Tonight marks the 25th consecutive year Sushi will have dropped in the Red Shoe on New Years Eve at the Bourbon Street Pub. Sushi’s Silver Anniversary! Also, his last.

Sushi is Key West’s Gary Marion. He announced tonight is his last drop. Sad. However it will make tonight’s descent even more special.

Marion has already let us know how he feels, “It’s going to be very emotional for me!”

Very emotional for all of us!

DeSantis continues his despicable ways. He has petitioned for a statewide grand jury to investigate Pfizer and Moderna for “wrongdoing in Florida with respect to COVID-19 vaccines.” A political stand. It reflects DeSantis’ “pandering” before governing.

A great woman has died. One who left her mark on feminism and broadcasting. Barbara Walters. She passed away yesterday at the age of 93.

Walters was a news pioneer. She was the first woman to become a TV news superstar. A trailblazer for all women.

In addition to her being the first woman to serve as a star broadcaster, Walters was the genius behind the View. It was her creation.

Another major figure died yesterday. Pope Benedict XVI. He was 95.

I considered his retirement 10 years ago strange. Popes generally die “in office.” Benedict packed it in early. My sense has always been he was “forced.” When he retired, a special apartment was constructed in the Vatican for him to occupy during his retirement.

Note, I have nothing to base my conclusion on other than gut feeling. His experience can only be described as strange.

Page 3 of the Executive Summary of the January 6 Committee Report primarily consists of additional excerpts from deposition testimony. Each an insurrectionist who participated in January 6.

Sandlin, who threatened police officers: “You’re going to die… civic responsibility to have been at Capitol.”

Miller: I was there and with a gun “because I believed I was following the instructions of former President Trump.”

Wright who brought busloads of people to Washington “because Trump called me there.”

Cantwell: If “…..the President of the United States… out on TV telling the world it was stolen, what else would I believe, as a patriotic American.”

Syracuse basketball this afternoon. I hope the team has improved and will play better than Syracuse football did yesterday.

Syracuse plays Boston College at 2 pm at the Dome. Neither team has distinguished itself thus far this season. Syracuse is 8-5, Boston College 7-6.

Syracuse is favored by 8 points.

Sloan will be here before the game. We have a few things to do. I will be moving her fast so I do not miss the beginning of the game.

Don’t drink and drive tonight. For 2 reasons. Your health. Don’t want you getting injured or killed in an auto accident. Also, the police will be out in force. They will show no sympathy.

Otherwise, enjoy your day and evening!



  1. Although “DeSantis continues his despicable ways” Republicans will STILL vote for him, regardless of his opposition or regardless of the office.

    What does that say about Republicans?

    It’s not just him Lou, it’s those who will vote for him regardless!

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