Some days are better than others. Satisfying and relaxing. One where nothing in particular occurs. My yesterday.

I spent the morning on the deck reading, sleeping and thinking. Seated in a plastic Adirondack chair. The wind off the ocean was cool. The sun, hot. My body warm.

I wanted to get out for a short time. Had to be home by 4 to watch the Syracuse game. I was still in a meditative mood. Decided to go to Schooner’s Wharf. I had not been there in the afternoon in a long time.

It was typical Schooner’s Wharf. Half tourists, half locals. The locals more of the fishing crew. Looked like transplants from Hogfish. I had two diet Pepsi’s and watched the people and water. The view of the boats/yachts parked in the marina to the front of the bar. A pleasant sight.

Syracuse/Louisiana Tech. I was wrong yesterday when I portrayed Louisiana Tech as an easy foe. They are one hell of a team! Were last year also. Won 29 games!

Syracuse won by two points. 71-69.

It was the best game Syracuse has played this season. Offense and defense both good. As was Louisiana Tech’s. Cooney made some threes and driving shots. Ended up with 25 points. Joseph still the weak one. He plays like a high school senior who is star of the team. He shoots too much. His shoots generally bad. He does not pay attention. The ball was either stolen from him or taken by Louisiana on a bad pass several times.

The last 10 minutes of the game saw Cooney as the point guard. A smart Boeheim move. However, Boeheim needs Joseph as a point guard. I hope he improves before the first of the year.

A new airline to service Key West. Sea Island Seaplanes. Naples to Key West and return. $210 one way. A one hour flight. A four seater.

There presently exists a ferry Key West to Fort Myers and Marco Island and return. Both next door to Naples. A 4 hour trip. $149 round trip, $89 one way.

I do not see the new airline making it. Too much money. The ferry ride I am told is comfortable. A large vessel. I suspect something like the ferry boats I take when I am hopping from one Greek Isle to another.

The finger. Often given. Not nice. Tie it together with f–k you at the same time. Even worse.

But, lawful.

The place Cobb County, Georgia. A police officer was questioning a suspect. A woman went by on her bicycle and gave the officer the finger and said f–k you. The officer went after her and arrested her for disorderly conduct. She spent 24 hours in jail. Part of the time in solitary confinement. Judge threw the case out. Free speech. Constitutionally protected under the First Amendment. She sued for false arrest. Cobb County recently settled with her for $100,000.

I wrote a column for Amazon Kindle about three years ago concerning the finger. A federal court had ruled at that time it was free speech. The f–k you can get you into trouble however as disorderly conduct if people hear it and are disturbed by it.

I suggest neither form of communication be used. Good taste an involved factor also.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Constitutionally protected free speech, gestures included. I’m disappointed in the direction our country is going. I can’t imagine why anyone today would want to go into law enforcement today.

    • “I can’t imagine why anyone today would want to go into law enforcement today.”

      As a retired LEO myself I could not agree more. All respect for the law is gone and thus LEO’s get all the BS now as they attempt to enforce the law and civility. In my day I knew the bad and good in our rural county and could deal with each without violence. The “outlaw” element never dreamed of crossing the line and harming a local LEO whom they knew, trusted and would keep his word; heck, the bikers usually helped me in a tight jam. Mayberry now is dead. Our society is unraveling, rude, self-centered and the social contract is about gone. Everyone has their “rights” including the right to “pop a cap” into a cop if they get too uppity.

      I was on a hiring panel at my old Department last week, lots of fresh faces, the young military veterans especially eager and good candidates for the rookie positions. None of them had seen combat….I could tell. I wondered what lay ahead for them as they burn-out and are cast off by our corrupt and feckless society. Of course, when they asked “how were things in your day Sarge” I smiled, gritted me teeth and lied saying it was all fine. They will learn reality soon enough.

      Next I think the powers that be will steal our hard-earned, literally blood, pensions. We live in a state worse than a banana republic and I say pox on both corrupt parties and their cronies. No wonder I can’t vote.

  2. As a retired LEO myself I could not agree more. All respect for the law is gone and thus LEO’s get all the BS now as they attempt to enforce the law and

    end quote

    I come from a similar background. Intimately familiar with torture in a far off land along with knowledge of that of present and other past wars that really hasn’t been yet made public. And, law enforcement in this country. There was a time of personal respect and responsibility that no longer seems to exist. I have my thoughts as to why, but, I’ll keep them to myself.

      • When I come to Key West let’s get a drink together.
        end quote

        Be glad to. Just let me know. We’ll be there in a month or so. Even in KW there are a couple joints that allow Libertarians or Conservatives as long as we sit in the corner wearing the dunce caps. [smiley face]

  3. And now NYC is experiencing anti-police protests. And our ultra liberal mayor is OK with them.
    And, what is the chant of the rioters,errr, protesters ?

    ‘ What do we want ? Dead Cops ! ‘

    And how do those arrested act in court ? They mock the proceedings.

    One CUNY prof was one of those arrested and mocking the proceedings. I imagine that guaranteed his tenure.

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