People are panicking. Why not. A major health crisis not being resolved. Social unrest developing.

There is an evolution. Hoarding first. Hoarding of 3M N95 masks, then sanitizers, non-perishable foods, guns and ammunition. Cash may be next. I suspect it will be.

On a saturday two weeks ago in a particular Baltimore neighborhood, a run occurred. On a credit union. Depositors wanted their money!

Involved was the MECU Credit Union at 2337 East Northern Parkway. MECU is located in a low/middle class neighborhood. Predominantly an African-American community.

A large line of cars leading up to the facility. People lined on foot in front of the ATM machine. Depositors there definitely not to cash a check. Most had lost their jobs weeks ago.

Concededly a solitary such incident. Though it was reported several weeks ago there was a run on mid Manhattan banks over a 2 day period. I mentioned it at the time.

The National Guard has a presence in the Baltimore/Washington area. Military tents and equipment in certain spots. Humvees common. Humvess have been spotted down the street from MECU.

A national bank run could be around the corner. Especially since the most recent stimulus package so far is a f__k up. The package that was supposed to help working America and small businesses.

People are/will be freaking out. The banks will be stormed if people feel the banks will fail. Crashing 401ks and news of a possible recession does not help.

The situation could be explosive!

Another example of social unrest has reared its ugly head. Looting.

Stores in New York City and other major cities have been boarded up because of the looting fear.

New York City police report that burglaries were up 75 percent between 3/12 and 3/31. Supermarket burglaries alone were up 400 percent during the same period.

Trump recently signed an Executive Order to activate up to 1 million troops. His reasons behind the signing the evolution of the coronavirus crisis and economic collapse.

I wonder if their is more to Trump’s thinking. He wants to be President forever. He may call off the November election using social unrest as the excuse. He could back up his wants/desires with the 1 million troops. Backed by ICE and the specially trained Border Patrol military.

Never say never. Be vigilant.

Absolutely amazing! The activity on the internet.

Everyone home is keeping busy on the internet. My Facebook friend requests are over the top. From 8-10 a day to 40-90. Must be the same for everyone.

New chat groups popping up. Chat where you see each other. Clubs being formed where people meet, greet and visualize each other every day.

An expanded world wide communication system that probably would never have taken off without coronavirus changing everyone’s lives.

I finally got to see a person live on skype. Took a week. Cathy who was visiting in mid Florida last week who I mentioned is now home in Seattle. It took a while. I had the basics. She worked me through it.

We had a pleasant hour. She was sitting outside her home buried in blankets with her dog. Both keeping her warm. The temperature was 48 degrees.

Cathy lived in Key West back in the late 1980’s. A different world then.

She is now a simulation specialist at a nursing school in Seattle. I am not sure what the job entails. She enjoys it tremendously.

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported a dog had the virus. Now, a tiger. A 4 year old Malayan tiger named Nadia. Her residence the Bronx Zoo.

Zoo staff are concerned 6 other tigers may have coronavirus also.

Whatever, Nadia and her friends are expected to recover.

People got sick pretty bad back in 1896 also.

Poor May Johnson is still sick. And today is her 20th birthday! She did not enjoy it.

May spent her day in bed experiencing heavy chills, a raging fever, splitting headache, and a pain in her back.

May wrote, “I never spent such a miserable birthday in all my life.”

Enjoy your day!






  1. I have not touched cash for a while, back to using the old visa tap card, I forgot how that makes every purchase feel like I am getting it for free. Whoopee.

    • Really?

      This isn’t the 5-0’s anymore, geezer. Credit cards have been available since the late 60s

      You do know that credit card companies send you a bill at the end of every month, don’t you?

      Ever wonder why China is taking over? Look in the mirror!

  2. I know your blog is your opinions ( as these replys are your readers opinions) but I must say your recent posts are so negative that I am thinking of not reading you again. The world is undergoing an epic event and we need more positive thoughts
    A 10 year reader

    • So Steve, you want to quit reading Lou because he talks about things you don’t want to hear?

      Guess you’ll have to stop watching FOX news too, for those same reasons, and Rush Limbaugh and Alan Jones too, eh? Negativity is all those guys have ever talked about.

      Even your president is always talking negative doom and gloom. Hell, he even calls other governors slime and corrupt and incompetent, same goes for the people at the FBI and the CIA too. Nothing is good for him.

      Seems to be a lot of that going on and frankly I think the only thing you can do is leave, I hear Canada is nice.


