At dinner friday evening, Joseph told me about Forever Plaid. He had seen the show at the Waterfront Playhouse the night before. All he said was, it made him feel happy.

Enough of a sales pitch for me. I went to see Forever Plaid last night. It was easy to understand why Joseph felt as he did.

Four young male singers. On their way to their first major concert. An automobile accident. All four killed. The good Lord revived them for one last performance. Forever Plaid.

Songs of my time. My day. Like Three Coins In the Fountain, Catch a Falling Star, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, and Lady of Spain.

Feel good music!

The show runs through May 27. See it if you can.

Spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon continuing my rewrite of Growing Up Italian. Will I ever finish? I seem to be fighting myself.

The Preakness. Yesterday’s, one of the best horse races anywhere anytime. Cloud Computing came out of the pack to pass the two favorites on his way to the win. You could see Computing Cloud in the background as he made his move. A terrific horse! A terrific jockey!

Remember Lawrence of Arabia? We now have Donald of Arabia. The only thing missing in pics and videos of his Saudi Arabia visit was the flowing white gown and headpiece Laurence wore on top of the train. The wind majestically blowing his gown behind him.

Trump was enjoying that type day.

The man is a hypocrite. He beats Muslims up during the campaign and since he has become President. Regs adopted barring /limiting Muslim immigration. Calls Muslims all kinds of names. Criminals, rapists, etc.

Now he goes to Saudi Arabia. Our friends! They gave us $4 a gallon gasoline. Seventeen of the terrorists on the planes on 9/11 were residents of Saudi Arabia.

Even today, we are not on the same ground as they. The U.S. and Saudi Arabia support opposite sides in the Syrian conflict.

I am an old man. Eighty-one. I do not recall any President ever being treated in any country visited as Trump was in Saudi Arabia yesterday. It was as if he were a visiting monarch.

Honored with a gold medal. I wonder if he can keep it.

He and Tillerson danced with Saudi royalty. I think it was a dance. They were lined up shoulder to shoulder. Sort of continuing short jumps into the air. Some sort of black sword (?) in their hands.

A disgrace. In spite of when in Rome do as the Romans do.

The Saudi’s appealed to Trump’s ego. They do not care about the Muslim bans in the United States. They got more planes, Trump more jobs. Both sides winners.

The losers, those affected by the muslim ban in the U.S. and the American people themselves. Our country was not intended to be lead by a narcissistic duplicitous bully.

Yesterday was a mutual admiration one for Trump and the Saudis. They kissed each other’s asses!

Enjoy your Sunday!


6 comments on “SONGS OF MY TIME

  1. Obama looked like a loser and second class citizen when he made his visit. I recall him bowing and wasn’t received as well as Trunp was.

  2. ‘They gave us $4 a gallon gasoline’ end quote

    BS. We allowed that to happen by not drilling and refining enough of our own. We should have been self sufficient decades ago,

    Don’t like Saudi Arabia ? Good, me either. It wouldn’t have hurt my feelings if it was turned into a sheet of glass a decade and a half ago. Hmm, still wouldn’t if it happened tomorrow.

    • Gotta agree on that Patrick as I too recall the dam GAS lines and odd even days. Yeah Saudi Arabia…our friend. Right.

  3. I’m not a fan of Trump but you have no balance in your political views, democratics good, republicans bad. A one note pony.

    • Well, he is a HUGE liberal. Look where he went to school. They get you when you’re young and impressionable.
      But, there is hope. Every once in awhile his conservative slip will show a little bit. [smiley face]

  4. Add “dancing” to the extensive list of things Trump can’t do. I thought his side to side swaying was going to lead to the worst rendition of the electric slide ever presented.

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