I always considered the worm turning a less than tasteful phrase.  Till I learned its actual meaning.

The short phrase is derived from a 1546 proverb. The actual line: “Even a worm will turn.” Its meaning surprising. A person pushed too far will retaliate.

That is why the Boston Tea Party is part of the title. The colonists were pushed too far by the Crown’s abusive taxing and dumped the tea into the sea.

I take the phrase and tea dumping to introduce Federal District Court Judge Lynn Adelman of the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

Judge Adelman has had it with the conservative Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court. He is striking out. He has written an article for the prestigious Harvard Law Review which will be published soon. The article condemns the Robert Court’s assault on democracy.

Judge Adelman’s observations include the Supreme Court privileges the wealthy and corporate interests at the expense of the public. He states the Court has greatly contributed to income inequality, health care inequality, and the hollowing out of the American middle class.

Judge Adelman wrote, “We are in a new and arguably dangerous phase in American history. Democracy is inherently fragile…..We desperately need public officials who will work to revitalize our democratic republic. Unfortunately, the conservative justices on the Roberts Court are not among them.”

Lower court federal judges do not criticize the Chief Justice or the members of the Supreme Court themselves in such a public fashion. Judge Adelman’s words reflect the boiling cauldron that is tipping.

He is not the only one to recently so criticize. Associate Justice Sotomayor in a recent dissent was critical of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. She asserted they had their thumb on the scale in certain type decisions.

Trump continues to believe Putin is his good friend. There is a saying the blind cannot see. Trump is blind in this regard.

World oil problems reveal once again that Trump’s friendship with Putin is “bogus.”

Putin has initiated an oil war with Saudi Arabia. His intent was not to get at Saudi Arabia. Rather, to go through such a scenario in order to get at the United States. Putin’s goal is to drown U.S. shale oil companies that rely on higher prices in a sea of cheap crude.

The U.S. oil industry is fragile. Built on a mountain of debt. Putin wants to cripple the U.S. shale industry.

There is a reason. Up to 2018, Russia was the world’s largest oil provider. In 2018, the U.S. replaced Russia because of “debt ridden fracking growth” in the U.S.

Thank you again Donald for neither understanding nor knowing what is going on. Continue to think you are friends with the tyrants of the world. You a wanna-be one.

The wonders of Sweden’s socialism is bringing the nation down.

A Woman’s Day March was held yesterday in Malmo, Sweden. One of the marchers carried a sign: Sweden Must Die.

Sweden was the gem socialist state till about 15 years ago. Then Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East began arriving. Free everything!

The result scary.

It is predicted that “ethnic Swedes” will be a minority in their own country in 40 years. Maybe, sooner. Ten percent of babies born in Sweden today have Islamic names.

The Swedes and Muslims are in constant conflict. Violence and crime are on the upswing. Especially since a new migration in 2015. The level of conflict is described as “a small war.”

It is assumed it will only get worse with the passage of time.

Biden is on a roll! Yesterday’s Democratic primary proof. Biden won 4 of 6 states.

Sanders will have to pull out at some point. It does not appear he can be successful.

There is a debate sunday between the 2. Then more primaries tuesday. Let the debate and tuesday primaries go forward. If Sanders still looks bad, he should withdraw and support Biden.

Understandably tough for him to do. He fought the good battle 4 year ago and is fighting it again. Problem is he is not going to make it. Such is life. The goal of all Democrats should be to defeat Trump and save America!

Some coronavirus observations re Italy.

The entire nation is under lockdown. The government’s message: Everyone stays home. The message was received. They are staying  home.

Rome and Milan are “ghost towns.” No one on the streets.

Pope Francis has interjected himself.  He has directed his priests to “get out” and comfort the sick. Makes sense. Francis said, “My priests have the courage to get out…..go to the sick to bring them the comfort of God.”

Francis is correct. From the time of Jesus, priests have made it one of their primary responsibilities to help the sick. Even where the sickness was leprosy.

Italians can be dramatic. I know. I am of of Italian ancestry. My mother was born in Italy. I make the observation because some in Italy are asking the question as to whether the coronavirus is the beginning of the apocalypse.

During the Civil War, Lincoln’s General-in-Chief of all Union armies was General George B. McClellan. Donald Trump in uniform. A more inept general did not exist.

Lincoln picked up on McClellan’s ineptness quickly. Fired him this day in 1862. Actually demoted him to Commander of the Army of the Potomac. McClellan did no better.

He saw the handwriting on the wall. Resigned.

Thought he was smarter than Lincoln. Knew everything. He ran against Lincoln for President in the Election of 1864. Lincoln buried him.

I wrote a term paper on The Presidential Election of 1864 while in college. McClellan and Trump had many similar traits. I would describe them as birds of a feather.

Trump and Nero had similar traits, also.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. The U.S. and the world are in the midst of a deadly virus. How to defeat it the most important issue facing everyone. Including Trump.

Not all the time, however. Yesterday morning instead of tweeting re coronavirus, Trump tweeted charging Obama with all sorts of wrongdoing and called out for support in getting the wall built.

An idea. Trump moved monies from the military budget and other budgets to build the wall. Now big time dollars are required to deal with the cornavirus epidemic. Trump should borrow the unused “borrowed monies” for the wall and use them to deal with the coronavirus crisis.

Washington State hit the hardest from the virus. It is projected that if things continue as they are, Washington will have 64,000 coronavirus cases by May.

May Johnson’s love life?

There is now an “Everest.” Second time in 2 weeks she has mentioned him. In today’s diary she wrote that “she fixed a letter to Everest.”

Enjoy your day!




  1. Gee Mr Sandy – I see where a lot of people were making money at the Stock Market AGAIN today, buying low and Selling high, as you were so helpful to report about on March 10th. U R so smart.

    • No mention of Stock Island what so ever, you said I quote “People make money when stock prices are going up and down. Buy low, sell high.”

      Seemed kind of stupid when you said it because the market had fallen well over a thousand points and that’s because people were selling waaaaaay low, and even more stupid today when it fell again in record numbers.

      You’re weird

  2. since KW has a large number of tourist from other countries
    and restrictions on other countries maybe from neighbors like Cd. To the US would be a big blow to Duval St. Work Force housing will not be needed! There will not be $100 bus parking fees rolling in from the Miami Crews ships. The masters of Duval St will serve a short term storm but can you? But like the market, the up side is the Cow Key trip will be lighter.

  3. But, But, But But, what ever would you do, sandy beak? Popeye’s would never be able to survive such a down turn? You might have to move to Miami and annoy them!

  4. Like the Bidden campaign the conk train is now offering virtual rides about town. No threat of illness to locals and viewers from all over the world like Europe who can not come here thanks to Trump can take the tour of KW in their own homes for a small fee.

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