      My name is Steve too, and you emb@rr@ss me with your phony complaint. Leave Lou alone and let him do what ever he wants.

  3. Lou has been all gloom and doom since the 2016 election. This is just a continuation of his TDS. Sorry Lou, Trump is not calling off the elections. Our great country conducted elections during the middle of the Civil War, and the elections will be held this November also!

    • Well, we’ll see. You have been wrong on just about EVERY other prediction you have made (remember Roy Moore?) so far, your predictions are worthless.

    • Why do you say that reporting the truth about Donal Trump (Stormy Daniels, etc.), doom and gloom? News is news, however depressing those facts are. Denying any of this ever happened (cough, FOX NEWS), or is a hoax, is depressing and true TDS (Trump DERANGEMENT Syndrome).

  4. in a January 2017 speech at Georgetown University Medical Center, Dr. Anthony Fauchi, the U.S. government’s top infectious disease specialist, warned in early 2017 that a “surprise outbreak” would occur during the Trump administration, and he said that more needed to be done to prepare for a pandemic.

    The Trump administration fired the U.S. pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs and depleted strategic supplies.

    No TDS, just facts.

    • Fauchi and bix will most likely be canned once their projected numbers are discovered to be way off! I’d say watch for them to be gone in about 2-3 week!

  5. In the middle of this big problem why did #3 in line for the present’s chair hold up the relief bill for several days to get her $25,000,000.00 for the national Arts foundation? How did that help us win the war against Red China. Either China’s scientist are poor or they are trying to kill us!
    If we do not get this economy moving soon Key West will be back were it started– the depression days!

    • I wonder if Donald Trump is all hissy and fussy because he thinks God is spending more time on Boris than he is on him?

  6. The only politician trying to stop elections is Wisconsin governor Evers. Big Supreme Court race and now that Wisconsin primary is not important for the democratic presidential race, and polling data shows the democratic radical liberal Supreme Court candidate is losing, evers declared tomorrow election delayed to June 9. Only 2’weeks ago he said he didn’t have the power to change the election date! The democrats are so much better at playing dirty politics!

    • ummmm, The state of wisconsin is locked down with a stay at home order and this is the week everybody says will be the most dangerous yet!

      Why would anyone object or complain about postponing an in person election of ANY kind.

  7. Wisconsin has a “Safer” at home order not a “stay” at home order and procedures are in place to ensure as safe as possible elections. Safe as going shopping at Publix!
    And since the last post, Wisconsin Supreme Court overruled the democratic governors attempt at wrongfully changing the election.

    • No you are WRONG again! Can’t you get anything right?

      Wisconsin has a Stay-At-Home Order and it has been in place since 24 March

      https://www .

      In Wisconsin it is always Republican Politics before safety, Always!

      Please apologize for your sneaky attempt to mislead the truth with your lie

  8. No you are WRONG again! Can’t you get anything right?

    Wisconsin has a Stay-At-Home Order and it has been in place since 24 March

    www .

    In Wisconsin it is always Republican Politics before safety, Always!

    Please apologize for your sneaky attempt to mislead the truth with your lie

  9. Please stop believing the NPR fake news claiming it’s a “stay”at home. Here is the governor s state website clearly showing its an”safer” at home.

    • https: //

      Hey Sandy Stupid – CAN’T YOU READ. Page 2 #1 “Stay at home or place of residence”, and every single article for the rest of the entire “Emergency Order # 12 Safer at Home Order” says “Must” etc., etc.

      “1. Stay at home or place of residence. All individuals present within the State of Wisconsin are ordered to stay at home or at their place of residence.”

      Safer at home is only the title of this STAY AT HOME Order !!!!!

      Things aren’t what you say they are because YOU say they are!

      Can’t you get this Sh(t straight?

      What is the matter with you?

      Read it idiot – the entire document

      • Why the heck would a governor have a “stay” at home but title his order “safer” at home? Is Biden running that state?

      • Nancy #1 is Nancy Poise, speaker of the house, who is the biggest Democrat who is better at playing dirty. She is #3 in line for the WH. That would be the end.

      • boy, that really does make you look stupid sandy feet. You should at least read your own source material before you go off like a complete lunatic with everybody else who knew it wasn’t true to begin with.

        don’t ya think?

  10. What was Nancy’s reason for spending $25,000,000.00 on the arts when our experts still want more testing. Or her request for mail in voting. I do not get how mail in voting can cure the china virus attack? Why are these Democratic Politics come before public safety?

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