A gift was delivered to the American people this week. We were told to throw off the “chains.” If, and the if is important, you had received 2 shots and 2 weeks had passed since the last one. Immunity was yours!

I am having trouble getting used to going out. This once man about town leaves his house only once or twice a week

Now, I can also remove my mask! Did not fly with me. Wore it all the time I was out.

Yesterday while driving and walking the streets, I saw no one wearing a mask. It did not concern me. I still have that ingrained feeling I might get the virus. Not one person was wearing a mask.

Lori has been cutting my hair for 25 years. Takes very good care of me.

I walked into her beauty salon wearing my mask. Kept the mask on the whole time I was there. Lori and her staff were wearing masks. Other customers were masked up also.

Those of you who have visited Key West are aware of Simonton Street. One block below Duval running parallel to Duval.

The street named after John Simonton.

Simonton was the first person to own all of the Island of Key West.

He died this day in 1854.

Friends of Don Manaher! The dearest of people. Loved and respected by all.

Don is in a Chicago Hospital. Cancer of the lungs. He begins treatment next week.

As I get more information, I shall provide it. At the moment, you know all I know.

This day in 1252 an interesting one. Diabolical in nature.

Pope Innocent IV issued the papal bull Ad extinpauda.  The papal bull authorized, but limited, the torture of hostages during the Medieval Inquisition.

Brought to mind the U.S. prison at Guantanamo. Once held just under 800 prisoners. Today, 40. Nine died while confined there.

In the early part of this century, Bush 2 was President. Cheney his Vice-President. They decided to use Guantanamo as a prison for “special” terrorist criminals. What followed was pure and simple torture and disregard for the rule of law.

Word got out re the sickening treatment of the prisoners. Bush/Cheney decided a “writing” was necessary justifying U.S. actions at Guantanamo.

Two attorneys in the Justice Department wrote a report specifying activities at the U.S. prison were proper and consistent with law.  John Yoo and Jay Bybee.

The roof fell in on them. A Justice Department investigation. A review of the situation indicated the two were guilty of poor judgement. They were fortunate there was not a finding of professional misconduct.

Mam supposedly learns from history. Bush 2, Cheney and the 2 attorneys did not. Sad also because only one person’s opinion would have sufficed to provide honest answers. John McCain.

Matt Gaetz is doing terrific. Every time he opens his mouth, he put his foot in it. I suspect his time to be charged is close at hand.

What allegedly began with sex with a 17 year old girl for money has lead to other possible charges, if true. Snorting cocaine at a party, going out with a paid escort who had a “no show” job with Joel Greenberg.

Beast reported today that Greenberg will identify 15 young women Gaetz paid for sex.

In an article in Salon yesterday, bipartnership was described as Joe Manchin’s folly. He fails to understand Republicans do not want bipartnership, they want power.

Enjoy your day!


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