A pleasant evening last night.

Began with a 6 pm manicure with Tammy. Tammy always good company.

Then to Aqua for Dueling Bartenders. No Dueling Bartenders. Someone was sick so the show was cancelled.

Walked around the corner to the Side Bar looking for David. He was there.

I like David. Good company. Extremely intelligent.

Laurie Tee showed up. Love Laurie! When she began her radio show several months back on 105.7 FM, I joined her for a few weeks. Thought I might help her get started. She never had done a radio show before.

She did not need me. Laurie is a natural talent.

She also functions as stage host for most of Aqua’s functions. Last night it was to be the Drag Show later in the evening. She also does Aqua Idol wednesday nights.

The three of us chatted a while. Then I left, not sure where I was heading. Ended up at Antonia’s for dinner.

The lovely Nicolle bartending. Her diet doing well. Thirty six pounds so far! Keep it up Nicolle!

My diet moving along. Thirteen pounds. Enjoyed lamb chops last night. Perfect for an Atkins type diet.

At some point, two ladies sat next to me at the bar. Soon to be followed by a third. I was fortune. All three lovely and interesting.

Ann and Christine are partners. Snowbirds. Three months a year in Key West. Otherwise live in New Jersey.

Ann formerly in public relations in New York City. Mother of two, grandmother to one.

Ann and Christine live together on a horse farm in New Jersey. Christine has been involved working with thoroughbred horses for 25 years. The ladies also raise angus beef.

A special way of living.

Poochy the third lady. She arrived a bit later. Her for real name Margaret Buchholz. A writer of some renown.

She has published 8 books. I am impressed! The New York Times wrote favorably of her Great Storms of the Jersey Shore. Most of her works involve the Jersey Shore in one fashion or another.

She spent some time back when editing a small seasonal newspaper on Long Beach Island where she grew up.

Poochy lives alone. However, she shares the Key West snowbird home with her friends Ann and Christine.

Bob Woods was at the other end of the bar. He is participating in Aqua Idol this year. Still not eliminated.

A great voice. He has an excellent chance of going all the way.

Tuesday always a busy one for me. My blog takes up my morning. This afternoon will be spent preparing for tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. A busy half hour of me ranting and raving about whatever moves me at the moment. Join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

My afternoon podcast is in its fourth week on Facebook. Key West Lou’s What Bugs Me. Done sometime during the afternoon. Another rant/rave situation. Except, only one topic for a minute or 2.

I have always been impressed with how Monroe County handles the mosquito problem. Key West itself and a few keys north are constantly sprayed, properties inspected, etc.

Dengue fever is rare. Every several years, a case or two. Always concerns me.

The County announced its first case in years yesterday. A man infected with dengue fever by a mosquito. He has been treated and is expected to make a full recovery.

Some Trump/coronavirus observations.

Nero fiddled. Trump plays golf. Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump plays golf as America coughs its way into an epidemic.

The public health hazard is Trump himself. He is sacrificing the health of the people of the United States for his vainglory.

Trump bears many titles. President, Commander in Chief, etc. Another should be added. Germaphobe in Chief.

Sources privately say he is terrified about getting the virus: “Donald is a famous germaphobe. He hates it if someone is eating nachos and dips a chip back in after taking a bite.” He calls it “double dipping.”

The word is Trump is in a melt down because of the virus.

Last week, Trump told aides he was afraid journalists would try to purposefully contract coronavirus to give it to him on Air Force One.

He also asked the Secret Service to set up a screening program and bar anyone who has a cough from White House grounds.

It is well known that Trump compares coronavirus to the flu.

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson wrote yesterday, “Trump’s solipsistic response to the coronavirus crisis offers overwhelming proof, if any more were needed, that it was a catastrophic mistake to give an egomanical reality-television star such power and responsibility. We are all paying the price.”

Some caronavirus observations not directly Trump related.

Italy unannounced yesterday it has 9,172 cases, 463 dead.

Italy further announced it was expanding its lockdown of northern Italy to encompass all of Italy. Bold and unprecedented.

The government has asked its citizens if possible to remain at home three weeks.

I saw on TV yesterday a video of a 16 year old girl on the Grand Princess off the coast of California. She looked great. She thought everything was kumbaya.

I was impressed.

Today a different story has been reported.

Margaret Bartlett is a 77 year old Brit who is on board. She said people were fighting over “rotten” food and were “stir crazy.” Specifically, “The food is rotten and terrible and we have to fight for it.”

The stock market down 2,000 points yesterday. A major fall. I believe the biggest one day fall since the Great Depression of 1929.

At 10 this morning, the market is rallying. Up 600 points.

Don’t get excited. It generally goes up the day after a big fall only to nose dive again the next day.

Enjoy your day!



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