Into the valley of Death / Rode the six hundred….. / Cannon to the right of them, / Cannon to the left of them, / Cannon in front of them….. / Boldly they rode and well, / Into the jaws of Death, / Into the mouth of hell…..

Words from Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem The Charge of the Light Brigade. Written six weeks after the gallant charge of British light cavalry against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava this day in 1854. During the Crimean War.

The British lost. Four hundred of the six hundred killed.

Vinny the ghost still inhabits my Volkswagen Beatle convertible.

The mechanic drove the car back to me early last night. He drove it away after speaking with me. The problem was not remedied. He thought it was. However when he arrived at my home, he could not get out. The driver’s door was locked and would not unlock from the inside.

He assured me I would get the car back this morning. Hope so. I have a doctor’s appointment today.

Fine tuned my podcast show for last night. Did the show at 9. One of the best I have done.

Zeroed in on the U.S. military. Spoke about Niger, military in the White House, expanding wars, tip toeing towards war, enlistment bonuses, poor quality inductees, a draft, compulsory military service, and mercenaries.

Today wednesday of Fantasy Fest week. Many activities. I recommend the Pet Masquerade, Cher Look a Like Party, Key West Art and Historical Society’s lecture re the History of Sex, Smokin’ Tuna’s Homemade Bikini contest (one of the best), Cowboy Bill’s Sexy Bull Riding Contest, the ABC (Anything But Clothes) Party, and Bare Asset’s Swing ‘n Freak Fest.

You can tell as the titles of events become more risqué by day that Fantasy Fest is an adult event. No place for kids.

One of Key West’s most famous tales of lore involves a man who loved a woman so much he kept her dead body in bed in his home for seven years.

The man, Count Carl Tanzler Von Cosel. His love, the 22 year old Elena Milagro Hoyos. She died of tuberculosis. Buried. The Count dug up her body and kept her in his bed.

Only in Key West!

Terri doing well. Based on Donna’s last report yesterday.

The bone marrow transplant procedure took place monday. Today or tomorrow, Terri will be very sick because of the super dose of chemo they gave her sunday.

She will survive the discomfort. Then roughly 30 days living in a bubble to insure she does not get sick from any type germ or virus. Terri’s immune system is zero at the moment.

North Korea continues to give concern. Ongoing negotiations failed yesterday. Both sides walked away from the table.

Some say war could be imminent. I hope not.

I consider Senators Corker and Flake to be American heroes. It takes courage to stand up against the President and their party.

I admire the fact that they, together with Senator McCain, are the onlyRepublican Senators with the courage to defy and speak the truth. I would describe the other Republican senators as pussies fearful of the President.

Since 9/11, our personal freedoms have eroded. The justification being that the safety and protection of the country required it. Trump is now the erosion leader. He goes too far, however.

It has been rumored in recent weeks that social media sites might be required to report any comments negative to Trump. The thought made me very uncomfortable. A huge erosion of freedom of speech. Reminds me of Hitler in the 1930s having lists kept of those speaking out against him.

Yesterday, it was announced by Twitter that henceforth political criticisms would be specially labeled by Twitter to reflect the political import.

Tweet’s fear of Trump? Tweet succumbing to pressure?

Whatever, I do not like it!

My friend Anna wrote. She is and has been extremely unhappy with her Italy. Italy’s financial woes are a step behind Greece’s.

It has been reported the provinces of Lombardy and Veneto want to withdraw from Italy and become countries on their own.

It all has to do with money. Personal and real estate taxes have zoomed over the years. The government has taken monies out of people’s bank accounts to meet government debts. Especially to the European Union.

Anna would like to move to the United Kingdom. She is fed up. She remains because she owns three major properties in Italy. In Novara, Courmayeur and Camogli. She has owned them over 40 years. Impossible to sell today, unless she takes next to nothing.

It bothers her that African Muslims move into Italy in increasing numbers. It is no longer her country.

Anna believes Europe as a whole is “fraying.”

She has other thoughts of interest. Garibaldi made a mistake in unifying Italy into one nation in the 1860s. She refers to Italian and European politicians as the European Mafia. An interesting reference. Anna’s husband some 50 years ago was a major figure in Italy’s national government.

Hope the car door opens.

Enjoy your day!




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