Day 28 of my self-quarantine.

The world is sick today. Back in 1896, the world was not sick. However May Johnson of Key West was. Her diary for this date indicates she is in her third day of being sick. As described, sounds like some bug. Probably, the flu.

Whatever, May was suffering. She describes her today of suffering as: “In bed all day. MUCH SICK.”

It was tonight in 1935 that Joe “Sloppy Joe” Russell moved his establishment from the present location of Captain Tony’s to where it is now located on Duval.

His customers helped him move as the midnight hour approached. Hemingway included. They carried tables, chairs, boxes of booze and what ever from one location to the other.

Hemingway thought the urinals in the men’s room were particularly attractive. They were ceramic. Russell was not taking them to the new location. Told Hemingway he could have them, if he wanted.

He did. He carried them to his home on Whitehead.

Hemingway put the urinals to good use. He had them piped with water and made them part of the gardens surrounding the house. His purpose in doing so was to provide drinking water for his 6 toed cats. They continue to drink from them to this day.

A lucrative contract for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department for 23 years is one with the federal government whereby it housed arrested immigrants for various periods of time. Generally, the overflow. Miami was and is not capable of handling all those arrested.

Up to 95 could be detained.

Today ICE is the federal entity providing the immigrants to the County Jail.

Sheriff Ramsey voided the contract. Told the government no more. In view of coronavirus, it is too dangerous to continue men who come and go, travel to Miami for court where they mingle with others and then return to the Stock Island jail.

The 48 remaining prisoners were delivered to the Krone Detention Center in Miami sunday morning.

I consider Florida’s Governor DeSantis mentally ill equipped. He is Trump’s pet dog. He also occasionally takes off on his own and does something that does not make sense. Like keeping Florida beaches open longer than they should have been.

It took a while, but DeSantis finally came up with a stay at home order. There are several exceptions. One is the order does not bar churches and synagogues from holding holiday services.

This is the week for religious services. All those people shoulder to shoulder. No 6 foot rule enforced.

The virus has to spread. Inevitable. Not a smart move. DeSantis may have made a handful of his “religious” constituents happy. However, many could end up with coronavirus.

I mentioned recently we are in danger of a food shortage. Some have laughed at me. Not uncommon. Yet I believe the problem a developing one.

Shelves in many supermarkets are empty or on low supply. Food banks are being hit hard.

Yesterday a Florida food bank an example.

The cars were lined up on a highway “for miles.” Pictures all over the internet this morning evidence of the same. People waiting in line for hours.

It is reported demand has surged 600 percent.

Except for produce. South Florida grows just about everything. For some reason not getting to stores to be bought. Considered a “glut” on the market. The food banks and other sources are giving the produce away.

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I am impressed by the job New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is doing. No bullshit at his end. His update show each day covers the good, bad and indifferent. Quite a contrast with Trump’s daily reality show.

One difference at the moment between Cuomo and Trump. Cuomo has looked tired the past 2 days. Trump on the other hand fresh and vibrant. The difference between doing one’s job and not.

Eight states refuse stay at home orders. Till yesterday, Trump was quiet about it. All of a sudden he began talking about the Constitution. Inferring the Constitution makes it improper for him to interfere.

First time I heard anything of this nature.

Hear me. One thing certain in the law is that every Constitutional provision, legislative law or rule has exceptions. Hundreds have been recognized over the years.

Again, I do not believe a Constitutional bar exists. However if one were to be recognized, I believe the same court that recognizes such would draft an exception based on the coronavirus epidemic.

New York City has reached the point of too many dead. Italy did also. When the problem arose in Italy, they started carting the bodies away to other towns and places. In some instances, mass burials and cremations.

Mayor DiBlasio has come up with a better plan. A sensitive one. He is recommending the bodies be buried in parks. Neatly in rows of ten caskets. Proper records kept.

When the crisis has passed, the families can arrange for removal and burial in family plots, etc. and also have a funeral service if so desired.

Di Blasio says everything would be done in a “dignified, orderly and temporary manner.”

Some say the internet as we know it was born this day in 1969. Many are celebrating today as the birth of the internet.

The birth is described as a “symbolic” one. Represented by a First Request for Comment document drafted by an engineer working on the Pentagon’s ARPAnet project. The RFC contained all “symbolic” data: Memoranda contained in the research, proposals and methodologies applicable to internet technology.

There are those who disagree that April 7, 1969 is the internet’s birthday. They believe it occurred 5 months later on September 2. At that time a UCLA computer scientist established the first local connection between 2 computers in his laboratory. Something like Alexander Graham Bell’s first successful telephone call. He was in one room in his laboratory and an associate in another. The call was completed between the 2 rooms.

Enjoy your Day!


  1. It was tonight in 1935 that Joe “Sloppy Joe” Russell moved his establishment from the present location of Captain Tony’s to where it is now located on Duval.

    He may have moved the bar but he left behind the soul of the establishment. IMO

  2. But we are still selling beer made in China to sold in our stores as a necessary item while our economy goes down.. Addicted.
    Why should I pay for a cop to keep you off the beach if you want to die?

    • Duh… if you want to party with your friends on the beach and then bring back the virus to kill others, then that’s my and the cop’s business.

      Well Duh

  3. Some States north of Florida have shut down short term rental for the summer and some states have also stopped second home owners from coming to their State.

    • BS comments from a known fool who pretends to be from Key West and admits to always trying to start a fight on Lou’s blog.

  4. Just love getting you Red Commies up tight. You are so easy to bait. Your sheriff just cleaned out your jail. No tourist coming to town and he is spending you $$$. Locals park FREE!

    • Just a hateful right wing Troll looking for attention, pay him no attention, Lou will figure out a way to deal with him.

    • I remember when Patrick made an almost identical confessional brag a few years ago, on Lou’s blog, before ceasing to post under his own name. It was almost identical, as in word for word. Wonder how much longer before he’ll resurface again under some other less than clever phony name? The man is sick.

    • it is very likely patrick/feet will continue to post on lou’s blog he has some deep latent problem with lou he has not been able to handle and has been disrespectful of him for many years now probably something even he himself doesn’t understand being a textbook bully he most likely feels inferior to lou and as such will keep doing it until one of them dies or disappears thing is sandy/hogan will soon or later cause some harm probably to himself

      lou if you are reading this do not meet with him if the occasion arises you are likely in danger

      • Beg to differ, but Patrick is friendly with Lou and occasionally has dined with him. Sandy is not near the writer Patrick was. Obviously a different person. I see no evidence that Patrick still posts here.

        All of you liberals can’t stand the thought that maybe more than just one “lunatic” posts here. That might upset your narrow view. Heavens to Betsy that more than one person thinks differently than you and the rest of the sheep who bleat daily on here.

        I myself have been called “Patrick” while posting on this blog. Such certitude. Go ahead, and now call me a troll…”don’t listen to him”, “Lou, ban this person”, cover your ears…”nananananananana, I can’t hear you!!”

        • Are you seriously trying to convince us you know what you are talking about? Patrick was a better writer? As apparently his PR agent, you only need review any of his older posts to see his style was pretty poor and lacked comprehension in major ways.

          Furthermore, why should ANYONE take you seriously when you say that people on this blog have asked Lou, “ban this person”, cover your ears…”nananananananana, I can’t hear you!!” I have read Lou’s blog for over 10 years and I have never, ever heard anyone as Lou any such thing.” EVER !!!!

          I have hear you, using several different names, cry like a baby and accuse others of not taking YOU seriously, always claiming innocence, even when Lou himself has had to correct your outright lies.

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