuming the money is available. Too many other problems involved.

I might add Trump and Kushner being builders and realtors does not provide the necessary experience to accomplish the task. It is a different ball game!

Ronald Reagan is credited with “Trust but verify.” A wise statement. However first spoken by Vladimir Lenin.

Lenin said, “Doveryai no proveryai.”

Enjoy your day!



  1. No problems with money vis-a-vis the wall. Don’t you all remember, Trump told us… he proclaimed it loudly… Mexico is going to pay for for the wall.

  2. Maybe Trump will just roll right over those border property owners because, as he has said many times, “I can do anything I want and nobody can stop me.” All hail!

    • NO, But our checks will be in the mail to the government to pay for all their “benefits” and some of it comes out of our Social Security money.

      • Screw that, take it out of the funding from wasteful military spending, like these unnecessary VFW facilities, or Trump’s way too frequent golf trips. Maybe fund the wall from Trump’s part of the profits on his Washington DC hotel, of those from Mar a Largo.

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