On this day in 1942, Nazi officials held the notorious Wannsee Conference in Berlin to organize the “final solution,” the extermination of Europe’s Jews.

Can a similar situation occur today? In the U.S.?

Never say never. History has a tendency to repeat itself. Or at the least, attempt to repeat itself.

John Cusack: “We have Nazis running for office in America.”

Interesting article in friday’s Daily Beast: “Trump’s Running For Dictator. What’s Haley Running For?” The thrust of the article is Trump is openly declaring his intention to govern as though he is above the law. And yet, his only real GOP primary rival won’t hit on him for it.

Though I frequently disagree with Mitt Romney, he is a person of courage. Not afraid to speak out against Trump. Note that Trump apparently fears Romney. When was the last time Trump took a shot at Romney?

Romney’s latest statement against Trump is to the effect that Trump’s supporters are completely out of touch with reality.

They are!

Trump claims he did not swear an oath to “support the Constitution as President.” I do not understand him. I believe he does not understand many things he says and does.

The Oath of Office Trump took in becoming President: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

“Preserved, protect and defend” spells out “support” in my mind. And everyone else’s! Except perhaps the cult nuts who follow him blindly and believe everything he says.

Today’s podcast some 6 years old. Titled: A Country Liberated By the United States Now Openly Selling Slaves.



Dog poop an increasing problem worldwide. An Italian province has had it! It is ordering all dogs to be DNA tested and registered with authorities. Abandoned poop will be genetically tested and traced back to the responsible dog and the dog’s owner fined.

The area involved is Bolzano City and surrounding towns in the Dolomites region.

Republicans continue intending to cut Social Security benefits. Unless both the House and Senate go Republican and a Republican is simultaneously elected Presidnet, it will not happen.

In any event, Seniors note. Just another reason to vote Democratic. Assure and protect what you earned the right to during your lifetime.

A Key West civil servant was a thief. There have been several. One noteworthy of mention is T. A. Sweeting. In 1915, he was the Monroe County Tax Collector. He disappeared. Ten days later, his accounts were found to be $22,000 short.

Word has it the pickleball courts at Higgs Beach will be closed in February. Why? They are busy. Constantly in use. Locals and visitors enjoy. Especially, older ones.

I met with a vascular specialist yesterday from Miami’s Mount Sinai Medical Center. His specialty aortic aneurysms. Dr. Michael Ayad. He totally impressed me, though his conclusion as to my problem left me unhappy. Very much so.

I have had an aneurysm sitting on top of my heart where the aortic valve leaves the heart. It is the aortic valve leaving that has become an aneurysm. I have had the problem for 20 years. It has been watched by heart doctors over that period of time.

It grew. Ever so slowly for me over the 20 years. However now it has crossed the line and become an issue of concern.

I am not a candidate for surgery yet. Getting close, however. The problem, I am 88. I was under the impression its resolution was a simple one. A stent. At worst, an overnight hospital stay. Not so, I learned. Because of its location, the stent procedure not available. Major surgery involved. Cracking the ribs, lengthy surgery, lengthy hospital stay, lengthy recovery, etc.

At my age, such a surgery a danger. Not having it may be equally dangerous if the aneurysm continues to grow which it will.

Dr. Ayad has scheduled a cat scan of the aneurysm to determine if the recent number is correct. I will meet with him thereafter.

I left impressed and confident with Ayad. He had reviewed my records and knew my problem intimately. His conclusion and what next left me an unhappy camper.

It was pierogis at Brady’s Irish Pub last night. Friday evening always jam packed.

Met old friends, made a new one. The oldies included Tony and Candy. Tony at 75 still operating a major fishing vessel that goes out daily.

Met Derrick. He was seated next to me at the bar. Derrick was concerned about being close to 50. I think he said he was 47. I blew him out when I told him I was 88!

Derrick and I chatted at length. He has lived in Key West for 5 years. Has his own painting business. Family members work with him in the business. Derrick a Syracuse fan. Knew all the great players beginning in the 1990’s. I enjoyed his company.

Carola busy busy. Friday night busy. I told her how much I enjoyed the Irish scones she gave me wednesday night. She is one terrific woman!

Enjoy your day!

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