Oh, what a game it was! I was convinced Miami would win. Miami generally ahead by a few points throughout the game. Ahead by more with three to four 7-9 point runs. Syracuse never had a run.

The game was tied with a few seconds left. Syracuse had the ball. Quadir Copeland sunk a long 3 pointer at the buzzer. Wow!

Oh you of little faith, Louis!

The first time Syracuse has won a game with a last second shot since 2011. Needless to say, bedlam erupted. Students stormed the floor.

Syracuse’s problem is it lacks consistency. It plays great defense, then pauses for several minutes. The opposing team has a run. Offensively, the team has yet to jell. They take too many pressed shots instead of moving the ball around for the better shot.

Whatever, they won. Congratulations are in order!

Tuesday Syracuse plays FSU at the Dome at 7 pm.

Three typical comments Trump made at a recent rally. 

One, “I’m being indicted by Democrats, Communists, Marxists and Fascists.” Another, “I’m being indicted for you.” The third, “I’ll never let them take away your freedom…..and in the end they’re not after my freedoms, they’re after your freedoms.”

All from a Hitler in the making.

Bill Maher: “The battle for this country isn’t Right or Left, it’s Normal vs. Crazy.”

Fascism is everywhere on the march. Note who is setting the pace. Trump!

An excellent new book on the market. I have only skimmed portions of it. I have not read the entire book. I find it interesting and worthy of mention, however.

The book is titled Late Fascism. The author is the Italian philosopher and political theorist Alberto Toscano. He writes of a Fascism renaissance. Which he describes as “a perverted utopian promise.” He claims fascism today appeals to social groups out of sync with capitalism. It offers them a fraudulent reactivation of “unfilled pasts and unrealized presents.”

That last description says it all. It describes more aptly what I have been writing. Trump and his fascism appeals to those who did not achieve early successes in life nor are where they thought they should be economically and in every other respect today.

Toscano’s words right on!

Welcome to Key West winter!

It’s cold outside. Another cold front has hit Key West.

I had difficulty sleeping last night. The cold weather had nothing to do with my inability to get a good night’s sleep. Old age the problem.

Be that as it may, the temperature at 3 am is 61 degrees. Will be 59 at 6 am. High today will only be 69.

Now, 6 am. I just opened the door. It is 59 degrees. I could “smell” the cold. For a moment, thought I was back in Utica.

The tiny heater (a small plug in) I purchased about a month ago working fine. Big trees from little acorns grow. Big heat from the tiny heater.

Soon, the Kelly McGillis Classic. Women from all over the world will be in Key West for the 32nd Annual Flag Football Competition. They will be from the U.S., Morocco, Spain, Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador.

Kelly McGillis will serve as Grand Marshall for the Players’ Parade down Duval Street Thursday January 25. Game activities will take place on the weekend at the Wicker Field Complex on Kennedy Drive.

Today in 1793 was a bad day and last day for Louis XVI of France. He was guillotined by order of the newly created French Parliament during the French Revolution.

Lorena Bobbitt was this day in 1994 found “temporarily insane” and acquitted for cutting off her husband’s penis.

I have always been under the impression that she did it because she caught him cheating. Though a cheater he was, such was not the reason. Her husband John was a “wife abuser.” He used to beat and otherwise abuse her. He would rape his wife, first beating her into submission. He would leave her body bruised as a result.

She had it on June 23, 1993. While her husband was asleep, she cut off his penis with a food knife. She then took the penis in hand and ran to her car. While driving away, she threw it out the window. The police found it, put it in ice in a Big Bite hot dog box and rushed it to the hospital. After a 9 1/2 hour surgery, considered a miracle of urological and plastic surgery, it was reattached and returned to “almost” full function.

Husband John continued his bad ways with other women. Within  one year, he was arrested for assaulting two other women, found guilty, and served time.

Took a long time for the truth to come out. The media at the time of Lorena’s cutting off of the penis and trial was concerned with the cutting portion and not the why. Clearly Lorena was a “victim and survivor.”

Her full story will appear on Amazon Prime Video beginning February 15 as part of a four part series.

A cold Sunday in Key West. What to do? Perhaps Antonia’s tonight for dinner.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Who is more misled or gullible than Republican voters.

    Trump says “I’ll never let them take away your freedom…..and in the end they’re not after my freedoms, they’re after your freedoms.” because that’s what MAFA’s say they want most. But it is Donald Trump and REPUBLICANS who along with religions, are the ones who MOST TAKE AWAY PEOPLES FREEDOMS

    Lie: Abortion, affordable health care, Banning books, restricting personal rights, and where people can party. Music lyrics, video content, voting restrictions, and on and on and on…..

    Ever wonder why Democrats think you are stupid ????????

  2. Who is Trump kidding?

    DeSantis and Florida Republicans are trying to remove dictionaries from Libraries – not a word from Trump.

    …and the MAGA base Republican voter will believe Trump is going to “protect” their freedoms, because he “promises” to be he ONE that does?

    Who does the public think he’s kidding, them?

  3. So, Donald Trump, the man who campaigns with the promise that “I’ll never let them take away your freedom….”

    …asked security staff to remove a man in the crowd who called him ‘a dictator’ during yesterday’s night rally in Manchester, New Hampshire.

    Don’t be fooled AGAIN!

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