Date & Thyme has been in Key West for years. So have I. Yet until two weeks ago, our paths never crossed. 

I recently moved into town and was looking for a place nearby for breakfast or lunch. Date & Thyme is located at 829 Fleming St. It is a treat. An organic cafe and market. Natural foods. Delicious! I experimented a bit and have settled on a Monkey Smoothie. It has become my breakfast treat.

The staff adds to Date & Thyme’s charm. By the third day, all knew me by name. A bright cheery greeting awaits me every morning.

Try it my friends. It’s a winner!

I have been working out of the library for two weeks till my computer set up is ready to go. Supposedly will be tonight. Sloan is coming over at 5:30 to do the necessary.

The Monroe County Library on Fleming St. is great. A vital part of Key West. The number of people in and out each day prove it. The Library on Fleming St. was dedicated this day in 1959. Been around a long time. A benefit and joy to many.

Aircraft carriers today are huge. Carry numerous planes and 5,000 plus military personnel. The center of any Naval Task Force.

On this day in 1910, the first plane to take off from a ship occurred. The event took place off the deck of the scout cruiser USS Birmingham off Hampton Roads, Virginia.

A thought I came across on the internet: “Why not put women in charge of the sex abuse cases” in the Catholic Church?

The Supreme Court has succumbed to public pressure. It has adopted its first code of conduct ever. Fifteen pages. Let’s see if they abide by it.

Robert Kennedy Jr. is not his father. The two diametrically opposites in many respects. Do not be taken in by his famous name. The man is on a par with or worse than Donald Trump.

Believe Donald Trump’s threats to use the Presidency as his personal vengeance machine. “Getting even” will be in the forefront of his mind.

“Call me Ishmael” is one of the most famous opening lines in fiction. Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick.

First published in 1851. Initially a flop.

Melville died in 1891. Moby-Dick still a non-entity at the time. The book was suddenly “discovered” in the 1920s, following which it became a staple for high school reading lists across the U.S.

Grandson Robert Malcom wrote an interesting article re former player and fan reaction to Florida State’s win over Miami: ” Former State Fans, Former Players React to Rivalry Win Over Miami.”

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lou, women could NEVER be put in charge of the “sex abuse cases” in the Catholic Church.

    Women have no real power or authority. in the Catholic church and are not anywhere near equals.

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