Trump is the man! The people selected him. He deserves our support. I wish him well.

He will screw up, however. Inevitable.

We are all entitled to our opinions.

Many of you who follow this blog are Republican or Conservative. Or, a bit of both. When I say something in the political arena with which you disagree, some of you hit back with all kind of vulgarities.  Do I call you a flaming asshole when I disagree with you? Not nice. I would expect Republicans/Conservatives to have better manners.

Trump was voted in on a wave of populism. The last truly populist President was Andrew Jackson. Way back in 1829 was he elected. Jackson turned out to be an excellent President. I hope Trump will also.

Protests yesterday in ten or more major U.S. cities re Trump’s election. The last time I saw such protests was in 1968 during the Chicago Democratic Convention which nominated Hubert Humphrey. The Chicago protests were larger and violent.

I live on a little island known named Key Haven. There was a question on the ballot as to whether Key Haven residents wanted mosquito testing using genetically modified mosquitoes to take place on Key Haven. Some 3 million GM mosquitoes would be dropped.

The vote was against. 419-224. I doubt it will help. The powers to be decided beforehand it would be a non-binding vote.

Superboat races began yesterday. A big deal! Every hotel, restaurant and bar on the Gulf filled with spectators.

Poker Run will no longer be locally sponsored by Key West’s Sunrise Rotary. The bike gangs put the nail in the coffin. I suspect Poker Run next year will be held in another Florida community.

Veterans Day friday. Key West’s parade begins at 4 on Duval. The parade is sponsored by the U.S. Navy.

We must never forget our veterans. As a nation, we have failed in recent years.

The U.S. Marines. Their birthday! On this day in 1775, the Marine Corps was born. During the American Revolution.

Ever hear of Mary Anderson? On this day in 1903, she obtained a patent for the first windshield wiper. Her invention was mocked. Her patent ran out. Someone else picked it up and got rich. She never made a penny from her invention.

Another Key West something I never knew. The Bagatelle Restaurant at 117 Duval was relocated there in 1974. The two story house was originally located on Fleming next to the library.

Key West Rotary history time.

The year 1928.

The February 16 weekly Rotary meeting was held at the Hotel La Casa Marina. A special guest speaker. Ruth Bryan Owen. She returned two years later as a member of the U.S. Congress. She was from Miami. Her election district included Key West.

Ruth Bryan Owen was one of the first women to super achieve.

Her father was William Jennings Bryan. He ran unsuccessfully for President three times. A pacifist. Prosecutor in the famous Tennessee Scopes trial.

Ruth was married three times. Divorced her first husband. Outlived the next two.

During World War I, Ruth volunteered as a war nurse on the Egyptian-Palestine front. She was there from 1915 to 1918. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt appointed her Ambassador to Denmark and Iceland. She was an early producer and investor in Hollywood film making.

A pacifist as was her father.

Ruth was a delegate to the San Francisco Conference which established the United Nations. Thereafter, she was named an alternate delegate to the United Nations General Assembly.

During her lifetime, she always remembered and was a friend of Key West.

Day 4 of the diet. Made it through the first 3 days. Think I am going to make it.

Enjoy your day!



11 comments on “THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN

  1. Louis,

    I would use caution about blaming conservative Republicans for the nasty vitriol posted on your site, or many other sites. It is known that the Clinton campaign paid people to show up at Trump rallys and cause disruption. Along with trolling on websites, posing as Republicans. Or, posing as Democrats with all the “facts”, well spoken and clearly, carefully edited and written by “committee”, to refute Repub. posters.

    I regularly read a comment section for an NPR program and there was a poster on there everyday, all day long, who was gone the day after the election and not there today. I strongly suspect she/he was a paid troll from the Clinton campaign, now unemployed.

    Just some food for thought.

    By the way, when people get downright mean and vulgar, can’t you just delete their posts?

    • I think in this case, given the content of the comments in question, Louis can be reasonably sure the nasty comment isn’t from a liberal democrat. I hope Louis can find a way to block/delete Fred’s comments. Instead of furthering conversation like many of the other posters that disagree with Lou, this one is just annoying and repetitive. He should find another word besides fuck.

      See below for illustration.

  2. Vulgarite here. “He will screw up, however. Inevitable.” – fuck you you fucking fuck. Your dumbfuck motherfucking fuckwad in the white house has fucked up every day since he got there, so fuck you.

  3. What is wrong with people today? I do not think that Louis deserves the comments from Fred. Good lord, have a little bit of decency, although I suspect “Fred” doesn’t know the meaning of that word. If you don’t like what is written here, don’t read it, it’s as simple as that!!!

  4. Dump has already screwed up a lot of his business. But you would not know because he is still hiding his taxes. And don’t forget he is in big trouble for his sham of a university.
    So fuck YOU Fred you are the fucking idiot!!

  5. Fred has some issues and a limited vocabulary….apparently an intellect to match. Not sure why some dolts think the f-word is such a terrible insult anyway. Do they actually know what they are saying? If anyone would look at where we were 8 years ago vs. today, the turnaround is remarkable and cannot be denied, especially given the hot mess/depression we were in at the time.

    I’m not sure why ‘people’ such as Fred even want to read your blog, Louis. If they want to spout their nastiness, I wish they would find a new place to post. I’m sure some your words are confusing to such people, especially those being over six letters.

    I agree with you, let’s see what this new president can do. He’s got both houses in his corner so he’ll have a green light. I would welcome continued progress for our economy and country.

    Anyway, hopefully the potty-mouthed contingent will just buzz off and dry up.

    Enjoy your weekend! Be vigilant on the diet and continued success!!

    Scott in StL

  6. The reality is nothing will change with Trump, Hillary, whoever. Be realistic. The powerful and rich just are out for themselves. We are totally on our own.

  7. especially those being over six letters.
    end quote

    LOL ! I like that, and, its probably true. After-all its 2 letters more. Some only can tie 4 letters together.

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