The weather outside is frightful…..

For Key West, no. Erie, Pa., yes.

A magnificent Christmas week weather wise. Eighty by day, 70 by night. No humidity. No air conditioning required at night. Open the bedroom window and let the cool ocean breeze flow in.

Erie, Pa. another story! Four feet of snow over a 48 hour period 12/25-12/26.

Erie no stranger to heavy snow falls. However, the four feet was the most ever.

I remember 4 feet snowfalls in Utica. Got one every 10 years or so. Pretty. Disruptive, however. The City closed down. No driving, no work. Could be 2 days before you got out of your house.

I loved the major snow storms. Family time. Parents and children confined at home together. A time to rebond.

My day yesterday began at the opticians. Still having vision problems with the new glasses. Second prescription. Worse than the first.

I return this morning for additional tests.

Worked  at organizing last night’s podcast in the afternoon. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

An early dinner at Roostica.

No question it is Christmas time. The busiest time of the year in Key West. Roostica packed to the walls inside and out.

Tried to do a different show last night. One where Donald Trump is never mentioned. I did well. Slipped into a brief Trump comment only 3 times.

The introductory story was one I reported first on this blog last week. The story of the prematurely born female twins.

One not making it. Death inevitable. Placed in incubator next to her sister who was doing well. The healthy twin threw an arm over her sick sister. The sick sister’s recovery began immediately.

The twins 22 years old today. Lovely young ladies leading full lives.

The help of a sister and the grace of God responsible.

A poor stone crab season.  A very poor one.

Law of economics at work. Few stone crabs available, high prices.

The fishermen cannot find enough stone crabs. It is believed Irma disrupted the ocean floor and who knows where they ended up. Another reason suggested is that there has not been a cold front yet. A cold front is required to move stone crabs closer to shore.

Small stone crabs going for $8 a piece. Jumbo’s, $28 a piece.

Too expensive.

Syracuse/E. Michigan tonight. I will watch from the comfort of my bed. Syracuse a 12 point underdog.

I doubt many would disagree with me if I referred to Trump as an egomaniac. He may get his rocks off again. In Jerusalem.

Israel owes Trump. He is moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. The action to the Israelis indicates Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

They refer to Trump’s decision re the Embassy as a “brave decision.”

Jerusalem’s Western Wall is the holiest of Jewish places. A high speed railway is soon to be constructed which will run to the Western Wall. Construction to take 4 years. Cost, $700 million.

Strong support exists to name the train station at the Wall after Trump.

He is better deserving in my opinion for a subway train station in the middle of the Bronx to be renamed after him. One in a black/latino neighborhood.

Enjoy your day!

15 comments on “THE WEATHER…..KEY WEST AND ERIE, PA.

  1. I have often thought that the only people who should have “public” things (e.g., train stations, Gooferment buildings, bridges) named for are Vets who are MIA / KIA. Lest they be forgotten. AND “We, The Sheeple”reminded daily about what the true cost of “wars” are. Argh! Dona Nobis Pacem

  2. only three times
    end quote

    Thats funny, I like that !

    As far as Jerusalem, every President since at least Reagan has wanted and talked about doing the same. This President may actually do it.

  3. I never said or implied it would.
    It seemed to be a good idea when Clinton and Obama said they believed Jerusalem should be the capital, yet bad when others mention it.

    • Patrick – Clinton and Obama were for universal health care too, and Trump differs on that, so why Jerusalem if his agenda is supposed to be all about making AMERICA great again? Seems to me he can’t make up his mind on what he wants to do. He’s a lot like you, meddling just for the fun of it! The difference is he’s going to get us in real trouble.

  4. Patrick – and by the way, all responsible journalism (including The Times of Israel) has reported that all US presidents since the Republican Congress passed the bill to move to Jerusalem in 1995, has resisted and delayed any such move. That includes Bush, as well as Clinton and Obama. All based on national security. So get your nonsense straight before you try and throw a bomb.

  5. The previous presidents didn’t do it because of congress. But, video is there for the watching. All the presidents mentioned are on video wanting the change which is what I mentioned. Should it be the capital, thats a question for others to answer. The point was that they did want it and publicly said so which seemed just fine for their supporters at the time. To repeat, that was the point.

    • Patrick – Once again you have this wrong and are spouting garbage to suit YOUR own forced agenda. The video on Fox News (Trump TV) is carefully edited with both Clinton and Obama’s statements talking about Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel, with NO mention of MOVING the Embassy there or any context to their wider statements.

      The legitimate press says this to your original point

      28 Nov 2017 – National Review
      5 Dec 2017 – Newsweek
      6 Dec 2017 – Reuters
      7 Dec 2017 – The Times off Israel
      8 Dec 2017 – The Hill
      etc., etc.

      Clinton, Obama and even George Bush blocked the embassy move to Jerusalem, those are the actual, real, verifiable facts.

      You should stop watching – Fake News or listening to what the Russians want you to believe

  6. And just when did I mention anything about the embassy. I was referring to capital [as already mentioned] not embassy. Once again you’re unable to stick to the subject. Stick to the point and stop trying to force your off topic agenda.
    But, its nice to see that you actually did take time to do some reading. That’ll help especially if reading or watching the correct channel, Fox.
    Study a little more and let us know what you come up with.

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