An addition to today’s blog. A Key West Lou podcast from yesteryear.

Preparing to move, I went through everything. Cleaned house so to speak. Not just drawers and closets. Even my computer.

Starting around 2015 and in addition to my daily blog, I began doing a daily podcast. Titled: What Bugs Me Today. There was a lot. Trump was running for Presidnet. I continued doing the podcast through Trump’s Presidency. That is not to say the blogs were all about Trump. There were enough problems in the world I talked about. Some even humorous.

I have in excess of 1,000 saved podcasts. 

I went through some. Modestly and with all due respect, they are good. Some excellent! I did not get rid of them. My intent is to share one a day with you as part of the blog. Your comments will quickly let me know if I should continue. I will run them for a few days to get your reaction.

Not realizing at the time they were made that someday I would reuse them, none are dated nor do I know the subject matter unless I listen to them first. Too much to so do. Ergo the game plan is I will release one at a time to you willy nilly. The interesting thing I discovered in those I did review is that most of yesterday’s problems are today’s also. So in a sense they are relevant. 

I did take the time to listen to the first one being shared today. It is about Afghanistan and heroin.

Just click on the red button in the middle.



My best friend died 34 years ago yesterday. My mother. Seventy five at the time. She was a diabetic who did not take care of herself.

I continue to miss her everyday. Love you, Mom!

Watched an old movie yesterday. All The King’s Men. Stared Broderick Crawford. He played Willie Stark. A take off on Huey Long.

The movie was a constant reminder of Donald Trump. Amazing! There was a Donald Trump before Donald Trump!

A major Key West problem is affordable housing. It is a national problem also. Something has to be done.

Key West’s success in attacking the problem has been negligible. Rents continue to go up. Key West provided housing has waiting lists 2-5 years long. Their rent levels off the wall. Expensive! A few dollars short in many instances of the market price for similar private housing.

Help is wanting. Nothing realistic being done to solve the problem. Lots of talk and little realistic solving of the problem.

Early dinner last night at Brady’s. Fish and chips. Ran into Barbara and Danny again.

These pro-Palestinian protests are getting out of hand. Too many, too large. I find it amazing how they developed so rapidly. At first I recognized the right to protest, demonstrate. Now I am beginning to wonder if there has been some organizational person or group financing, arranging, etc. the protests. Nothing to base my concern on. Merely a gut feeling.

The most recent protest in Sacramento halted a Democratic Convention meeting.

The cross I carry for Syracuse football is becoming oppressive. The team lost again last night. This time to Georgia Tech 31-22.

A strange game. Georgia was up 24-3. Syracuse made it 24-22. Ran out of scoring ability at that point, however.

Wish the season would end!

I  could sense the anticipated cold wave beginning last night. I should have worn a sweater when I went out.

Enjoy your Sunday!




  1. I remember those podcasts Lou. Did Guy DeBoer ever make it back, I don’t remember you mentioning that part after his crash on some remote island.

    • Guy made it back. You must have missed a blog or two. I mentioned having dinner with him at least 2 times. Guy is somewhere in Europe-
      Asia racing again. He found another life. Have neither seen nor heard from him in months. He still owns KONK Life however.

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