I went to the movies last night! First time in months.

The Butler. One of the finest movies I have ever seen! Do not miss it!

It is the story of a White House black butler who served eight Presidents. The movie follows the civil rights movement.

Emotional! I was constantly shedding a tear.

The two stars were exceptional! Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. Whitaker is the butler and Oprah his wife. Academy Award performances.

John Cusack played Nixon. Admirably!

Per my usual custom, I had dinner at Outback first. A prime rib. I have not had beef in three months. None in Europe. It was good, but too much. My stomach has shrunk.

I spent the day organizing, editing, and rewriting my book. I assure you I will publish it well before Christmas. It is not easy work. Especially when you are seeking perfection. Hopefully, there will be no Robert Clooneys in the book.

Join me tonight for my blog talk radio show. I guarantee you will enjoy. The reason is the topics I will be discussing.

I am going to hit the present Egypt situation inside and out. The media fails to provide us with the full picture all at one time. I will try.

The other topic involves breast implants and security.

It was announced late last week that terrorists have come up with a plan to avoid airport detectors and overall scrutiny in general. Breast implants in women containing high end explosives. The x-ray machines that were introduced in the last two years cannot detect anything in a woman’s breasts or in a person’s body cavity. The explosives are triggered either by a chemical or someone away from the woman with a press button device. No outside wires or anything of that nature.

I want to talk about the implants because they reflect the ineptitude of TSA and Homeland Security. We always react to something. We are never pro active when it comes to airport security.

I question why Muslim women are so willing to carry explosives. There are no 17 virgins waiting for them on the other side.

Tuesday Talk With Key West Lou is at 9 this evening. One half hour. Turn on your computer as you would a radio. I will be there.

Enjoy your day!

2 comments on “THE BUTLER…..A WINNER!

  1. hate to disagree with you about the butler.


    (1) Jane Fonda is anathema to vets;

    (2) Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan;

    (3) perpetrates the myth about R’s and civil rights;

    (4) Raegan, like Charleton Heston, was in the forefront of supporting civil rights;

    (5) is teadious in it fiction and fact mash up.

    Oprah’s celebrity made this a box office “hit”.

    I prefer my films uplifting like George Baily and the bank examiner.

    Sorry, but I can’t agree.

    p.s., enjoyed greece through your eye. Maybe Israel next?

  2. I agree. Film is typical Hollywood, not very factual.
    Few folks know or are willing to believe that it was the ‘R’s’ behind civil rights [or that the KKK was started by and is/was a southern ‘D’s’ old boys club].
    Plus, I refuse to see anything with hanoi jane. We still use her picture as a mens room target.

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