On this day in 1861, the Civil War began. The Confederates bombarded Fort Sumter. By the next morning, Union forces were beaten and surrendered the Fort.

The Confederate forces were led by General P.G.T. Beauregard.

Beauregard a lovely name of the old South.

Attorney General Sessions’ full name is Jefferson Beauregard Sessions. Sessions is named after his father whose parents gave him Beauregard as a middle name.

Not all Confederates supported the plan to bombard Fort Sumter. One in opposition was Confederate Secretary of State Robert Toombs. Toombs wrote Confederate President Jefferson Davis: “You will only strike a hornet’s nest. Legions now quiet will swarm out and sting us to death. It is unnecessary. It puts us in the wrong. It is fatal.”

Toombs thought negotiation could resolve any problems and that the Union would accept secession of the Southern states. He also believed the manufacturing power of the North would ultimately bury the agrarian South.

I mention Toombs’ words because they are similar to the purported words of the Japanese Admiral who lead the assault on Pearl Harbor. Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is claimed to have said, “I fear all we have done is to awake a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

Many believe Kumamoto so spoke. Historians disagree. His words actually film dialogue. The Admiral and his quote part of the movies Tora, Tora, Tora and Pearl Harbor.

Last night began with the Sons and Daughters of Italy dinner meeting.

One of the members Mac cooked. Chicken marsala and pasta. Delicious!

Mac has played a special part in the lives of Robert and Lisa. For seven years, I engaged Robert to play Santa Claus for them.

A great Santa Claus!

Robert and Ally are now too old to believe in Santa Claus. I intend to have Mac join Robert, Ally and me at some point for lunch.

A notable experience in the making! How many kids have the opportunity to meet Santa Claus years later when they no longer believe?

Headed over to the Chart Room afterwards. John bartending. David and another at the bar. The other Robert Coburn. Robert one of the other authors at the books signing two days ago.

We had never met before two days ago. We greeted each other last night like long lost friends.

Robert started writing five years ago as I did. He also is 82. I am one month older. He will be 83 in August and I in July.

We had a good time.

Robert a snowbird. His home in California’s Carmel. A lovely place. He is on a plane this morning to Carmel. He returns to Key West in June.

The Key West Citizen runs a daily column titled Citizens Voice. A place where people can complain/compliment. Mostly complaints.

A local apparently wanted to reflect on Key West sins. He wrote that as he ran a stop sign on his bicycle, he saw a man using a leaf blower to remove iguanas and chickens from a native tree he was about to cut down. The tree was located near the amphitheater where he had earlier heard the Navy loudspeaker booming. All this made him think about the snowbirds in illegal short term rentals.

Judge Robert Cical. An example of a life destroyed.

Judge Cical a jurist on New York’s Suffolk County District Court.

He became addicted to his 23 year old female neighbor’s dirty panties. He was breaking into her next door house to steal them. He was caught. Some of the panties in his pocket.

He has been arrested. His defense… urge made him do it.

Sexual predilections common today with many elected officials. Beginning with the President and working down.

I have revived my video Key West Lou Live on Facebook. Did my second show this morning. Discussed the new toy of the rich. Private railroad cars.

Join me at your convenience. Available any time of the day. Two-three minutes of interesting chat.

Enjoy your day!




Key West has two breakfast clubs. I assume most communities have at least one. Larger communities more.

Schooner Wharf and Don’s Place are the Key West notables.

A breakfast club is for those who want to enjoy or have a need for an early morning drink. The bars open at 7. Customers immediately lining up at the bars.

Nothing wrong with an early morning drink. One of Key West’s favorite persons did so. Harry Truman. Truman would rise each morning and take a two mile walk. Followed by an ounce of Old Grandad or Wild Turkey.

Truman’s generation thought an early morning drink was beneficial to the circulation of those past sixty. Truman was known to say it was “to get the engine going.”

Reminds me of my grandfather who would take a shot of Canadian Club each night before retiring. He claimed it was good for the heart.

Saw the doctor at lunchtime yesterday.

As a person grows older, the body grows things. A wart or two. Growths a bit larger than warts. Crazy colored things.

Periodic removal is required lest something serious develop. Yesterday was removal day for me.

My face looks like it has been through a meat grinder! Add to it Neosporin rubbed all over. I look terrific!

I did not go out last night. There was no pain or discomfort. Did not want to be seen.

Spent the afternoon and evening preparing for tonight’s blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Research complete. A little fine tuning today and I will be ready to go.

Join me. Topics interesting. Some revealing. The show at 9.

Topics include Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. You will love it! Followed by General P. T. G. Beauregard.

Then the story of a second Revolutionary War Lexington battle. Followed by the new IRS reg permitting taxes to be paid at a 7-Eleven. I don’t see it working.

The present CIA head said no waterboarding by the CIA even if a President orders it. Wells Fargo and Goldman Sachs getting away with murder. An Illinois couple refusing to permit marriage of a homosexual couple at their establishment fined $80,000.

There is much talk of tax avoidance. Those who bury money on foreign shores be damned! Turns out the U.S. is third in the world hiding money for foreigners.

My KONK Life column this week is Shakespeare Incidentals. A few Shakespearian phrases originating with Shakespeare. You will be surprised! Guaranteed!

And more.

Seahorse Key has a problem. No one knows how to deal with it. Cottonmouth snakes cannibalizing each other. Birds disappeared last year. Snakes now eating each other.

Sunday’s Cow Key Bridge continues to receive acclaim. This morning’s Key West Citizen refers to it as the Walking Cow Stampede.

After screwing around for almost three years, the Key West City Commission has approved a new taxi company for Key West. To service a special need. Handicapped persons.  Four handicapped accessible vehicles are being permitted.

I doubt the Chinese are smarter or stupider than us. I do believe however they can be more enterprising.

The China FDA closed down 35 popular restaurants. The restaurants were spiking food with opiates. Like morphine, codeine, and noscapine. To make the food addictive so customers would return. Noodles, hotpot, grilled fish, and fried chicken were being seasoned.

Soup a big hit. Soup was being spiked with ground poppy powder (opium).

Enjoy your day!