An example of a tough federal judge is Beryl Howell. She is handling a number of the January 6 cases. She wants answers. Answers as to why the government is being lax in its sentencing for those insurgents waving trial and voluntarily pleading guilty.

About time! I have asked why a few times also. Did not make sense to me that a person attacks the Capitol, destroys property, injures many, and kills some should walk with a slap on the hand.

Judge Howell obviously recognizes the Latin quote: “Calpae poemae paresto.” “Let the punishment fit the crime.”

She asked some prosecutors monday why restitution in Capitol riot cases was limited to $1.5 million when total repair response for the building alone ws $500 million. An excellent question. The wrongdoers should pay eh bill and not the taxpayers.

Concededly, with more than 500 persons already arrested a fair allocation for each defendant to pay would be difficult. However not impossible. The time should be spent deciding an allocation where the punishment fits the crime.

Judge Howell asked another interesting question. Why was the prosecution offering many defendants misdemeanor pleas in cases that saw the insurrectionists “terrorizing members of Congress?”

There is an underlying principle to the saying that punishment should fit a crime. The principle especially fits with what occurred on January 6. It is, “The more a nation neglects this basic principle of justice, the injustice will reign in that nation.”

COVID-19 is the major problem confronting the U.S. today There are several issues worth mentioning.

I would not want Governors DeSantis and Abbott to be my Teddy Roosevelt in war. No way would I follow them up a hill.

Their judgments re masks and vaccinations so screwed up as to be dangerous. Their positions are and will draw the people they represent into the mouth of a fire blowing dragon.

What is truly impressive is the conviction they evidence when they take their mask and vaccination positions: “What a good boy am I!”

DeSantis an idiot. No question. Florida schools open this week. DeSantis does not want the children to wear masks.

Some school boards have already decided to oppose the DeSantis mandate. The governor says he will cut off the pay of all board members and school leaders. He will make such persons suffer “financial consequences” for failing to enforce his mandate of no mask wearing.

Least understandable is the reason behind his position. He wants to “protect the rights of parents” to decide. I ask, “Who is protecting tech rights of the children?”

Florida has another coronavirus distinction. Florida leads the nation in the hospitalization of children with COVID. Schools open thursday. DeSantis worries about parental rights as opposed to children’s rights when many of these kids could end up at death’s door. at death’s door.

Doesn’t make sense to me.

Key West is moving swiftly regarding the present surge. It ws announced last week that masks and social distancing would henceforth be required in all public buildings.

How will this play out? Most schools in Key West are public.

The longer coronavirus is with us, the more that is learned.

Ceiling fans the issue.

There are certain ways to set up fans so as to decrease the risk of COVID-19 transmission indoors. One involving ceiling fans, the involving all other type fans.

It is recommended that ceiling fans be used at a low velocity and in the reverse floor direction so that air is pulled up toward the ceiling.

The other type fans recommendation is the fan direction be aimed towards an unoccupied corner or above an occupied zone.

Fred is on its way. Expected to be a tropical storm by tuesday night. As usual in recent years, the cone has Fred coming right over Key West. Unreliable since Fred is still too far away to make any type accurate prediction.

Wait for the spaghetti straps. A more accurate predictor.

In the 1970’s, Steve found airline arrival times uncertain. When I began constant flying back and forth in the 1990’s, it was the same. You waited at every stop. It was a 3 plane ride from Utica to Key West. Sometime four.

You became accustomed to it. It was a way of life. The inconvenience was worth it to get to Paradise.

Steve mentions traveling in the old days in TACOS paragraph 27.

Air Sunshine was the name of the local airlines / Although everyone called it Air Sometimes / People would tell you what time their flight would land / You’d laugh and day, “You don’t understand, / I’ll come out to the airport instead / After the airplane flies overhead.” / I miss the DC-3’s, they were the best / They just seemed to fit-in with old Key West.

Why is the New York Democratic controlled Assembly in such a hurry to impeach Cuomo? Has to be something more here than meets he eye.

For more than 20 years, Johnny Carson was star of NBC’s late night show. He was loved by everyone.

On this day in 1980, Carson was in Key West to visit the Atocha wreck site as the guest of Mel Fisher.

Another week has gone by. Tuesday again. Tonight at 9 my time, Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I rant and rave for a half hour. To the point and hard hitting.

Join me. Guaranteed you will enjoy.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I don’t know why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said she she feared being sexually azzaulted on January 6th during the insurrection at the Capitol building. After all, trump was nowhere near the Capitol building on January 6th

  2. Looks like Portland is again being over run by armed violent rioting proud boys and other right wing wackos, after a far-right evangelical preacher held a Covid protest rally downtown at the city’s waterfront park.

    These problems in Portland were never about BLM or Antifa, They were always about right wing insurrectionists and old fashion bad behavior, where the right wing press blamed everybody else for the troubles.

  3. saw a report this morning that said children made up 15% of all new covid cases in the first week of august that is 165,000 kids in one week

  4. I don’t like DeSantis at all but would like to clarify that he is not mandating no mask wearing, he created a law that does not allow mask mandates. That’s different. It means schools and school districts may not require masks. It does not mean students and staff cannot wear them if they want to. In fact news sources report that many students and staff are wearing masks at Florida schools.

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