May 9, 1960 was a spectacular day for women. On that day, the FDA approved the first birth control pill. Envoid-10. The pill granted greater reproductive freedom to American women. Sex could be enjoyed without fear of pregnancy.

The world changed. Women could now have sex with whomever whenever. Wowie from the feminine perspective! Many took advantage.

Some began having sex with the same frequency  as they envisioned men had over the years. They became predators.

Nothing wrong with women pursuing sex for pleasure.

Permit some literary freedom. I am changing the male and female genders in a famous saying so it fits what is being discussed. What is good for the GANDER is good for the GOOSE.

Virginia Slim’s labeled it correctly…..You’ve come a long way baby! The ladies had.

I had a lousy weekend. Under the weather. Suspect I got food poisoning friday evening. During the night saturday, I had chest pains. Would not go away. Sprayed the nitroglycerin under my tongue. Still did not go away. Did it two more times. Each time spraying more than I should. Overdosed.

The result, a first class headache till 5 sunday afternoon. I thought my head was going to explode.

I am fine this morning. Glad to be back among the living.

Turtles back in the news. The Associated Press reported that 4,100 sea turtles have been sucked into the St. Lucie County Nuclear Power Plant in the past 10 years.

The problem was noted 10 years ago. Help was requested. It took 10 years to gain governmental approval for a grate to keep the turtles out. Not ready yet. It will now take 2 years to test and install.

An example of how slowly government moves. The bureaucracy involves too many steps and layers of approval. As with everything.

The greatest love story of all time in my opinion is Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. Wild! The mutual love of a high society English woman and a gypsy.

The movie is in the process of being remade. In England, with English actors. Outdoor shooting required. The moors. A problem. Not enough money. Producers are looking for more bucks to finish the picture.

Guy deBoer is the publisher of KONK Life. He departs tomorrow for Cuba. Returns saturday. He is one of a group of sail boaters making the trip.

I envy him.

Enjoy your day!



6 comments on “THE WORLD CHANGED

  1. Why didn’t you stake your comments bout contraception a step further and political not out tgat a large number of our elected representatives, at the federal and stare levels are working very hard to take away women’s right to control their own sexual and reproductive freedom.

  2. The pill gave me the freedom of traveling the world, learning about new cultures and men for many years before I had my first and only child at age 42. Reflecting now about that, I firmly believe that I could have lived that same worldly life – had I wanted to – taking that child along with me and/or many others. Pill or no pill, that is the question.

  3. I see no one trying to take away a women’s right to birth control. Abortion is a different issue. If both sex’s took more responsibility then abortion wouldn’t be such an issue.
    The issue I see toward such restriction is a push to eliminate taxpayer funding of such organizations as Planned Parenthood.

  4. Well, o-care is a farce which is now becoming well known.

    Why should taxpayers pay for birth control pills ? A person should take responsibility for their actions and bodies. When crazy sandra fluke was in the spotlight I checked with local drug stores [ I can’t spell pharmacy] and a month of pills ranged from $8 to $19. So my question was then how much is your smart phone bill, cable tv bill, cigarette prices and bar bill. Its a matter of responsibility and priorities.

    This is an old subject.

    If birth control pills are to be federally paid for, what about condoms. At my age I still could get them [for free] and at our parties have some great water balloon fights.

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