It had to happen. Last night, I cheated. I am not happy about it this morning.

I have been dieting since mid November. At the moment, I am down 35 pounds. I have been stuck at 35 pounds for 3 weeks. Just as I was stuck for a period of time at 27 and 30 pounds.

My will power is not that strong. I need the encouragement of the scale. I need to see the pounds coming off.

I gave in. I ate! A full meal! First time in four months. Delicious!

I had not intended to give in. The thought had not entered my mind. I was not tempted. However as I sat at the outside bar at La Te Da, I suddenly said what the hell!

It was raspberry glazed duck. I ate it all! Plus the vegetables and delicious bread and butter.

A good boy I was not.

I woke in the middle of the night with a heavy feeling. In my head as well as stomach. Could not sleep. I still have that heavy feeling this morning.

I learned a lesson. When you have been avoiding food for a long time, you cannot dive in like I did.

As always, La Te Da was enjoyable. Don was with me. It was good to see my bartender friend of many years, Tonto.

Met a terrific couple. Joe and Jane. Their other home is New Jersey. They also own a home in Key West on Olivia Street. Six months here, six months there. Both retired school teachers. I enjoyed their company. Just my luck, there six months in Key West ends today. We will have to wait till November to continue the relationship.

I intended to attend the Jimmy Buffett concert at Higgs Beach. I got stuck home on a one hour plus business call. By the time I left, it was almost 7. Buffett was due to appear at 7:30. Parking would be a pain. I would have had to park too far away. A long walk to the concert and then back to the car did not turn me on. I went to Don’s Place instead.

All was not lost, however! The concert has been recorded for replay on margaritaville.com. It will air at specified times over the next few days. If you too missed Buffett, take advantage of the recording and watch the concert at your convenience starting today.

It was Don, David, Toni and John at Don’s Place. Don, David and I got involved in a long bocce discussion. How long can we keep playing as we have this season? We are 17-4.

Don always wants to change things. He likes to move players around. I told him to leave well enough alone. It ain’t broke. Don’t fix it.

We play again tonight.

Saw Dr. Jackie Lefferts in the morning. My body still aching from the falls I took. My left hip and butt are a  dark purple inside a black ring. The bruising is bad because I am on  a blood thinner. My ribs had started hurting. The reason for the visit. She does not think I broke one. I was sent for an x-ray and will receive the results today.

We talked about my frequent falling recently. She thinks I have a balance problem. I don’tknow. I am being scheduled for balance exercises at the physiotherapist’s.

Getting old is fun!

Enjoy your day! Don’t fall!

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