The Devil Went Down To Georgia is an indirect reference to Trump’s appearance last night in Georgia.

Actually, it is the title of a popular country/southern rock song that came out in 1979. A big hit then and popular to this day. The song written and initially performed by Charlie Daniels.

It is the story of a young man named Johnny and the Devil. A variant of the theme involving persons who make deals with the Devil.

I am dealing here with the original tune. There are several parodies on Facebook. Two of a political nature involving the Devil and Georgia. I recommend them to you.

Some portions of the original The Devil Went Down To Georgia follow. The Devil of course Trump.

“He was lookin’ for a soul to steal / He was in a bind ’cause he was way behind / And he was willin’ to make a deal / When he came across this young man / Sawin’ on a fiddle and playin’ it hot…..

I guess you didn’t know it, but I’m a fiddle player, too / And if you’ll take a dare, I’ll make a bet with you / Now you play pretty good fiddle, boy, but give the Devil his due / I’ll bet a fiddle of gold against your soul / ‘Cause I think I’m better than you…..

If you lose, the Devil gets your soul…..”

The Devil lost. As Donald will.

Trump is MIA. Missing in action. He is still President. His sole concern continues to be upsetting Biden’s election. A futile effort in a losing cause.

Trump’s responsibilities do not end till noon January 20.

Coronavirus is increasing by day. Deaths overwhelming. Unemployment rampant.

Appears of no concern to the President. Trump is chasing a political victory impossible for him to win.

The transition team is supposedly legal at this point. Trump did the necessary on November 23 by having the General Service Administration so advise.

As the process works, Biden’s team has an open door to everything.

Not working thusly as regards Defense/Pentagon matters. Biden’s people have been denied meetings with staff and access to military intelligence documents.

Biden’s team made arrangements for the meeting. The requests then put in letter form and provided appropriate Defense and Pentagon representatives.

The open door policy never got any further. Defense/Pentagon responded there would be no “engagement” until the Biden people submitted questions in advance together with a list of names of the persons to be interviewed.

Recall that about 3 weeks ago, Trump fired some high level Defense/Pentagon persons. Replaced them with political cronies who had no experience with military matters. Two such individuals were Klash Patel and Ezra Cohen-Watnick.

Obviously stonewalling. Why?

Could be a pure accident. Two persons not quite understanding the protocol involved. Only problem is the situation has not yet been resolved.

If not an accident, then I have 2 thoughts.

Defense/Pentagon’s financial records are a mess. An absolute one. Books don’t balance. For several years. Billions if not trillions involved. No record of who monies went to, no receipts for the funds, etc.

In the recent past, Ernst and Young were called in to do an audit. After a period of time, they gave up. They said records so bad they could not do the job.

I have written several times in recent years about these monies for which there are no records.

Is there a desire by some to hide where the money went? Could be. Big big dollars involved. Over payments are a form of paying off or bribing someone.

Payments possibly to contract military the U.S. hires. Or as happened in the past, over payment for a toilet seat. Years ago, Defense paid something like $50 for a simple toilet seat. How about $100 in recent times.

My other concern is Iran. Trump has been dying to attack Iran. The  idea has always appealed to him. Additionally, Israel has been pushing Trump big time to do so. Trump still has time.

Would Iran records indicate such invasion planned?

Recently, Republicans have frequently referred to certain Democrats as socialists. The term has now been extended one step too far.

Yesterday on 2 occasions on TV shows, the issue of Democrats being socialists came up and the persons speaking indicated everyone knew where these socialists were going. Communism!

Irritates the hell out of me. Definitely a step too far. Especially when half the people in the U.S. are Republicans, most of whom believe the crap they hear on certain shows..

Coronavirus actually killing the American people. In the 14 days previous to yesterday, the number of new cases was up 42 percent. Even worse, in the month of December alone in excess of 1 million new cases. Note yesterday when the information was released was only the 5th day of December.

Newsmax is a relatively new political talk show.  I decided to watch it for a couple of hours yesterday.

Its format no different than FOX or MSNBC.

Terrible! Even worse than FOX. Real bad!

Syracuse football concluded its season yesterday. Lost to #2 Notre Dame 45-21.

Syracuse only won 1 game this season. No bowl invitation expected.

Syracuse basketball did better yesterday. The team beat Ryder 87-52. A victory expected and large as anticipated. Ryder a non-entity that Syracuse plays early in the season as a warm up.

Syracuse now 3-0. Against Ryder, Syracuse’s 3 point shooting finally arrived. Syracuse made 50 percent of its 3’s. Fifteen for thirty.

Everest left. May lonely. Wrote in her diary this day 1896: “OH HOW I MISS MY BELOVED.” Capitalizations May’s.

Enjoy your Sunday!





    • Then, please put your efforts towards preventing and protecting others from having to to suffer from this crisis so needlessly.

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