A California Catholic high school recently scored big time in a new stock offering. To the tune of $34 million.

The school St. Francis High School. Mountain View, California. Part of the Silicon valley. One of the wealthiest locations in the United states.

St. Francis already had an endowment of $25 million. Tuition is $17,980.

Several years ago, it was suggested that the school make an investment of $15,000 in the start up company Snap. Snap went public as Snapchat. Day one St. Frasncis’ investment was worth $34 million.

God is good!

A little preferential treatment in this instance?

I have enjoyed Key West for more than a quarter of a century. It is amazing how much I still do not know about the community. I continue to learn.

On Whitehead, just beyond the water tank and across the street from Kelley’s, is a huge metal gate. Tall and wide. Rarely open. I always thought it was merely an entrance to Truman Annex that Truman Annex opted to keep closed. Not so.

Known as the Presidential Gates, they were built in 1906. Designed to be opened for United States Presidents only. The U.S. Navy base was at the far end of the street after entering the Gates.

Truman and Eisenhower used the Gates. A perfect entry to the Little White house.

John Kennedy was the last U.S. President to pass through the Gates. During the Cuban missile crisis in 1962.

We are into hurricane season. A couple of tropical storms so far. None near Key West.

Today, Tropical Storm Franklin is on its way to the Yucatan Peninsula.

Till the end of November, hurricanes will enter into Key west conversations. Especially if one is several days away yet heading directly for us.

How best to describe a hurricane? Recall the movie Key Largo. Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Edward G. Robinson. Robinson a big time hoodlum. One of his flunkies was asked what a hurricane was. His response…..The wind blows so hard the ocean gets up on its hind legs and walks right across the land.

An unfortunate incident occurred friday evening at the Hogfish Marina.

Some people had been drinking at the Hogfish bar. One had a dog. Words were exchanged over the dog.

The three ended up at a boat owned by one of them in the marina. Words continued to be exchanged. One man shot another three ties in the groin and shot the dog one time.

The occurrence highly unusual. Nothing of any consequence ever happens at Hogfish other than everyone having a good time.

Key West’s history is rampant with whore houses. No more. Escort Services and Gentlemen’s Clubs are the places to find sex today.

Back at the turn of the century (the 1900’s), many were the brothels in Key West. One the Iron Lady Bar on Duval. The bar itself not the whore house. Upstairs was for that purpose.

A fellow from Pennsylvania owed the bar and its upstairs. His wife 300 pounds. She was the lady of the night. Daytime, also. Available on demand.

Her husband took the fee downstairs at the bar. The men went upstairs to the wife. She insisted that each man take a bath first. There was an old lead bathtub in the room. The bed was referred to as the Playground.

The bath water was changed only once a day. Ughhhh! Customers attempted to time their visits when the water was first poured.

Many who went upstairs were drunk. Some fell asleep in the tub. When awakened, they were dressed and sent back downstairs not knowing they never got to do anything.

The next day the wife would meet the sleepers at the bar and tell them what a great time they had the night before.

Such was Key West in those days.

Enjoy your day!


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