Syracuse fired Dino Babers yesterday. Though I hate seeing anyone fired, it was inevitable and necessary. He was not getting the job done. He had 8 long seasons and, with the exception of one, failed.

This season alone, he lost 6 of the last 7 games. Only 1 remaining. Assistant Coach Nunzio Campanile will take over as interim coach.

Babers contract buyout is reported to be significant. In 2022, it was $10 million. His annual salary $3 million. Syracuse made a business judgment and let Babers stay on following last season. A hell of a lot cheaper! Finally however, Syracuse’s central administration could wait no longer.

Politics these days attracts candidates with strange backgrounds. Courtney Casgraux is a 41 year old woman running for a Congressional seat in Oregon. A lovely erudite woman.

It has been revealed with photos, etc., that when she was in her 20s and 30s she worked as a Dominatrix in New York City charging $500 an hour.

She is remaining in the race. What her constituents have to say about it will be interesting.

Casgraux adopted as one of her campaign slogans following the revelation: WHIP inflation now.

Manchin says Biden has gone too far to the left. Claims he should have remained in the middle. Manchin says he is considering going after the “radical middle.”

Sounds to me like he is considering a third party run. 

Pure egotism. Could never win. Only hurt. Quite possibly permit a Trump victory.

Home prices have gone up nearly 40 percent in the past 3 years. Listings are down 20 percent. Interest rates are at a 20 year high.

All erodes buying power.

The UN says Gaza’s largest hospital Al-Shifa has become a “Death Zone.” Medical services have been shut down.

Remaining are 291 patients, including 32 babies. All in extremely critical condition. Thousands of patients and civilians who were sheltering at the hospital have left and fled south.

Yesterday was the reintroduction after years of the Key West Lou Podcast. I await your reactions.

My game plan is to run one a day. Some of the podcasts go back to 2015. The last around 2021.

I did the podcasts on Facebook. This blog is run on Word Press. The two not always compatible. Sloan has worked many hours to place the podcasts on the blog. Everything not possible, however. One problem are the pictures which appear at the end of the podcast. Cannot get rid of them. They must remain. Do not click on any of them. You will lose everything.

The way to handle the problem is when the end of the podcast is reached, merely scroll down and over the pictures till blog verbiage is reached. Then begin again.




A Princess Free Zone comment: “When a clown moves into a palace, the palace becomes a circus.”

Franz Schubert. A famous name in musical culture. An Austrian composer of the late Classical and early Romantic eras. His life short. Born 1797, died  yesterday’s date 1828. He and Beethoven were close friends. He served as a torch bearer at Beethoven’s funeral.

Schubert got syphilis. The treatment killed him, not the disease. In those days, it was treated with mercury.

One of Schubert’s best known works is the Ave Maria. He composed it in 1825 when he was 28 years old.

Rosalyn Carter died yesterday at the age of 96 at the Carter rural home in Plains, Georgia. She had been placed in hospice friday. She and her husband of 77 years Jimmy Carter shared their home for many of their years and hospice together at her end. The former Presidnet has been in hospice since February.

There is a saying that when two people have been close in life and one dies, the other passes soon thereafter to be with that person. It may happen with Presidnet Carter and would be both a blessing and a joy.

As first lady, Rosalyn Carter was active. Her husband respected her judgment and advise. He required her to sit in at all Cabinet meetings. She represented her husband at international meetings. Because of this and other activities as First Lady, Time Magazine called her the “second most powerful person in the United States.” The President referred to her as “an equal partner in everything I ever accomplished.” She influenced her husband throughout his public career and the many years following.

The two were as one. Truly so.

May they soon be again.

FSU’s star quarterback Jordan Travis was seriously injured in saturday’s 45-13 victory over North Alabama. He will be unable to play further this season.

Although 11-0, those who rank colleges are concerned the injury will affect FSU’s “quality of play” and are already drop ranking in some instances FSU from 4th to 5th or 6th.


FSU has earned the right to be one of the top 4 playing for the national title.

Robert wrote a striking piece following the game: “College Football Reacts to FSU Star Jordan Travis’ Shocking Injury.” Read on Nole GameDay.

Syracuse/Tennessee basketball at the Maui Invitational in Hawaii today. Available on ESPN2 at 2:30 pm ET.

Tennessee is ranked #8 nationally. Syracuse unranked. Both 3-0. Tennessee a 14 point favorite.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Yes, Rosalyn Carter was widely criticized and vilified by Republicans, mostly as unelected and meddling.

    That was before Nancy Reagan, who’s unelected activism was no problem.

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