Rules/customs govern certain relationships. One involves judges, lawyers and lay persons who might benefit from a relationship. Basic…..The three groups do not socialize. Just the way it is.

These rules/customs do not seem to apply to Supreme Court justices. They did once. Now their attitudes seem to be to do what they want.

Note that Supreme Court justices have no code of ethics which govern them. All other federal judges do. State and local judges also, whether by rule or custom. Chief Justice Roberts sees nothing wrong with the Supreme Court members being unfettered by rules and customs of conduct. He said, “You can trust us, we’re Supreme Court justices, we know the right thing to do.”

Not on a stack of Bibles! Especially in view of their conduct on and off the bench in recent years.

My motivation in writing about what I perceive to be a problem is a recent Christmas party. Justice Kavanaugh was at such a party thrown by Matt and Mercedes Schlapp, major Republican conservative operators. Note use of the word “operators.”

Guests at the party included Matt Gaetz and Stephen Miller.

Not a proper ethical mix for a Supreme Court justice, regardless there is no formal code governing his conduct.

Syracuse was humbled again yesterday. The Syracuse football team played against Minnesota in the Pinstripe Bowl in New York City. Syracuse did not deserve to be in the bowl.

Syracuse lost 28-20. A Syracuse media outlet wrote Syracuse “sputtered midway through the second half… a lawn mower with a faulty engine.”

Hopefully, next season will be better.

Gas in Key West is down to $3.51 a gallon. The Florida average is $3.12 a gallon. Everything in Key West is always more expensive. I think it is a gouging excuse rather than an expense one.

Yesterday was my haircut appointment. When I arrived, no Lori. She was home sick. I was told I had been called. I do not doubt it. The call probably came in while I was showering and I never checked afterwards.

So it is a haircut with Lori today. Followed by a manicure with Tammy.

I had lunch yesterday at the Cuban Coffee Queen. Packed. Downtown Key West was packed. A lot of families.

Thirty years ago when I first began coming to Key West, the week beginning Christmas Day and ending New Years Day was gay week. A tradition. Gays filled the town.

I doubt it is the same any more. Key West has fewer gays. The families suggest a change in the nature of those visiting also. One reason is probably cost. Over the years , Key West has become increasingly expensive. The gay community opted for Miami and Fort Lauderdale where cost is considerably cheaper.

Brazilian soccer legend Pele died yesterday. He was 82. Colon cancer complications caused his death.

Pele is considered the greatest soccer player of all time. He racked up over 1,000 goals in his career. Brazil declared him a “national treasure” to prevent him from being traded to a European club.

Snow buried Buffalo this week. The storm considered the worst ever to strike Buffalo.

The British did Buffalo in during the War of 1812. Not with the assistance of nature and a winter snow storm. Rather, the Brits burned Buffalo during the War this day in 1813.

Mark Meadows is going to end up doing considerable jail time if he does not straighten out. He needs to see the light of day and cooperate in the various Trump investigations. Silence will only guarantee him a long jail sentence..

It was revealed yesterday that Cassidy Hutchinson during her January 6 Committee depositions testified that she watched Meadows burn documents in the White House “roughly a dozen times.”

Enjoy your day!


  1. Ethics not applying to Supreme Court Justices anymore is just the way it is. That’s because the Supreme Court in now made up of Republicans, not “real” conservatives, but modern Republicans who are beholden to wealthy operatives who make up today’s Republican party.

    It’s going to remain this way for a while, at least until the rest of America has had enough and gets rid of the insensitive and self serving rich ruling clazz, who do not care about decency, only power.

  2. I’ve always thought Trump ruined the judiciary, or at least ruined its reputation. I also thought if I were chosen by Trump for ANY office I would refuse, as I would never want to be linked with him in any way. His stain on our nation is huge.

  3. Well Joe, I’m with you and wouldn’t want to be a**ociated with the stench that is Trump and Republicans. The problem is, most Republicans don’t think like you or me. They don’t care about the “stain” doesn’t bother them, they’re only interested in the power and the money. They no longer are your father’s republican party.

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