Let the drums roar and the banjos play, Steve and Cindy Thompson have returned from their lengthy trip to Rome, Spain and another country before boating back to the U.S. Steve and I chatted quite a while this morning. Their trip a winner in all respects!

Don and Chris Teich have taken a home in the Casa Marina section for the month of November. A beauty! I visited them saturday night and then we dined at Milagro’s. My first time there. Ambiance and food excellent.

I was dead sunday. Not from my saturday evening with Don and Chris. Rather from doing my blog all week at the library. I was using my laptop. The small print knocked me out each day. My home setup has a special large scree with large print. Ergo, I spent sunday napping and watching TV all day.

Steve’s return provided me with his wifi. Sloan will be putting it on my home operation tomorrow night as well as hooking everything up. Beginning wednesday, I will be doing my blog from home on the big screen. A relief it will be!

New House Speaker Johnson is heading for his first major disaster. A government shutdown. A “tiny” Republican group stands in his way. Passage of a necessary money bill only possible with Democratic votes which Johnson’s two proposals could not get because both were far from what House and Senate Democrats claim is required.

A heavy rainfall can be devastating. Especially in Key West where much of the City is at zero sea level.

On this day in 1954, the rain was astronomical. The extent hard to believe. A total of 19.8 inches of rain fell flooding streets, cars and homes. Damage at the time estimated at $100,000. Imagine what it would be today!

After 5 straight losses, Syracuse finally won a game. Record now 5-5. Syracuse beat Pitt saturday 28-13.

One more victory and Syracuse will have earned a bowl bid. A disgrace!

FSU was lucky saturday. Squeaked out a 27-20 victory over Miami. The outcome in doubt throughout. FSU remains undefeated and continues to be ranked #4 nationally.

There is a concern election day November 2024 will be more violent than January 6 should Trump lose.

Bess Levin has an excellent read re Marjorie Taylor Greene in a Vanity Fair 11/7 article: “Marjorie Taylor Greene Has (Almost) No Friends Left in Congress.”

Enjoy your day!


  1. The threat of violence should Trump loose the election in 2024 is a cheap and manageable ruse. We only need to make sure we are armed with live ammunition, this time, NOT weak knees!

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