A big day! Terri White sings this afternoon. At Marylins from 3-5. Marylins is where Finnegan’s Wake was previously located.

Anytime Terri sings is special. Today’s appearance even more special. Terri is being paid to perform.

COVID-19 affected persons in all occupatons. Performers included.

The bars and restaurants had no money to pay performers.

Terri has had a couple of gigs this year. Two as I recall. Sang strictly for tips.

You can appreciate the significance of today’s appearance for her.

May it be the first of many for Terri. May other performers also begin getting paying gigs.

Coronavirus in India out of sight! Especially strange since India and the virus were not heavily engaged last year. Today India has more new cases per day than anywhere else in the world.

Body disposition a problem. Undertakers backed up. Crematoriums full with waiting bodies.

A crisis situation.

So bad that bodies are now being found which had been buried  along river banks. Rains have washed away the sand covering the bodies. Photos appear on the internet clearing exhibiting the bodies now revealed.

Certain religious sects among the Hindus bury as part of their religion on river banks. The government over the years has set aside certain areas for the burials.  The river bank burials now exceed normal numbers because of the virus.

Masks and social distancing have been lifted federally. Florida’s Governor DeSantis ordered the restrictions lifted even before.

DeSantis moved too fast. Florida’s numbers are surging. Yesterday, 3,300 new cases. The death toll continues to rise.

My friends, don’t throw your masks away yet. Exercise discretion, but use them where they should be worn.

There is disruption in the ranks in Arizona. Some Republican Maricopa election officials have begun to recognize the audit for what it is. A fraud.

One official is County Recorder Stephen Richer. The person in charge of elections. A Republican elected in November. Has had the job since January 1. He’s had it!

Richer tweeted, “We can’t indulge in these insane lies any longer…..as a party, as a state, as a country.” These “unfounded accusations must stop…..Enough with the defamation.”

Richer is especially disturbed that he is being accused of shredding ballots and deleting files for an election he did not run.

The audit is out of control. Maricopa County’s 2.1 million ballots were to have been audited in 3 weeks. The 3 weeks have come and gone. Only 250,000 reviewed so far.

In addition, auditing had to stop and all ballots, computers, desks, etc. removed as the building the audit was being done in was rented out for a graduation.

The ballots reportedly were carefully boxed and sit in large trucks awaiting return to the auditing site.

Per his usual custom, Trump issued an erroneous statement re the situation: “The entire data base of Maricopa County…..DELETED.”

Netanyahu has developed into a very dangerous man. His 10 years in power have developed into 10 years too many.

This “war” between  Israel and Gaza must stop. Israel the superior power. Frequent bombings by both sides. Children being killed. More by the Israeli’s.

I suspect Netanyahu is flexing his muscles because he is in a non ending election battle. Several reruns and Netanyahu still cannot make up a coalition party.

In addition, Netanyahu is facing several criminal charges.

Trump emboldened Netanyahu. He did everything he could for Israeli in the 4 years he was President. Nothing of significance for the Palestinians.

His son-in-law Jared Kushner failed to help also. He was the intermediary between the 2 countries. He succeeded at nothing.

Trump is as convinced he brought the Israelis and Palestinians together as he is he lost the election because of fraud. Trump’s “deal of the century” a sham.

Modern science is amazing!

Scientists have developed a way for pigs and rodents to breath through their butts. Has something to do with their intestines.

The scientists claim once the process is finalized, it will help support critically ill patients with respiratory failure.

Key West is 2 weeks from the beginning of hurricane season. It has been announced that hurricane re-entry stickers are available. They can be obtained at City Hall. Proof of residency required.

Enjoy your Sunday!

2 comments on “TERRI WHITE SINGS

  1. Yes, Netanyahu is a dangerous man. Have you noticed that every time he has not been clearly elected and has trouble forming a government, there has been some sort of violent “war” where after he’s somehow back in power?

    indeed, a VERY dangerous man!

  2. Trump is as convinced he brought the Israelis and Palestinians together as he is he lost the election because of fraud. Trump’s “deal of the century” a sham.

    Trumps legacy will be one of failure, delusion, division and sedition.

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