We begin with a coronavirus update.

The U.S. has hit another high. Seventy new cases per day. Dr. Fauci believes the number may hit 1 million by the end of the month.

Extreme stress for hospitals and staff the result.

First as to hospitals. The capacity crunch has or is reaching what many believed could not happen. Some hospitals are closing or refusing further COVID cases. Lack of space and staff the reason.

A no room at the inn situation.

As to staff, COVID proliferation cases have reached the breaking point. Too much work for too few persons. Nurses, doctors and technicians experiencing growing shortages in their ranks.

The cupboard is bare.

It is expected hospital space and staff problems will only get worse in the near weeks to come.

An administrator with the University of Kansas Health System said the “crisis standard of care” is being reached. Means too many sick with too few to care for them.

Staff will be required to decide “who lives or dies.” A decision lifesavers should not have imposed upon them.

Prominent elected officials preach safe COVID practices yet fail to adhere to the dictates themselves.

The most recent example Rep. Alexandra Casio-Cortez. It was announced yesterday she has become victim to the virus and is recovering at home.

Her fault. She vacationed in Miami over the holidays. Photos on the internet reveal her partying wearing no mask.

She became infected in spite of having received the full vaccination package in the fall. Two shots plus the booster shot.

Pure unadulterated negligence on her part.

It only gets worse.

Cyprus announced 20 cases of a new variant. A combination of Delta and omicron. The new variant has been labeled “Deltacron.”

Bad news deserves something uplifting in return.

Yesterday, I ran photos of Publix’s bare shelves. Today, I return to the supermarket. To the video I named Grocery Store several months ago. I ran it twice here. I run it again this morning. The time perfect. We need “a pause that refreshes.”

Do not leave when it is done. More of the blog follows.


Back to a non Covid issue. One I find distressing.

A new New York City law allows non-citizens to vote. Only as to New York City matters.

I find it amazing that at a time voting rights across the country are being diminished and destroyed, the door is being open to giving non-citizens the right.

Unless a court blocks the law, New York will be the first U.S. “city” to enfranchise non-citizens.

The New York City Council last month passed the bill giving the vote to non-citizens automatically. New York’s new Mayor Eric Adams could have vetoed it. He opted not. The bill became law yesterday.

The right to vote is dependent on the non-citizen having lived in New York for 1 month. The vote goes into effect next year.

New York is the first city to have given the vote to non citizens. It is not the first time it has occurred in the U.S. In the other places, all were towns. Maryland have 11 towns  and Vermont 2 that permit non-citizens to vote.

The U.S. is being driven in opposite directions. Those already entitled to the vote are being deprived of it whereas those not entitled by birth or act of citizenship are given it.

We continue to be a screwed up country.

Great football tonight! The College Championship Game. Alabama and Georgia. Should be one of the best games ever.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “THE CUPBOARD IS BARE

  1. I grew up in Chicago where we had a grocery chain (Caputo’s) that would play Italian opera music, often accompanied by the staff. It was really wonderful. We moved away so I don’t know if they still do, but I remember that vividly when ever I shop now at my local (and boring) Winn Dixie

  2. Lou posted–Nurses, doctors and technicians experiencing growing shortages in their ranks.
    The cupboard is bare.

    The business model in healthcare is to keep the manpower lean, frankly, they over work their staff on a good day. It is abysmal on a bad day, like this. Focus on profit can both rule and ruin.

    • …a model that barely works in ordinary times, not so much in difficult times. But even if their model was different, there would still be problems, big problems.

      Worse is the persistent problem of denial that this is “not so bad” and mostly a hoax, anyhow. AND that not wearing a mask and being caredull will somehow make it better.

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