The world is turning black. We are living in a dark time. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are returning. This time three: Dysfunction, Death and Despair.

They bring with them high prices for basics such as food and gas, drums of war in the Ukraine, COVID, people disrespecting rules/mandates to control the virus, a screwed up Congress (especially the Senate), America on the verge of a revolution, and more.

The plate is full.

We start with Atlanta today. President Biden is speaking re the voting problem. He is being insulted by some of his purported close supporters. They won’t be there.

Stacey Abrams the prime example. She has a “scheduling conflict.” No, she is saying to Biden screw you! You are not producing what I want.

Important voting groups have also announced they will not be attending. Voting coalitions. Black Voters Matter, Asian American Advocacy Fund, GALEO Impact Fund, and the New Georgia Project Action Fund.

What bothers me the most is those upset with Biden are “hanging their dirty wash out.” My Mother taught me family problems remain in the house. They are not for outsiders to hear.

Omicron continues to move fast. Canada now surging big time. Canadian hospitals reaching the breaking point. A day or two more and the problem will be as acute as that in the U.S.

The U.S. has declared a “very high risk” for travel exists. It has issued a “Do Not Travel” warning.

A Florida update.

Yesterday 125,996 new cases and 182 new deaths.

The numbers keep climbing. They will continue to do so. Many Floridians and tourists do not believe there is a virus problem. They are encouraged by Florida’s Gov. DeSantis who continues to govern with his head up his ass.

Food is in increasing short supply. Recall in history class we learned of the Irish potato famine. There is a new potato famine. A growing potato shortage.

The shortage affects french fries especially from Japan to Kenya. The planet is addicted to french fries and potato chips. Demand always high.

Cream cheese part of the potato problem. One of the Publix pics yesterday was of the freezer where cream cheese is stored for sale. Not one package of cream cheese was evident. Publix had none in stock.

McDonald’s in Japan has cut from the menu large and medium size french fries.

Japan is the U.S.’s largest overseas market for potatoes. Over 3,000 McDonald franchises.

Shipping a problem. Flying potatoes to Japan is under consideration.

South Africa is the world’s leading maker of potato chips. Potatoes are in short supply following a bad frost and excessive rains.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is having problems in Kenya. French fries are known as “chips.” Chips have been removed from Kentucky Fried Chicken menus.

Revolution possible in the U.S. Who would have thought?

We live in times similar to the 1850’s which lead to the Civil War. There will be one difference this time. The war will not be between the North and South. It will be between neighbors.

The real Joe Manchin continues to be revealed. His word not dependable. He lies, cares only for himself and his pocketbook.

He constantly tells us he is following the dictates of West Virginia coal miners. They are his people. He stands with them.

Sounds good. Would be good if it were true.

His “good friends” the West Virginia coal miners just made his life a lot harder.

The coal miners’ union has redoubled its efforts to get Manchin to support Biden’s agenda. Especially, Build Back America.

Turns out Manchin really has not been supporting the miners as he consistently professes. If the union is to be believed, Manchin is supporting the “mine owners.” Mine owners who vehemently oppose Build Back Better.

The why simple. Hits one in the face. Build Back America provides for a transition to clean energy. Bad for the coal business. Bad for mine owners. The owners are hell bent on squeezing every last penny out of coal before it goes away.

Remember pillow magnate Mike Lindell. He became a major Trump supporter. Seemed to have easy access to Trump. The White House appeared to always be open to him.

Mike Lindell has started an election “hub.” It is run by two January 6 female riot attendees. Aske Epp and Holly Kasun. The hub’s purpose is to support a host of groups and right wing activists. In simpler practical terms, to support an array of like minded individuals and causes fueled by Trump’s “Big Lie.”

Lindell claims the hub thing is costing him $1 million a month.

Lindell has also started a new election conspiracy group known as Cause of America. He claims Cause of America is costing him another quarter of a million dollars a month.

A million here, a million there. What’s the difference! Only money!

I don’t know if the news releases are accurate. Lindell sounds like a mad man.

If he has that kind of money to throw around, his pillow business has to be a gigantic success.

Great football game last night. Georgia/Alabama for the College Championship. Georgia won 33-19.

I was especially impressed by Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett. A spectacular player! He started at Georgia as a walk on.

NO BLOG TOMORROW. Doctor day. An office visit at 9:30. A test at 11:30.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou posted – The real Joe Manchin continues to be revealed. His word not dependable. He lies, cares only for himself and his pocketbook.

    Joe isn’t all that principled, he wasn’t going to support HRC in 2016, no doubt due to her VERY HONEST comments about the coal industry. He changed his tune when she promised his state a hefty influx of federal $$$$ in return for his support, without retracting what he found offensive.

    • I remember how that idiot who called himself “Will” (caugh, caugh} kept posting here on Lou’s blog, how Manchin was only doing what the people of West Virginia wanted him to do, thinking anyone/everyone would believe that nonsense if he posted that crap.

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