As communities go, Key West is a small one. Roughly 19,000 off season, 29,000 in season. When it comes to honoring veterans however, Key West does it big time. Big city time! 

I am not sure why. However the gratitude to veterans manifests itself extraordinarily on Veterans Day.

Attend any event or just watch the parade and you will be left with an unusual sense of pride and thanks.

Such has been my experience for 30 years living in Key West.

Today is Veterans Day. Key West began its honoring festivities last week on November 4 at the College of the Florida Keys with a Salute to Veterans and a special salute to U.S. Army veteran, CFK alumnus, CFK instructor, and Key West Police Officer, Danyle Gray.

The Parade is today. Watch it  and glow with pride.

Thursday night I enjoyed an excellent dinner at the bar at La Trattoria. Sat next to Angelique. Enjoyed her company. She is a liquor distributor, Lives in Big Pine.

Last night it was Brady’s. Enjoyed pierogis and Carola. Watched Georgia beat Wake Forest in a close basketball game.

Tonight special. Dinner with Don and Chris Teich. They have taken a home for the month of November. They  have been visiting Key West as long as I have been here several times a year. They are Syracuse residents and Syracuse die hard fans.

There is a benefit to my recent move. My new abode is without a garage or other shelter for the car. The car sits on the street all night as most do in Key West. It poured big time last night. The sound woke me. This morning when I went to  get in my car, I noticed it was sparkling clean. The rain done it!

The Little White House was constructed in 1890. Acquired fame when Harry Truman used it while President. Eleven trips totaling 175 days. A few more visits after leaving Office when he would stay at The Little White House or with friends he had made while previously vacationing here.

Truman truly loved Key West. Key West loves him to this day and perpetually will continue to do so.

Mac McAnally was a friend, guitarist, and long time member of Jimmy Buffett’s Coral Reefer Band.

He spoke with Buffett the day before his death. Buffett’s final words to him with a broad smile on his face: “What a hell of a ride, keep it going, keep the party going.”

Trump is crazy. The man does not exercise good judgment. He has opted to exercise his right to provide a defense in the New York City civil fraud case. On monday, the defense will start with Donald Jr, then Eric, followed finally by father Donald Sr. All have previously testified in the case.

It’s a risky strategy. The Trumps can do themselves no significant good. They are giving State attorneys one more chance to “grill” them.

Some things are hard to understand. Crystal Clanton is a white woman. Today, a protege of Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni. In yesteryear, a hater of blacks.

In 2015 when she was 20, she sent texts disparaging blacks: “I HATE BLACK PEOPLE. Life fuck them all…..I hate blacks. End of story.”

Clanton became friends with Ginni Thomas while the two worked with the conservative youth Group Turning Point U.S.A. Clanton’s position was terminated in 2017 when the texts became public.

After the termination, she went to work personally for Ginni Thomas and lived in the Thomas home for almost a year. She later received one of the most prestigious judicial clerkships in the country on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit. 

She appears to be on her way to a clerkship for Thomas on the U.S. Supreme Court. Thomas says he will consider her.

Some things are simply difficult to understand. A black justice housing and otherwise enabling a woman who expressed hatred for blacks. A Divine intercession? 

Clarence and Ginni are one strange couple!

Syracuse/Pitt football 3:30 this afternoon. Only available on ACCN. Syracuse 4-5, Pitt 2-7.

I speculate not on the outcome of the game.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Clarence Thomas should NEVER have been appointed to the Supreme Court. Even without the Anita Hill issue, there was plenty of reasons to show, back then, that he was simply NOT of quality material.

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