What a game! Clemson destroyed Alabama 44-16. Destruction the proper description.

There is no joy in Mudville this morning!

I know many Alabama fans. No Clemson fans. Perhaps now there will be many Clemson fans.

I am sure my Alabama friends are despondent this morning. Poor Jean Thornton. She lives and breathes Alabama, her alma mater. David Hecth, also. He attended Alabama.

The Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Could not have played a better game. A pure freshman. Nineteen years old. Played high school football last year. Would you believe?

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said it correctly: “Tonight we conquered a mountain that ain’t ever been conquered.”

My game plan was to watch the game with Jean Thornton at the former Irish restaurant on Duval near Truman. I forget its new name. Jean was having dinner first at Prime. I knew she would not get to the game on time. She wrote this morning that she did not make it till the beginning of the second half.

Decided to abandon Jean. Decided on Aqua’s Side Door. The Side Door’s TV screen almost the size of a movie screen. Could not get in. Ran into Laurie Thibaud. Aqua was closed to everyone except employees. Their Christmas party.

Decided to try the Chart Room. If it could get the game, I would watch it there.

Chart Room packed when I arrived. About an hour before game time. John bartending. Said he could get the game on both sets. No voice, however.

Chatted with a foursome from Cleveland. Had met them the night before. Affiliated in one fashion or another with Cleveland Clinic. Having a great time!

Ended up sitting at the bar next to Tom Sibbald. Mid 70’s. A Marco Island resident these days. His wife passed on last year. They had lived many years in Vail.

Nice guy. Enjoyed his company. We talked about everything.

The game began. Within minutes, everyone left. It was just John and me. The quiet of the Chart Room overwhelming. A new experience.

We watched the first half together.

I then decided to hurry home and watch the second half from my bed.

My podcast tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. The President is addressing the nation at 9. I can’t win!

Trump advised his appearance will be 7-8 minutes. Mine goes a half hour. Join me after you listen to the President. Unfortunately not having heard his talk, I will not be able to specifically criticize it.

Join my show at some point. I will be venting. About this, that and every thing. What ever concerns me at the moment.

I suspect Trump will lie tonight. Lies to justify a wall not needed.

The shutdown is beginning to be felt. I saw one federal employee crying this morning on TV because he needed his pay to simply take care of his family of 4. A check to check survival.

Trump does not care about him or anyone else. His concern is for his wall so he does not lose face with his followers.

I read this morning that those who receive food stamps will soon feel the crunch.

The Department of Agriculture is responsible for the food stamp program. They service 39 million people. Money will begin running out early in February. Then what?

I continue to be on the federal government’s ass for failing to do the necessary for hurricane and fire victims. Where is FEMA? Where are the federal funds? Trump goes on TV following each disaster and assures everyone the government will take care of them. He says, “There is enough money.”

I suspect there has never been enough money. Going back even to Katrina.

Michael did a number to Florida’s Panhandle. Some communities total destruction. Help continues on a very limited basis. Most communities small.

Marianna one such community. Seven thousand people. Hit directly by Michael. Looks like a nuclear bomb was dropped on the city. Federal assistance limited. Very much so. City Manager Jim Dean recently said, “The government is pulling out of rural America.”

Mr. President…..Screw the wall! Take care of your people!

A little Key West history. On this day in 1828, the Territorial Council passed an act incorporating Key West. Love it…..Territorial Council. Sounds like the Old West and Indians. Probably the same. Local Indians frequented Key West.

Note the word “frequented.” They came and used our little island as a dining place. Cooked, ate and left. They were cannibals.

Finally, Harry Truman.

Harry Truman loved Key West. Key West loves Harry Truman. Eleven visits to Key West totaling 175 days during his Presidency. This is the place he escaped to for rest and relaxation.

The Key West Truman knew was old and funky. Today, new and funky.

Truman once said, “If I hadn’t been President of the United States, I probably would have ended up a piano player in a bawdy house.”

Enjoy your day!

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